Tea or Coffee?

- Well everyone's different. We have a genetic  polymorphism that affects how we metabolize  

caffeine. I remember my Uncle Ben used to  say - I'm going to go to bed let me have an  

espresso. And we'd all say how could you do  that? And he'd have his espresso and go to  

sleep. Somebody else will have an espresso  and be like this, and a lot of that is how  

you metabolize caffeine. So you know who you  are. Again if you're going to have coffee we  

want it to be organic. Tea is what I recommend  second to water consumption for everyone. And  

if you like tea, black tea green tea, tea has  a lot of benefits, high in polyphenols, high  

in catechins, high in flavonoids. Very nice study in  the cardiology literature looking at long-term and  

short-term tea drinking showing improvement  in the lining of the blood vessel. Right the  

ability of the blood vessel to dilate. So if  if you like green tea I invite you to drink  

that. If you can't tolerate the caffeine in  the green tea, you dip it once and then you  

put it in the second glass. And it will orbit,  that's Nature's Way of decaffeinating it. Or you  

can get decaffeinated tea. I don't recommend teas  that are filled with sugar. Chai that's made in a  

conventional restaurant is usually filled with  sugar, so you have to know what's in your tea.