What is the Best Guinea Pig Bedding? Fleece vs Pine

man let's talk about guinea pig bedding

what kind of guinea pig bedding is the

best and what are the pros and cons of

each regardless of what type of bedding

you choose you want to do it right you

don't want to wing it and so this video

will help you with all the information

you need to make the right decision

Timmy needs to be on fleece because of

his mobility issues but because I use

both fleece and pine bedding I can tell

you the pros and cons of each and we're

gonna do that in just a second look how

nice this really looks there is

something to be said for a clean fleece

cage it looks so cool but there are many

reasons why a pine shavings bedding

might work better for you in this video

we're gonna talk about all those reasons

Jiri what's that on your nose you got

pine shavings on your nose Gary

hey Scott here Scotties animals what

kind of bedding should my guinea pigs

have I get that question a lot when I'm

volunteering at the L a guinea pig

rescue or in the comments to a lot of

these videos or just in my email if you

have questions you can go to my website

Scotty's animals and there's a forum

where you can send me a question but you

could also put it in here and so one of

the questions that I get is what is the

best kind of bedding should I use pine

or should I use fleece and what else is

there so in this video I just want to

talk about all of your options the ones

that we recommend at the guinea-pig

rescue and from my personal experience

what I like the best so as you just saw

in the opening sequence Timmy and Mike

they live on fleece down here and that's

because Timmy has mobility issues so he

needs a soft smooth surface but let's

talk about all the different types of

beddings and the benefits and maybe some

of the drawbacks that each one have

because I don't think there is a perfect

bedding but I think there are numerous

options that will be right for you so

Gary lives on pine shavings now at the

rescue most of the guinea pigs also are

live on kiln-dried pine now if you've

gotten your pine shavings from either a

pet store or a feed store or some store

where this indicates that it is intended

for animal bedding then it is ok as long

as it says kiln-dried we use the same

type of pine shavings in the horse

stalls as we do with the guinea pigs now

some people think that there may be

upper respiratory infections associated

with pine shavings now I know that cedar

cedar is a no-no wood that has a very

strong smell you want to stay away from

and cedar is one of them Aspen is okay

in my experience but pine will always

say kiln dried pine shavings or kiln

dried pine bedding if it is okay for you

to use for small animals nails also

nails and pinky smalls well they have

kind of a mixed bag because they live on

pine shavings but they also have a loft

which is fleece so they can go up there

and sit on the softness anytime they

want but to be honest they spend most of

their time hanging out below the loft in

the messiest part of the cage where they

do most of their business okay now look

you're on shirt I was love to remind

people look how far nails has come since

this in this shirt he's still wearing

his he had to wear a sweater to prevent

him from itching because of his mange so

if you I mentioned my website if you

want more information about mange or

ringworm or other illnesses on my

website there's links to not only how to

identify it but how to treat it and some

of the medications and over-the-counter

products that we use at the rescue and

that I use here at home what are all the

types of beddings why don't I just why

don't I just put all the types of

beddings I'll just list them here so we

have kiln dried pine as I mentioned okay

and other wood beddings would be Aspen

is okay and cedar is not okay okay

sometimes it doesn't actually say what

it is but most likely when it just says

all wood shavings it's most likely pine

and as long as it says kiln dried you're

okay okay so now let's talk about the

paper bedding there is a type of paper

bedding called carefresh there's other

brands that also make it

it's a little paper wadded up bedding

it's totally fine to use it is just very

expensive for not that much and not only

that when it gets wet I think it tends

to smell kind of funky kind of little

moldy and gross so it's not my preferred

bedding for those reasons but if

somebody was to give you a truckload for

free I would say use it it's great and

maybe sprinkle a little pine shavings in

for the odor and the moisture absorbing

properties that the pine has let's talk

about fleece so the fleece is not just a

blanket that you get you know at a store

these are specifically made absorbent

pee pads where you have two layers of

polar fleece or some fleece similar to

that people who are fleece experts

please in the comments let people know

what kind of fleece we got a pop Corning

piggy over here so police experts let us

know what kind of fleece to use and not

to use but in the middle of these two

sown layers of fleece there's an

absorbent layer sometimes it's a u-haul

pad which quite literally the pads that

you get at u-haul that you put to make

sure your furniture doesn't get damaged

when you're moving those pads can be

used sewn into the middle are you

kissing me

if you don't want to use the u-haul pads

you can also get cotton bedding batting

sorry cotton batting and use it as

bedding the batting you'll find in

sewing stores fabric stores and and also

the big bigger you know big box stores

okay so it's up to you to decide which

ones are right for you let's talk about

the different beddings and the pros and

cons of them and put you back let's talk

about fleece fleece is very soft it's

very comfortable for your piggies but it

tends not to be as absorbent as you

might want it to be as you might think

it is or as some other alternatives okay

okay so with fleece sometimes your

piggies will pee but they will roll over

into the little people before it has a

chance to absorb and I find that that

makes your piggies sometimes monthly

smell more like pee even if you're spot

cleaning twice a day

they can still end up getting their fur

wet from their own pee just because of

the way they lay in it depending on your

big some pigs will go in a corner and

