Coffee vs Tea: What's Better For You?

Oh morning even if the Sun is out fog

and rain still smother your sleepy soul

or not maybe you're more of a morning


but it's an obvious fact that many of us

do need some coffee or tea to prepare us

for workers school coffee and tea are

some of the most widely consumed

beverages on the planet but how does

caffeine affect your body and mind

throughout the day and is it bad for you

or addictive if you want to see the

richest brew up some more science facts

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with the basics

what is caffeine caffeine is a stimulant

of the central nervous system and is

classified as a methyl xanthine

methylxanthines are a subclass of a

class of chemicals called xanthi the

methyl part of its name tells you that

it includes a compound similar to

methane called a methyl group xanthines

are very common in many organisms

including the tissues of humans so it's

no surprise that coffee and tea to

different plants that are only distantly

related develop the ability to

synthesize caffeine but why would they

do that well like all plants coffee and

tea have to deal with insects that want

to eat their leaves and fruit so their

leaves and seeds produce caffeine

juvenile coffee plants in particular

also leach caffeine into the surrounding

soil they do this to stop the growth of

other plants nearby that way there's

less competition meanwhile tea plants

produce caffeine in two places

cellular vacuoles which are a type of

organelle containing organic compounds

and around the vascular bundles which

are like the veins and arteries of a

plant the first is thought to discourage

plant eating animals from munching the

leaves and the second is thought to

fight off fungi that also want to bite

other plants like Kola nuts contain

caffeine as well in fact around 60 plant

species produce the stuff by now you

must be tempted to spit out your latte

in disgust who wants to drink

insecticide even if it comes from a

plant don't worry the chemical is only

lethal for bugs because bugs are much

smaller plants use caffeine to an

use the effects we associate with a

caffeine buzz but they're applying it to

a tiny organism that just can't take it

the lethal dosage for a human being is

about seventy-five to a hundred cups in

a day for a 154 pound adult caffeine's

ld50 the dosage at which half of a mad

scientist unlucky test victims fatally

overdosed is about 150 to 200 milligrams

for every 2.2 pounds in an adult body

there's no way you're getting that much

caffeine inside of you even the most

ridiculous energy sports drink has no

more than about 300 milligrams of

caffeine in total so what are those

effects how does caffeine stimulate you

we all know that caffeine is a central

nervous system stimulant and that it has

effect on your brain

caffeine targets many parts of your

brain including the cerebral cortex the

region of the brain devoted to memory

consciousness and language that might

explain why you're a little more

articulate and aware after a glass or

mug of your favorite caffeinated

beverage but more generally and more

importantly it eliminates drowsiness

that drowsiness that you want to

eliminate with coffee goes away when

caffeine binds to the adenosine

receptors which prevents adenosine from

working and that makes way for the

brains natural stimulants but caffeine

also stimulates the medulla oblongata

the upper part of your brainstem that

part of your brain controls vital

involuntary functions like the beating

of your heart breathing vomiting and the

dilation and contraction of major blood

vessels that's why a strong cup of

coffee and tea also raises your heart

rate and increases blood flow or

restricts it see that's where things get

a little complicated one of the ways

caffeine works is by inhibiting a

cellular enzyme called phosphodiesterase

and phosphodiesterase is how your body

puts the brakes on your cells favorite

party drug cyclic adenosine

monophosphate or camp camp promotes

activity in your cells

so when caffeine blocks at

phosphodiesterase yourself go into

overdrive thing is overdrive is a

relative term since you're different

cells serve different functions when

caffeine binds with the cells that make

up your blood vessels the overload of

camp causes those vessel

to dilate which is why coffee can have

different physical effects depending on

the dosage or the individual drinking it

it will definitely make you think and

talk faster but it may or may not raise

or lower your heart rate that is at

normal doses we should probably start

talking about higher doses the doses

that won't kill you but might give you

some unwanted side effects one

unpleasant side effect caffeine fans

know is that it can give you a vicious

need to go to the bathroom at normal

doses like those you find in a single

cup of coffee or a few cups of tea this

won't happen so fast but what if you

have two to three cups of coffee or five

to eight cups of tea now you're talking

