Exercises to Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

do your neck and shoulders feel achy and

stiff by the end of the workday having

not in any muscle group is uncomfortable

and frustrating especially those at the

neck and shoulder areas find relief and

sleep better for a good night's rest

with these four easy exercises seated

clasping neck stretch targets the

trapezius muscles you can either sit on

the floor with your legs crossed or on a

chair with your feet flat on the ground

collapse your hands and place both palms

on the back of your head gently press

your head down towards your thighs and

tuck your chin through your chest

use the heels of your palms to pull your

head away from your shoulders to

intensify the stretch even more hold

this position for 30 seconds and repeat

three times if you are in pain try doing

three sets of this exercise three times

a day

Sita neck release stretches the upper

trapezius and the cervical paraspinal


in the same sitting position as the

seated clasping next stretch sit upright

and grow your hips firmly tilt your head

to the left to increase the stretch use

your left hand to apply a gentle

pressure at the top of your head for a

deeper stretch place your right hand

under your thigh or your buttock hold

for 30 seconds and repeat the same on

the other side shoulder raises targets

the levator scapulae and trapezius

muscles stand upright with your arms by

your side lift your shoulders slowly

towards your ears then return to the

starting position repeat this movement

20 times for two sets


shoulder rolls mobilizes the upper

trapezius and deltoid muscles stand

upright with your shoulders relaxed and

arms by your side in the

counterclockwise direction

roll your shoulder blades up back and

down hold each position for 10 seconds

or longer repeat this movement 20 times

do the same in a clockwise direction we

hope that this video has been useful to

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