Teenage Acne: causes & treatment

hello this is dr. Alba and today I'll be

telling you everything you need to know

about adolescent or teenage acne acne is

a very common disorder amongst teenagers

about 80% of adolescents and young

adults suffer from acne and this can

sometimes continue into adults

especially in women so what causes acne

there are mainly four processes which

are involved with the formation of acne

first and foremost is increased or a

secretion second is thickening of the

lining of the epithelium known as hyper

quantification third is bacterial

infection and fourth is a reaction of

the skin to all these processes known as

inflammation so what are the factors

which predispose you to develop acne

first and foremost is genetics if your

parents have had acne there are high

chances that even you will suffer

hormonal changes also predispose us to

develop acne that's why we see a lot of

that reform eruptions during puberty

applying thick oily products on the face

excessively oiling your head it also

need to acne it has been suggested by

certain studies that even stress plays a

role in acne formation that's why we see

a lot of eruptions during exam times

both females and males are affected by

acne but females are affected more are

more bothered by the condition and are

more likely to seek help

it is important to seek help for your

acne in order to prevent the sequal your

family I have a whole video on that

which I'll be linking in the description

below only treatment will help in

reducing the psychological burden of the

disease and also prevent the

consequences of acne such as scar

the choice of treatment for acne depends

upon the type of acne and its severity

there are many topical and oral

medications which are very effective in

controlling acne topical medications

include antibacterial creams creams to

reduce oil production acetic acid

benzoyl peroxide and cleansers oral

medications include antibiotics and

retinoids and there are certain studies

which have shown that zinc supplement

can help in improving at night the

choice of medications and the duration

of treatment depends upon the severity

and please do not pop your acne as

tempting as it may be please do not

touch or try to pop or bust your acne I

have made a complete video on the

consequences of popular acne which I'll

be linking in the info card you must

remember that acne is a chronic disease

it takes at least 3 to 6 months for you

to see good improvement and to maintain

it do not expect your acne to instantly

vanish as the results take time to show

and you have to be regular and ordered

to the treatment there are certain

lifestyle changes you need to make and

certain skin routine regime that you

need to follow regularly if you want

clear skin and acne free skin following

a proper skin care routine as instructed

by your dermatologist will help you in

getting that clear acne free skin if you

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