Laser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 facts

laser hair removal is the

state-of-the-art treatment for

permanently reducing the amount of hair

that you have it's a very popular

treatment for patients of any age but

most commonly for people between the

ages of 20 and 45

when a patient arrives at our office

asking about laser hair removal we first

look at their skin to determine if

they're a good candidate for it the

darker the hair the thicker the hair and

the lighter your skin the better these

lasers are going to work for you

in general we will do about five

treatments separated by about five weeks

that allows for the new hair growth to

come in and we have found after five

treatments we've reduced the hair by

about 90 or 95 percent it's also very

important to ask your physician

what type of lasers are being used for

your skin there are ones that are

specific for darker skin types and then

ones that can work on just about any

skin type you can expect your laser hair

removal to be permanent except for the

face and women because you don't

regenerate those follicles in say the

underarms the bikini the lower legs the

face is the one exception because of

hormones over time

laser hair removal is not covered by

insurance however the cost is usually

determined by the area of your body that

you're having treated and it also

depends on how many treatments you're

going to need based on your providers

suggestions so talk with your

board-certified dermatologist about the

cost of laser hair removal and they will

let you know the ranges of the prices