Holy Grail Foundation For Mature Skin 2020 | All Skin Types

hello there so today I'm gonna be

sharing with you my Holy Grail

ride-or-die foundations and yes I said

foundations plural I talked about

foundations a lot here on my channel I

have various foundations playlists and

top foundations videos where I have

reviewed and given you my top picks in

various categories like skin like

foundations or long wearing bulletproof

foundations powder foundations so I went

through my entire stash and picked out

my very very top favorite Holy Grail

foundations from within some of those

categories so I have four liquid

foundations here a skin-like foundation

and everyday natural foundation a

bulletproof long wearing or matte option

as well as a luminous natural finish

type of foundation I also have a stick

and a powder foundation and a bonus

foundation I'm kind of throwing in

you'll see why as I go through the video

I was putting together my ride-or-die

Holy Grail makeup video which will be

coming out in the next week or so and I

just knew I could not have just one

foundation in that video because I wear

different foundations for different

occasions and I know a lot of you are

like that too I know it's kind of hard

to pick a foundation especially when

you're not 20 anymore I mean I am in my

mid-40s and it just gets a little bit

harder so I do hope that you guys find

this helpful if this is your first time

here or if you've been watching my

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so with that said let's go ahead and get

into the first foundation out of these

Holy Grail foundations I do need to let

you know my skin type right so I said I

was in my mid 40s I'll be 45 this summer

I still can't believe it and I have oily

combination skin meaning that I get

shiny in my t-zone and pretty normal

around the perimeter but several of

these foundations are really great for

any skin type so I am extra excited to

share them with you so I'll start with

the foundation that I have on my face

this is a found

that I didn't think that I was gonna

like because it does have the word

radiance in the full name of it but I

tried it several months ago and was

absolutely shocked at how much I liked

it it actually replaced another

foundation that would have been in this

categories number one spot so this is

the natural radiant foundation of this

bunch this is the alarm RCA flawless

Lumiere radiance perfecting foundation

and I don't typically go for radiant

foundations they typically don't work

for me because I do have oily

combination skin and I know a lot of you

dry skin ladies really like this

foundation sometimes I do want to look

just naturally healthy and radiant and

glowy and it's kind of hard to achieve

that with my skin type without looking

greasy several hours later it gives very

natural coverage it wears a long time

I'm talking a full full day I live in a

really hot climate and again was truly

surprised by that it feels really really

great on the skin this to me is great

for mature skin specifically because it

does kind of hide your imperfections it

blurs things it smooths things it just

presents your skin in a very flattering

light in my opinion I would say it gives

medium to full buildable coverage while

still looking very natural they do claim

that it's good for any skin type and I

would agree with that it also has some

nice ingredients and it's got some

vitamin C it's got a super crystal clear

pearl light reflecting ingredient and

that's what gives your skin that just

flattering look and it also has silver

ear mushroom extract which diminishes

diminishes the appearance of fine lines

and wrinkles Vanessa found a ssin just

gives me exactly what I want from this

type of foundation so for that reason

this is the Holy Grail I'll put all of

my foundation shades in my description

box so that you can see what I wear in

each foundation and I do also have my

full foundation shade list as well as

concealer list over on my blog and those

are always linked in my description

boxes to this next foundation is my pick

for a light coverage skin like


I just did a video about foundations

that look like skin and this foundation

was in that video and I'm sure a lot of

you know it's gonna be in this video too

and I do have another skin like

foundation in this video but it gives a

little bit more coverage but this is my

pick for a light coverage foundation

that gives me just a nice evening out of

my skin tone and it just you know I

could fool anybody it not looks like I'm

wearing makeup and it controls my shine

throughout the day too which is really

important right now as it's gotten hot

this is the bobbi brown skin long wear

fluid powder foundation I have never

liked liquid to powder foundations in

the past until this it does self set but

not too quickly so you do have enough

time to work with it this is great for

normal combination or oily skin and

those of you who just get shiny in the

hot months as well it settles into a

matte finish but it's not a flat matte

it is just a soft matte finish it also

has UV filters in it that protect not

only from UV rays but they protect from

blue light as well so if you're someone

that sits in front of your computer or

your devices a lot this is gonna really

