The Best Foundations for Oily Skin in 2020!

hey guys it's Kat and welcome back to my

channel I've got swatches on my hand

what else is new but today I wanted to

sit down and go through my top

foundations for oily skin because

spending money on a foundation early to

discover it doesn't work with your skin

type console X and in Australia if it's

used you can't return it

so I hope you guys find this video

helpful obviously I have oily skin just

for reference now let's let's talk about

some foundations okay so my foundation

coming in at number 10 you guys know I

had to mention this this is the Pat

McGrath skin fetish sublime perfection

of foundation this is a pretty penny

probably the most expensive foundation

iron now this is number 10 because it's

not as long wearing as the other

foundations I have to mention but this

is the foundation that looks worst like

skin that I have ever tried in my entire

life it has the most beautiful natural

looking finish it does have light

coverage there may be light to medium

but that's sort of stretching it but I

love it and it's coming in at number 10

ok number 9 now this foundation would be

higher up in my list if I wasn't

convinced that this breaks me out and it

is the Kat Von D or KVD Beauty I believe

it's called now Lockette foundation this

is full coverage it has a matte finish

and it lasts so freakin long but because

it is so long-lasting it is very hard to

fully remove and I'm pretty sure and

that's why this breaks me out ok so just

quickly these foundations are all

different colors and most of them alpha

when I'm fake tan so I know this is

going to look a little bit ridiculous on

me but I just want to show you the

foundations in action ok back to the

video you only need one pump with this

foundation if you go overboard it will

start looking cakey real quick so stick

to one pump and use a hydrating primer

first to help spread the foundation

because it does dry quickly a few

foundations I'm gonna mention I'll like

that and the primer I like to use well

there's a few I like to use but my

favorite is the Tarte quench hydrating

primer so you want something that is

hydrating without being oily so that way

you have a time to move the foundation

over your face before it dries the next

foundation I know a lot of people love

this foundations the Phantom Beauty Pro

filter soft matte long wear foundation

this has a beautiful and natural finish

it's not super matte but it's not like

chewy either banty has a huge color

selection I would say this is medium to

full coverage and whilst this is very

long wearing I do find it creases in my

smile lines and that's why it is number

eight for me foundation number seven

this is probably the oldest favorite

foundation I have this is the Make Up

For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundation it

has a really beautiful natural finish

it's a light to medium coverage it's got

more coverage than the Pat McGrath

foundation and a skin like finish like

the Pat McGrath foundation but not as

skin lack as Pat McGrath but it's also

like half the price of Pat McGrath it is

very long wearing I do get a bit of

creasing in my smile lines with this one

but nothing nothing serious and makeup

forever also has a huge color selection

of full foundations the foundation

number six is the taut face tape now I

really wish Todd would just make like a

giant bottle of the shape tape concealer

because I feel like that would be the

ultimate foundation for me and this is

pretty similar but it's not it's not

it's not exactly the same this is medium

to full coverage with a natural finish

again I do get a little bit of creasing

in my smile lines with this but nothing

extreme it is very very long-lasting and

again taut does have a lot of shades in

this foundation range as well but

halfway already I feel like this video

is going to be very short but well so

foundation number 5 for me is by Urban

Decay this is the stay naked weightless

liquid foundation up to 24 hour wear now

you would think with a name called stay

naked it have like a natural skin like

finish but this is very matte on my skin

so I do like to add a lot of highlighter

when I use this I'd say this is like a

medium coverage and it is definite

long lasting also I don't have any

creasing issues with this foundation I

think I'd wear the shade more if I had a

shade closer to my fake tan shade I find

this foundation dries lighter than what

it does look like in the bottle which is

weird because normally it's the opposite

with foundations but I'm not a huge fan

of the like flat matte finishes of

foundation these days especially now

that I am it turning 30 and our society

likes to shun women over 30 because how

dare how dare women get wrinkles

ridiculous the foundation coming in at

number four is the nas natural radiant

long wear foundation this has the most

luminous finish of the lot so it does

give you that glowy effect without the

use of like a hydrating foundation

because I find hydrating foundations

just slide off my face so I do really

enjoy this one it's got medium coverage

but you can build it up this is the

worst offender of my top 10 with

creasing in my smile Lyons but again to

make it into my top 10 it's not that bad

they also find this foundation is

probably the it's the second run iasts

of the Lord I find the Pat McGrath one

to be the run yes but then this one has

got way more coverage than pepper grass

so it feels really really light on the

skins well we're getting into the top 3

the top 3 you guys will have seen on my

channel all the freakin time these are

like my three foundations on rotation

sorry in at number 3 we have the Too

Faced Born This Way Foundation it is

medium but buildable coverage with a

natural finish I think when this

foundation originally came out they

wanted that many shades but now like

two-faced has exploded with different

shades I only get the slightest amount

of crusing in my smile lines with this

and it's super long lasting and a really

great foundation ok the foundation

coming in second so I guess this is like

the runner-up foundation is the Smashbox

Studios skin full coverage 24-hour

foundation this pearly has the packaging

that I like the least in my top 10 it's

like a squeezy tube not a pump I would

really just like a pump I always squeeze

out too much or the shade range in this

foundation is awesome they also have

Olive undetermined

and I I don't know if it looks like it

on camera but I have olive undertones

because I'm half Maltese this foundation

is full coverage you only need a tiny

little amount to do your entire face you

do need to use a hydrating base with

this foundation because it does dry it

super quickly and once it dries it

doesn't budge so this foundation lasts a

very a very long time on me I do get the

slightest bit of creasing in my smile

lines with this but again like it's

basically irrelevant to me I do find

that this finish though is very matte on

my skin and like I said before I prefer

that semi matte finish but besides that

this foundation is freakin amazing and I

love it and I definitely recommend

trying this if you don't like my number

one foundation which you all know what

it is unless you're new here you will

know that my holy grail foundation is

the foundation wearing right now is the

Urban Decay all nighter foundation this

is full coverage one pump does my entire

face I only use one pump on my face

right now

you do need a hydrating base with this

foundation there otherwise it dries too

quickly and then you can't blend it out

because once it dries it stays in place

not only do I wear this foundation all

the time but it's also the foundation I

wear to festivals because it lasts so

freakin long I will say though if you

get excessively sweaty the other

foundations don't stand a chance but

with this do not touch it when you're

sweaty and then once your sweat dries

the foundation will still look flawless

but if you touch it it'll come off it

has a semi matte finish which is weird

because I would have thought these stay

naked foundations my urban decay would

be the semi matte and then this would be

the matte so yeah what else can I say

about this foundation it is it's a

high-end product guy so it does have a

high end price tag but it's still like

half the price of pepper broth I have

seen a lot of youtubers hate on this

foundation but when I've seen them apply

it they've applied way too much of it

seriously the tiniest bit does your

entire face sorry there's my top ten

foundations I have tried in my lifetime

I hope you guys enjoyed watching and I

hope you guys found this video helpful

if you guys have any questions about the

foundations leave them in the comments

below I try to reply to as many comments

as I can and yeah I'll see you guys in

my next video

I hope you guys are staying safe and

have a wonderful day bye guys