Causes & Treatment of Throbbing Tooth Pain

what is it throbbing tooth pain

throbbing tooth pain is a paint that a

person suffers in the tooth which waxes

and Wayne for the pain that comes and

goes it usually signifies that there is

excess blood flowing in the tooth

normally due to inflammation of the

tooth a throbbing tooth paint can be

caused due to many reasons of which some

are tooth decay tooth infection cracks

in the tooth the failing dental filling

or crown medical conditions like polka

D's gingivitis and after certain dental

procedures like a root canal some people

have a condition called malocclusion of

the tooth in which when a person planche

as the teeth all the teeth do not touch

each other despite the jaws being fully

closed this can also cause a throbbing

tooth pain what can cause a throbbing

tooth pain and how is it treated

throbbing tooth pain caused due to

cavities if a person has a small cavity

in the tooth then that may cause a

throbbing tooth pain especially when

eating something very hot or very cold a

cavity can also be formed due to being

hit on the tooth by a ball or when the

person is involved in an altercation

with someone this may result in severe

nerve damage and lead to a throbbing

tooth pain to detect the nerve

dysfunction causing throbbing tooth pain

the dentist will conduct certain tests

like putting pressure in the tooth or

even taking an x-ray of the tooth which

will clearly detect nerve damage for

treating throbbing tooth paint caused

due to cavities the dentist will

recommend painkillers for pain relief in

severe cases the dentist may also

recommend a root canal or complete

extraction of the tooth throbbing tooth

paint caused due to root sensitivity if

your tooth is extremely sensitive then

even with slight stimulation the tooth

may start to throb especially with

slight touch eating too hot or too cold

foods or even extremely cold weather

conditions the best way to treat

throbbing tooth paint caused due to root

sensitivity is by using desensitizing

toothpaste as they block the pores which

send the signal of pain through the

nerves to the brain for optimum results

you will have to use

toothpaste for a minimum of three weeks

before you see any positive result and

relief from throbbing tooth pain

throbbing tooth paint caused due to gum

disease this is also one of the causes

of a throbbing pain in the tooth a

disease to the gums may lead to tooth


poss formation

sensitivity which in turn can cause

throbbing tooth pain to treat this

condition you will have to go to a

dentist or gum specialist for

appropriate treatment which may include

thorough cleaning of the gums an

invasive procedure to the gums to clear

pus and other materials utilization of

antibiotics and in some cases surgery

throbbing tooth paint caused due to

sinus issues some people with sinus

issues complained a lot of throbbing

tooth paint since the sinuses and the

roots are quite close to each other if

even after a thorough examination of the

tooth your dentist is not able to

identify a cause for your throbbing

tooth paint then you may need to visit

your general physician to rule out a

sinus issue as a cause of throbbing

tooth pain throbbing tooth paint caused

due to pulpitis certain medical

conditions can also cause throbbing

tooth pain one such condition is

pulpitis this is a medical condition in

which the tooth pulp gets inflamed

pulpitis is basically of two types which

are the reversible pulpit ease and

irreversible pulpitis reversible pol

titties responds to treatment and gets

better while irreversible pulpitis does

not get better even with treatment the

pol kitties may be caused due to

mouthing crown tooth cavity the blow to

the tooth Brum sysm etc pol titties can

be treated with medications and pain

relievers and in some cases tooth

extraction throbbing tooth paint caused

due to tooth extraction a throbbing

tooth paint can also be caused due to

certain dental procedures like tooth

extraction post procedure some throbbing

is expected for a few days the paint

will depend on the degree of damage done

to the adjoining tissues during the

extraction the dentist will give pain

medication for pain relief after the

procedure which the patient can use til

the symptoms subside it usually takes

about a week to get rid of the throbbing

pain in the tooth due to a tooth


throbbing tooth paint caused due to root

canal root canal is a treatment done to

repair an extremely damaged or decayed

tooth in this procedure the damaged area

of the tooth is removed the area is then

clean and is refilled some of the common

causes which may require a root canal

are cracked tooth deep cavity or trauma

to the tooth requiring reparative

treatments throbbing tooth paint due to

root by now may persist for some time

before it starts regressing after

taking pain medications as prescribed by

the dentist brush a teeth twice a day

take good care of your teeth avoid

eating hard foods right after a root

canal these little things go a long way

in getting rid of throbbing tooth pain

due to a root canal procedure