be beneficial for your skin and it's got

a protein powder complex in it that is

supposed to help keep your skin looking

smooth and healthy I just love the way

my skin looks when I wear this my pores

look diminished it doesn't settle into

fine lines or creases or wrinkles I have

a very expressive forehead and sometimes

foundations can settle into here I adore

this I also love the nice lightweight

bottle yeah this definitely is my holy

grail for my skin like foundation with

light coverage okay so I just realized

that I left a foundation category and a

foundation out of this video so there is

gonna be one extra foundation that I

didn't really count in my intro because

I forgot about it it is gonna be later

on but this foundation made me realize

that I had left it out so this next Holy

Grail foundation is my pick for when I

need a special-occasion foundation let's

say there's a wedding I'm going to be

dancing a lot there's somewhere I need

to go and I just need something to be

very bulletproof and keep me shine

free for a long time but look natural

and look really really good and give me

the medium coverage not super full

coverage just medium coverage but keep

me matte to where I don't look like I'm

wearing a mask so this is the Too Faced

peach perfect comfort matte foundation

this is oil free it wears a really long

time it looks beautiful on the skin it

feels comfortable just like all the

foundations in this video I don't have

anything in this video that is not

comfortable feeling or breathable on the

skin it does give a nice soft matte

finish that keeps me shine free for a

really long time and it gives me medium

to medium full coverage and I do feel

like this does a really great job with

pores this is a great versatile

foundation to travel with if you need

something for daytime or something for a

special occasion this is just kind of

what I reach for for those now I am

gonna throw in a little bonus here

because I wanted to give you a drugstore

option that I reach for for kind of the

same reason and that is the Maybelline

matte and poreless I did already do a

holy grail of drugstore foundations

video I will have that linked for you if

you want to see that so these

foundations in this video are the ones

that I truly reach for the most and they

do happen to be more high-end but I did

want to just give this little guy a

shout out because it kind of does all of

these things for me but it doesn't wear

quite as long as this one but I know you

know some of you are on a budget and I

did want to throw that out there and I

also wanted to let you know that if you

haven't seen my drugstore holy grail

foundations video you can go catch that

one if you do happen to be on a budget

or you want a drugstore option I had

somebody make a comment on a video

recently that happened to have you know

more high-end than drugstore and say

something about how is only a high-end

channel and it was like no no not I do

both just happen to be that one video

and that's kind of how this video is

some videos have more high ends some

videos have more affordable drugstore

some have a mix of both it's just kind

of how much Hanul is I do a little bit

of everything now the powder foundations

video that I did was a best and worst of

powder foundations whereas the other top

foundations videos that I've done have

all been top

Nations but I had some worst powder

foundations I needed to talk about in

that particular video and I will have

those videos linked down below for you

too so when I think about my favorite

Holy Grail powder foundation when I

think about the one for me

that's very versatile in terms of

coverage and where's the longest and

looks natural

this one comes to mind and that is Mac

Studio Fix I feel like there are a lot

of people that maybe haven't tried this

and think that it is going to look cakey

or mask-like or very powdery and it

doesn't you can have very light coverage

if you use a brush with this or you can

build it up with a sponge you can really

customize your coverage and your finish

and I find that it just makes my skin

look really smooth and nice it's

flattering it blurs my pores it doesn't

settle it wears a long time for a powder

foundation if powder foundations are not

just right for me they make me very

quickly and they slip off my face very

quickly despite using the best primers

and studying sprays and this one just

does everything right for the simple

fact that I can get long wear not look

powdery or cakey and the coverage is

versatile it's not too sheer it's not

too heavy it just kind of covers

everything for me and not to mention all

the shades this comes in I mean you can

find your match in this powder

foundation so this is my number one Holy

Grail powder foundation so that

foundation that I left out a little

while ago it was Estee Lauder Double

Wear I know I know I mean I have how

many videos where I cover Estee Lauder

Double Wear I think I was thinking that

the Too Faced peach perfect kind of

covered everything that this would cover

but it really doesn't because when I

need a full coverage option this is what

I reach for for the simple fact that I

can get full coverage that is


it wears forever but it never looks

cakey and if you have tried this and it

