5 Tips for Combatting Shin Splints

what's up guys I'm Jeff Rizzo today I've

got a video for you on shin splints my

favorite tips for dealing with them I've

had shin splints ever since I can

remember and they suck but what are shin

splints I have no idea

most people have no idea but they're

painful and let's get rid of them

tip number one is your shoes so I have a

lot of running shoes

trust me maybe like 10 or my running

shoes so I always have something new to

run in and they very rarely get worn out

but back in the day when I only had one

pair of running shoes I had to replace

them every six months because I could

feel that the materials were wearing

down the soles weren't working like they

should have and it was just time for new

shoes obviously that stinks you have to

spend a couple hundred bucks maybe on

some new shoes but every six months you

should probably be replacing them and

that will definitely help with your shin

splints tip number two is the terrain so

I find that when I run on something soft

here like grass or like dirt I get far

less issues from shin splints I get just

a lot less pain but if I run on

something like asphalt it can pick up

pretty quickly and concrete like right

here I find is the absolute worst so

when you're going to go running you're

going to run a long distance you want to

get away from shin splints definitely

try something like firm ground grass or

dirt or something like that over

concrete and asphalt we're good can I

tell them tip number three you can do

whatever you want free country all right

tip number three is that you should

stretch and warm up so two things there

right before I go running I usually do

like a three to five minute walk just to

get everything warm I find that actually

is the most effective way to get away

from shin splints also I'll stretch

beforehand I'll stretch my calves a lot

that's been super helpful and during the

middle of my run if I'm getting a lot of

pain I won't just power through it I'll

stop maybe every 1/2 mile shake things

out stretch and then I'll get right back

after it sometimes it's just so painful

that off to do 3 4 miles like that

before things get warmed up all right

next up is your running form so I

obviously cannot diagnose this over the

Internet so you should go to a running

specialty store and have somebody watch

you walk they can tell you if you you

know over sue Panay overpronate that

sort of thing they can help you with

your running form but I'm talking about

your cadence and your vertical

oscillation most specifically so cadence

how many strides you're taking in a

minute if that number is really low that

means that you're taking a really long

stride and there's actually going to be

a lot more

impact on your legs your knees

everything and also your vertical

oscillation if you're jumping way too

high the impact is going to be very high

so a lot of times I want you guys to

think about if your stride is too long

and your bounce is too high try to keep

your stride number high so your cadence

high and your vertical oscillation

relatively low

all right last up here is your insoles

so that's obviously the cheapest part of

any shoe cost between one and three

cents so if you want to have some

correction add some correction to your

shoes maybe you need some more arch

support definitely go look at some new

insoles I'm a big fan of super feet I'll

actually throw in any type of insult

just to keep myself honest it's not a

really great way to say it but just to

keep things a little bit different

sometimes I'll go the high-volume ones

with a lot of arc support sometimes I'll

go for the carven ones that have a lot

less support but I find that if I switch

it up and I change insoles every once in

a while that can help me get a great run

in and reduce my shin splint pain so

actually that's it for this video I hope

it was helpful but really if you focus

on those five things chances are I think

you're going to be able to get around

some of the pain that you guys have if

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