Best Ways To Cure Dry Skin | Dr Mona Vand

hi everyone its dr. Mona and today we

are talking about an issue that everyone

suffers from everyone can relate to and

I'm talking about dry skin so if you

ever experience dry skin and you want to

know a really great way to combat it

watch this full video let's talk about

dry skin I'm really gonna focus on the

face for this video you know there's

obviously little things I can try to

throw a little tips for your body but

right now I really want to focus on the

face this is especially helpful if you

have combination skin when one part of

your face can be peeling one part can be

oily that's always really frustrating a

little tip by the way that could be

dehydration because when you're

dehydrated your body tries to

overcompensate by producing oil so

you've got the dry skin from dehydration

and in the oil and that's how you get

that combo but that's off topic

let's get back to the dry skin I want to

show you a really easy remedy you can do

at night that will have you waking up

with really moisturize skin it's really

important to kind of combat things like

this like breakouts your dry skin while

you're sleeping so that you can do work

while you're sleeping and wake up and

hopefully have the problem either fixed

or alleviated so the first thing I want

you to do is to just cleanse your face

it's kind of the beginning of any kind

of skin care tutorial anything you're

doing when it comes to skin you always

want to start with a clean you know

fresh canvas so use a cleanser if you

have dry skin I'm really gonna recommend

using something very mild not irritating

nothing medicated so none of the

salicylic sore the benzoyl peroxide even

try to find something soap free I you've

been using for a long time if you watch

my videos I really like this sulwhasoo

gentle cleanser you don't have to use

this one but make sure you're using

something really gentle and natural I'm

just gonna throw my hair up I'm gonna go

ahead and do the whole tutorial with you

if you have makeup on another tip and

you're suffering from dry skin is to use

an oil cleanser to remove your makeup

because that will actually give you

extra hydration whereas makeup removing

wipes sometimes can dry your skin a

little more


okay so after you cleanse your face

don't dry it yet the next step is going

to be to use an exfoliator you can

really use any kind of exfoliator the

whole point of exfoliating is to get all

the dead skin off the outer layer of

your skin and really get the surface

nice and clean and smooth so you could

even make an exfoliator some people use

it a little bit of baking soda and

coconut oil but any exfoliator you have

at home and just to be clear we're

talking about a physical exfoliator so

this is something where you can actually

feel the texture and the roughness of

like beads or whatever is in the product

if you don't have an exfoliator at home

you could even use your cleanser and

maybe take a washcloth go in like light

circles around your skin but I would

recommend an exfoliator if you have one

so when you're using this also don't be

too rough on your skin I know sometimes

when there's a problem you think the

rougher you go and the harder you go

that maybe that will fix it more less is

more and more is not always better so

just be very gentle

and maybe an area to focus on can be

around the nose sometimes this is a

tricky area with dry skin she starts on

my forehead I dyed my hair today and

there's a little bit of sometimes it

happens the girls watching understand

now after you exfoliate for maybe 60

seconds you can go ahead and rinse and

dry your face okay so after you've

exfoliated you can go ahead and dry our

skin it might be a little bit red this

is normal just because it is a little

bit abrasive but it shouldn't be too

irritated so once your skin is dry we're

gonna start applying different serums

serums moisturizers and a mask so I'll

go through each one with you and why I

recommend it why this little routine

works really well the first serum we're

gonna apply is this sulwhasoo first care

activating serum so serums in general

are more potent than moisturizers the

way they work their molecular size is

smaller than a moisturizer so they can

penetrate into your skin more they're

more concentrated which is why they're

more expensive but a little goes a

really long way like once serum can last

you six to eight months a lot of the

time because you're only using a little

bit so the reason I like the sole wasu

first care activating serum is because

it's kind of in the name the activating

serum you use it first and it helps

activate every other product after it so

we're not even actually gonna use any

other selassie products in this regimen

but I'm still gonna use this one first

before everything else so we make sure

everything else is activated so usually

I'd say use the most active ingredient

first whatever you want to be the

strongest is usually best to go first on

your skin but in this case it's a little

bit of an exception so put a few drops

in your skin with sulwhasoo there is a

lot of really great aromatherapy

benefits so I always like to apply it on

my hands and inhale gives like a really

nice calming effect and then I just kind

of dab it on


serums actually feel really nice after

you exfoliate because your skin's like a

tad irritated so they're really soothing

and gentle so we're gonna let that sit

for maybe ten seconds 15 seconds kind of

let it absorb and then we're gonna go on

to the next one

so the next serum I'm using is this

derma quest essential b5 hydrating serum

I've actually used this in a previous

video when we were talking about like a

little nighttime routine I really love

this product right now I'm really into

which is why I'm sharing it again

so hyaluronic acid is the most amazing

ingredient for hydrating your skin

anyone will tell you this some people

refer to it as nature's moisturizer we

actually do have hyaluronic acid

naturally occurring in our skin but the

more we can add the better this just