has looked cakey on you I'm gonna direct

you to my video below for how to apply

it proper

to where it won't look cakey because you

can have this looking so beautiful on

your skin and it wears like nothing else

all day all night and it is billable

from medium to full coverage it covers

everything and it doesn't look like a

mask now it does not matter fie as much

as the two-faced peach perfect but I

don't look Gracie with it either for me

it's kind of a velvety soft matte finish

I guess that can kind of get a little

bit satiny I do have to touch up with it

more than with the two-faced peach

perfect but this is so holy grail for me

it's been in my life for 20-something

years it's a great mixer too if you have

another foundation that you want to get

a little bit more coverage out of and

have lasts longer this is great to mix

in this could not be left out of this

video as my Holy Grail full coverage

foundation those of you that follow me

know this foundation is going to be in

this video I mean I am a broken record

this is probably the most versatile

foundation that I own and love more so

than any in this bunch so I guess it's a

Holy Grail foundation for me because of

its versatility but it's also a Holy

Grail skin like foundation that actually

gives coverage this is do your backstage

face and body foundation this is a

foundation that truly looks like skin

even when you build it from totally

natural coverage to medium medium full

coverage and I say medium or medium full

because as you build it it doesn't get

thicker on the skin but it starts to

cover things and you don't even realize

that they're being covered it's kind of

bizarre that way it is waterproof it is

sweat resistant this is so great for hot

weather and I know because I live in New

Orleans it is the heat and humidity

capital of America I have worn this many

times outdoors and it has held up

beautifully you know have a few

foundations that hold up really nicely

in the weather I live in I mean that's

why all these foundations are in this


but some stand out more than others a

lot of makeup artists keep this in their

kits because it is great for any skin

type for any coverage level and I find

that this kind of takes on the finish of

whatever primer I'm putting underneath

it really well so if I want you know a

more natural finish or a radiant finish

I can use that type of primer and this

reflects that if I want to matter finish

I will use a mattifying primer and it

blurs pores phenomenally I feel like

this is the Bobby Brown they fall in

that skin like foundations category they

look like skin while making you look

like you have really great skin that

have smaller pores you know I can't

imagine this not being in a top

foundations video ever so yes this had

to be in here for sure

I have tried numerous stick foundations

and never found one that I truly truly

loved I've found a couple that worked

well and that I liked but this one is

truly unique it has been totally worth

it for me because it's just it's just

beautiful on the skin and somehow it

lasts even though it's not a mattifying

stick like I thought that I would need

this is the Tom Ford traceless

foundation stick and I remember when I

got this I could not believe I actually

bought it and I didn't think it was

gonna work for me I thought it only

would work for normal or dry skin and

that's actually what it says in the

description is that it's for normal and

dry skin but I kept hearing about people

with my skin type that liked it

so I took a chance and I'm so glad that

I did because I find that once I set it

with powder this gives me such a natural

beautiful flawless finish that actually

lasts a decent amount of time that's

been a huge problem for me with stick

foundations is that you know they'll go

on and look fine but then they slip off

or they start looking patchy as the day

goes on and there's just something about

this formula that blends out very easily

it looks beautiful on the skin it

doesn't settle anywhere as the day goes

on and it doesn't slip off my

case so I finally have a foundation

stick to travel with and that's what

makes it worth it for me it also feels

really good on the skin I've found a lot

of foundation sticks didn't make my skin

feel good I could just always feel them

sitting on my skin I can't feel this one

it's kind of like when you try ten

drugstore products and you could have

just bought the one high-end didn't

saved yourself that money I mean that's

kind of what I feel like I have tried so

many before this and I could have just

bought this one and been happy I was

really blown away by this I think I have

a full review on this or this is and one

of my foundation round ups if I can

locate that review where I initially

rave about it I'll put that below my

product listing down below I just did a

video on my Holy Grail best makeup

brushes that I don't think a lot of you

have seen so I'll be sure and link it

here for you leave me one of your Holy

Grail foundations that you think I need

to try in the comments down below you

know I'm always looking for other

options to try I am open I'm open to

trying new things thank you guys so much

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next video bye