GCSE French Speaking: Describe your best friend

bozo aprv new in this video we are going

to do some GCSE speaking practice fourth

in one topic one me my family and

friends I won't

I am going to give you a top mark

example answer to this question

Nikita Mia a me okay let's do it


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learn French with an exact come for my

complete French course okay if you were

asked during the exam speaking exam dick

Rita Meeta Mayer a me where would you

start what do you want to answer okay

it's quite simple

take your best friend okay and describe

your best friend but describe her what's

good about her swell not only physical

but describe whether she's nice and she

listens to you and she's funny or

whatever this is where you need the best

adjectives you can find so you will be

mark for the use of your adjectives and

also for the complex structure that will

go around that so this is my suggested

answer again it's our suggested answer

it's not necessarily the the answer that

you want but you use this and use the

elements that are um using in this

answer to get you the best mark okay

this is what I don't actually have done

to one where you talk about a girl and

one where you talk about a boy okay so

let's have a look at the girls answer


mommy Yagami s'appelle Alice and it

present t-account elegy blue an

attentive a adorable

Sherlock innate the precursor

sweet-tooth patita new new certain

también le to dolla dolla moment

difficile is relief a conference

okay so we've had a look at this okay

answer to decree Tamia

so in this case it's a girl okay what

makes this answer really good well

there's a few elements let's have a look

ma'am major Amy first of all we're using

a possessive man and not more Oh me why

because Alice is feminine so the fact

that we are agreeing you know the

feminine with the subjective mayor and

with the possessive man is a good thing

okay it means that you understand that

everything has to agree if you're using

a feminine and and everything that

follows has to be feminine like

adjectives for example okay

la clay John T so here we've got an

intensifier god said she's really nice

Jean T and again here we can see that

you are green the adjectives with the

fact that it's L so we've added double

an e okay when you learn your adjectives

please learn them in the masculine form

and learn the feminine form as well

showing the interviewer the examiner

that you can actually do that transform

an adjective into its feminine even

feminine plural form is a bonus point I

came now home again I've added an E and

he gone she stole she's nice she stole

and E so I've got to hear connectives

Hey l-lisa blue and she has blue eyes

again you know I know that you don't

hear the blue as an S you know because

we don't say blues ok but the fact that

you know that it has an S because we are

using Liz you being prove all masculine

okay is a good thing because this can be

used during the writing exam okay

whatever you learn for the speaking exam

can be used for the writing exam be as

accurate as you can again L it a don t

versa what's so special about Alice

she's very attentive I came a adorable

oh she's adorable adorable

now what comes next is more complex

sentence this is where it's going to

bring your mark slightly higher and make

it sound more fluent Sherlock on a the

precursor of sweet tooth petite now Jean

la conning okay we are using a direct

object pronoun here shook on a Alice as

in her sure la connect again and I've

said that in many videos now trying to

understand your pronounce okay direct

object pronounce the indirect object

pronounce the emphatic pronounce okay

you don't need to know that the whole

you know encyclopedia of French grammar

there's no need for that but certainly

know this one so that means if you want

to say I I know her sure lacunae okay I

know him Connie okay just just a

sentence like that is enough you don't

need to learn all of the the rest of the

pronounce so I know her but I've known

her since preposition Dupree capture

sweet tooth petite this sentence is hard

because we are saying I have known her

since I was since I've been small okay

this I would like you to learn as a

phrase I came Jellico Ned the Picaro

sweet tooth petite for example you want

to say I play tennis since I was small

or since I've been little you would say

Giroux attorneys present tense George

Rowton is the pre kosher sweet tooth

petite okay the precocious sweet tooth

but it or small it's an idiom and that

means very small since I was tiny okay

and by the way to put it because I'm

again to Patti if you're going okay new

new zoton don't be on say I love that

one why because we are using subtle and

subtle means to get on and you have one

of your questions in the speaking exam

which is to get on with your family

remote oh yeah I have ACMA for me so

this is here you're saying that you get

on really well with your best friend

new new Zaandam bien why is it so clever

that it's because we are using new and

when using the reflexive form new as

well so that will make you sound like

you know what you're talking about

learn this by hand no news on Tom via we

get on well just that no news on turned

on via I'm not asking you to know you

know how to use the word lol oh not just

the new no news on tone tambien we get

and well okay why do we get on well and

it to zoo la Don Lee Mirman difficile

she's always always here in difficult

moments again now remember that the

adjective comes after the noun most of

the time okay

Lockleys you blue we've got lazy blue

here blue eyes I came we say eyes blue

difficult moments moments difficult I

came so any to zola Tony moment official

she's always here in difficult moment a

journey fake on fumes here this is

definitely a phrase I would like you to

learn I trust her sure we say conference

okay sure we say conference okay so

please please please try to learn this

one by her to trust this fair confuse

okay Jeff a conference ah ma mayor I me

a nice you could do it like this

I trust my

best friend Annie's Jeffrey confianza ah


I trust my sister chef a conference aa

pair fair whatever okay Oh Louie fair

conference try to learn this phrase by

heart okay so this is a one answer the

other answer if it was a boy

Mia I'm Isabelle Paul so what I've done

it's not much it's more because Paul is

a boy and then we are saying elytra

gentil not shanti it gone without a

healer leaves you blue now I've added a

little seat red sportive so we Aussie as

well is also a sportive very sportive is

your basket twelve up a cement so here

we've got a difficulty when you want to

say three times a week use the number

three one and then one twelve wah-bah so

men again try to know and understand

when to use you know the the word flop

okay one time is info twice is the what

three times is twice what jaffe

do basket to offer bath some men use

this try to learn this by heart and

again new news on tone tambien remember

that we get on well no no and then

sounds weird is an in new new new news

on tone tambien we get on well okay

Baskar because why do we get on well


give me a reason always to what you are

saying okay and add on to that because

in effect the examiner is going to want

to judge you on how much you know French

and how much difficulty you are using

and if you're using only one liner

saying mama you're a Miss a purple eally

sample I mean that's you know what can I

say about that and I tried to tell me

why is nice okay listen Bob busca la da

Hulu cinema come what like me come on

okay Nunez antinomian bascomb

see because me to gem book called a

basket I really like basketball

please use this an intensifier beaucoup

and the track on sentence he fires

driving me mad okay Shambu basket sure

leaf a conference ah fair conference

again do you see that it's there I trust

him so sure if a conference for a girl

it's the same shall we say conference

sure if a conference for a boy I trust

him the same calf Allah o Allah is there

come when quite simply sure affects the

FA's difícil so Thalia see is to go

through or to traverse to cross when I

go through difficult phases look what

I've done here s because faz is plural

okay so we've got to mega super Unser's

here okay and I would like you not

necessarily learn this by her but learn

the expressions that you think are going

to bring you the highest amount of

points during your speaking and doing

your writing - like I said to you what

you're learning here for the speaking is

not wasted you can really use it recycle

it in your writing exam that's it for me

which after BAM that one over