makes it you know kind of tackles a

problem from the outside when our skin

is a little bit dry so hyaluronic acid

if you don't know what it is it's

considered a humectant humectants are

used in almost all skincare so it

basically sits on the skin and it

penetrates through really really

moisturizes prevent some water loss and

what's really special about hyaluronic

acid is that it can actually hold up to

like a thousand times its weight in

water so not only is it giving you

hydration but it's also holding extra

water with it so you're just getting

like a thousand times the hydration you

normally would it's a really amazing

product I really like this one because

it also has b5 and b5 is hydrating in

its own way so when it comes to skin

care or anything wellness I really like

to try to tackle the problem from every

different angle so you know we could

just keep fixing the same problem but

maybe there's all these other things we

can do and kind of have different

ingredients work synergistically to help

each other and just help the problem

more so I'm gonna do maybe like a dime

sized amount it's kind of about like um

a thin jelly really silky feeling when

you apply it on your fingers and it

feels amazing on your skin


obviously focus on the areas that are

extra dry so if it's around your nose if

it's under your eyes but this is great

different everywhere so that product

it's very helpful the next thing we're

gonna do is apply some vitamin E oil

vitamin E is a great great antioxidant I

love using it in conjunction with

sunscreen because it's really photo

protective it could actually help make

the sunscreen work even stronger against

sun protection what I really like about

it though is that it moisturizes the

skin but it also prevents water loss so

it's almost like it sits on your skin

and protects it and creates this barrier

so not only is it giving you hydration

but it's not letting extra hydration

escape out so it's kind of a double

whammy so vitamin E oil in general some

people use the supplement in food some

people will take vitamin E capsules and

break them open this brand right here is

radiant platinum it is vegan dairy-free

gluten free all of that if you want to

use it orally if you want to use it on

your skin I like using it on my skin

because it is an oil sometimes it can

make you break out I have some

girlfriends I can put vitamin E oil all

over their skin or coconut oil they

don't break out I think I might break

out a little bit if I do that so I like

to just use it a spot treatment just

putting this by the way you can get at

any drugstore pharmacy I got this at CBS

so wherever you feel like maybe you're

getting dry patches or you feel extra

dry and you want that extra hydration

just spot treat


you can rub the rest into your hands if

your hands are dry you know that old

trick it's been around for a while but

it still really works you could put any

kind of oil or moisturizer in your hands

and sleep with gloves on so it really

gets in there and your hands will wake

up so soft okay so we've got the vitamin

E oil and then we've got one last step

and that is a sleeping mask so there's a

lot of different hydrating masks you can

use at night if there's one that you

really like feel free to use it but the

point is when your skin is that dry this

is the time to use those masks this is

when you need like that extra attention

and loving care on your skin for this

sleep mask I really like using the dr.

dark water fuse this one's kind of cool

because it uses hot spring water from

Belgium and this has a lot of different

antibacterial properties so that kind of

makes it unique and cool if you also

have a little bit of acne or breakouts

that could be a little double whammy

hair it also uses a low which is

anti-inflammatory so this could really

help if you have eczema eczema can cause

dry skin and a lot of times too due to

inflammation so that could really be a

plus here it's hydrating it's got

antioxidants it's all around a really

nice mask it's got kind of like a

thicker jelly texture


it almost feels like a gooier version of

Vaseline it's like Vaseline and a serum

mixed together that's the texture if you

can't tell I always rub extra product

into my hands because our hands age too

and we should pay more attention to them

we can't neglect the neck chest and

hands okay so let's do a quick rundown

of products I'll link them all below

this video but just to give you a quick

review the first thing I used was the

soul wazoo gentle cleansing foam so you

could use this or any really gentle

cleanser try to use something it's soap

free alcohol free and not medicated then

we used an exfoliator I use this Kate

Somerville exfoliate this one actually

has a little bit of a chemical exfoliant

in it too so this one might not be the

best choice but it's what I had here so

I wanted to use it as an example any

kind of just light physical exfoliator

or like I said even like a sugar scrub

or something could really help here then

I used the sulwhasoo first care

activating serum and this one was to

help really activate the last few

ingredients and make them work even

stronger then we use a derma quest

essential b5 hydrating serum that has

the hyaluronic acid and the b5 then we

use the vitamin E oil for spot treatment

unless for some reason you like using it

all over your face I highly recommend

spot treatment first to make sure you

don't break out and then we used the dr.

jart water fuse mask so that is a killer

combo if you wake up after use it doing

this for like two days and your skin

still dry I would maybe see a

dermatologist make sure you're drinking

more water look at other areas that

could be causing dry skin eating more

omegas can really help too omegas are

anti-inflammatory that's also really

great if you have eczema but this combo

works really well comment in this video

and let me know what skin type you are

are you dry oily or combination I'll see

what the most common is and I'll try to

create more videos to really help you

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