that's their spot and in in that case

you might even be able to set up a

little area with a tray or something

else like that

some people will have a little section

that is pine shavings and then the

majority of it is fleece if they're

piggies are already self trained I do

have a video about can you potty train

your piggies I'll put that right here

but basically there are some things that

you can do to promote their behavior as

I mentioned in that video but it's

really kind of up to their sensibility

as to whether or not they will do it

what are you guys doing

did you guys just get in the fight did

you just bite him did you just bite you

you just need some of his fur relax


hey I know these boys usually these boys

usually will get in a tussle and then

they will lay down and take a nap

together so I'm not too worried about

them so to sum up fleece the pros are

it's very soft it is really fun

you can almost become an addiction the

different patterns that you can get and

if you get into the groove of it with

having little pieces on top of larger

pieces it's not too hard to change out

the different pieces and keep it clean

and fairly manageable but the cons are

your piggies can kind of smell like pee

sometimes and you really need to do a

lot of laundry and if you share a

washing machine say in a community type

environment it might be a little much

for you and also for your neighbors to

do that that laundry in the community

washing machine I found that if I'm

gonna wash my clothes I like to have a

little buffer cycle where maybe I wash

dirty towels or some other things first

boys need to give them a pile of hay


so let's talk about the pros and cons of

pine shavings the pros would be that

your piggies do smell very fresh it's

very inexpensive okay well let's just we

talked about with fleece fleece you can

save a lot of money because after the

initial investment in those fleece

pieces all you're doing is washing them

and reusing them over and over so that

might be a solution for you so back to

pine shavings it is relatively

inexpensive at the rescue we have a huge

bag for $15 and usually you'll see me

diem large bag for about seven to ten

dollars so considering you can usually

get two or more changes out of those

we're talking about less than five

dollars to clean the cage or about five

to clean the cage which is fine and you

want to have with the pine shavings a

nice thick layer it can't just be a

little sprinkling of pine shavings it's

gonna stink a 2x3 needs to have this

much pine shavings and you're still

gonna really want to clean it after six

or seven days but with a 2x4 with a nice

even good layer of pine shavings it

shouldn't get too gross

okay so let's recap the pine shavings

it's really inexpensive your piggies

won't smell like pee they it's easy to

take care of it's easy to clean you only

have to clean it once a week let's talk

about the downside if you don't use

enough it can get kind of funky if you

are not cleaning it once a week it can

get kind of funky some people seem to

think that the they can get respiratory

infections with pine shavings I think

that it's just like any other bedding if

you don't keep it clean then it could

cause problems but I don't think that

the pine shavings themselves do because

especially at the guinea-pig rescue

they've saved thousands of guinea pigs

we've had numerous long-term residents

all living on pine except for the skinny

pigs so that's one thing I want to

mention skinny pigs really need to live

on fleece there they don't have the fur

protection they really it also helps

keep them warm and skinny pigs in

general they just need a little bit more

care if you want more information about

skinny pigs specifically or how skinny

pigs can live with regular guinea pigs

or hairy guinea pigs that is check out

skinny pigs one I'll put them in the

description as well as right here here's

a link to her Channel

so my two favorite beddings would be

either pine or fleece we mentioned the

paper bedding earlier and I just think

it's too expensive and when it gets wet

it's kind of funky but I did say that if

you got a truckload for free sprinkle a

little pine shavings in there they even

sell a mixture that's half and half but

it's still very expensive any time you

get into that name-brand paper bedding

speaking of paper bedding what should

you not use just shredded paper is not

good it's not absorbent enough it's to

the individual pieces are flat whereas

the pine shavings the individual pieces

are very absorbent usually porous and

not flat but they're curved or in some

way it's a lot softer so you can't use

newspaper either even unprinted

newsprint it's just not a good idea and

while I'm at it you can't use just plain

fleece blankets or old blankets and I'm

not just saying this because I'm a

bedding snob what I'm trying to say is

you will save yourself a lot of

heartache if you invest in the proper

bedding supplies the paper bedding by

itself can be disgusting and horrible to

clean up just using old towels it's very

hard to separate the stuck-on poop

pellets and the pee and all that it's

just it's gonna be gross so I really

recommend getting actual fleece flippers

the larger size to cover your entire

cage and then also smaller pieces of

either 1 by 2 feet or a little 1 by 1

squares or 2 by 2 squares you get a

whole bunch of different sizes so that

you can lay them out as you saw me do it

in the beginning

and skinny picks one I mentioned before

she has quite the fleece collection and

all her guinea pigs live on fleece so

with that let's start the debate in the

comments what's your favorite type of

bedding let's keep it positive because

remember everybody who is here who takes

the time to watch these videos and takes

the time to comment only cares for their

piggies and wants to do the best for

them alright thank you guys for watching

so much and I am really looking forward

to seeing the comments so Billy lives on

Pine but he has his fleece tunnel that

he loves sleeping in but ever since I

introduced the bigger tunnel he smells

kind of funky because you can see his

pee and poop is right there and he just

doesn't care but I was able to get a

smaller tunnel I'm not using that right

now but when I used the smaller fleece

tunnel his butt sticks out and most of

the carnage

comes out the back