around 250 to 300 milligrams of caffeine

at that point caffeine acts as a

short-term diuretic it stimulates your

urine output which is a nice way of

saying it makes you pee like a racehorse

but caffeine can do other bad things

you've probably heard of the coffee


those are real it's bad enough if you're

a mentally healthy individual with no

anxiety issues but if you suffer from

anxiety caffeine can absolutely make

your condition worse of course if you're

watching this and have anxiety we

recommend you talk to your doctor about

drinking caffeine before you toss out

all of your coffee and tea but one of

the most burning questions people have

about caffeine is whether or not it's

addictive well not exactly

remember those adenosine receptors if

you drink coffee or tea every day your

brain can sense that those receptors are

getting blocked by caffeine after a

while it will make more adenosine

receptors to compensate and as we've

already discussed those receptors induce

drowsiness when adenosine binds to them

so if you skip your daily caffeine for

the first time in forever you'll be more

drowsy than normal and there are other

withdrawal effects of caffeine headaches

irritability etc but the important point

here is that caffeine although it is a

stimulant doesn't work like other

stimulants stimulants like illicit

substances and amphetamines work by

blocking dopamine transporters these

transporters remove the neurotransmitter

dopamine from your synapses but illicit

substances don't block dopamine

receptors so when illicit substances or

amphetamines block those transporters

dopamine accumulates in the synapse

dopamine is highly implicated in the

reward system in your brain

this system trains your brain to learn

that certain actions will pay off with a

desired effect

illicit substances and a fetta means

therefore trick your brain into thinking

it's always accomplishing something the

brain then rewards itself with a sense

of euphoria and success and just as your

brain will increase adenosine receptors

to try to outfox caffeine your brain

will also reduce dopamine receptors if

you do too many stimulants

that's why illicit substances are so

addictive with so little dopamine your

body and brain cry out because they need

that accomplishment feeling it feels

like some action vital to survival is

needed and so you feel like you need it

caffeine withdrawal doesn't tell your

brain you need caffeine in exactly the

same way it just tells you it's tired

and if it's a lazy Sunday afternoon and

you have nothing to do most people are

fine with that you may like being picked

up by caffeine but you can do without it

there are many more specific effects

caffeine has on our bodies and brain and

it would take forever to get through all

of them but there's one we really can

skip that's caffeine's half-life don't


caffeine isn't radioactive we're talking

about caffeine's biological half-life

that's the time it takes for half of a

substance to disappear in a healthy

adult that's about 6 hours

however smoking birth control and some

antidepressants can extend that

half-life to several days but even after

half of the caffeine is metabolized or

removed the other half is still there

and while it may have stopped keeping

you alert and awake it can still impact

the quality of your sleep so let's

assume you have an average physiology

and body weight you don't smoke take

birth control or antidepressants if you

have coffee at 8 a.m.

25% will remain by 8 p.m. if you drink

it in the afternoon it might still be at

half-strength by bedtime

and if it isn't enough to keep you up it

can limit the time you spend in REM

sleep REM sleep or rapid eye movement is

literally the stuff of dreams it's when

our brains reorganize our thoughts to

prepare our minds for the coming day


depriving yourself of REM sleep can lead

to irritability and a sense that you

didn't rest at all the previous night

you feel tired and you end up needing

more caffeine to get through the day

that's why experts recommend that you

limit caffeine intake to the mornings

they suggest a cutoff time of 2 p.m. for

most adults what does this all mean for

you your morning and your coffee maker

or tea pot by now you should be pretty

confident that caffeine isn't fatal

unless you drink an impossible amount

you can't get addicted to it like other

stimulants at worst it makes you a

little dependent it makes you go to the

bathroom a lot if you drink more than a

few cups and well that's it so if your

caffeine free and wanted to send this

video to a friend who drinks coffee in

the morning and hopes that they quit the

most you can tell them is to have a 2:00

p.m. cutoff time otherwise let the rest

of us have some coffee and tea in the

morning well that's all we have for

caffeine's effect on the human brain and

body what do you think do you think

you're a caffeine addict or have you

sworn off coffee for one reason or

another let us know your thoughts in the

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