Healthy Cooking Oils 101

oils are composed of good fat

heart-healthy or artery-clogging bad

fats good fats include monounsaturated

and polyunsaturated fat both of which

lower total cholesterol and lower LDL or

bad cholesterol bad fats includes

saturated and trans fat both of which

raise LDL cholesterol will show you a

list of cooking oils that contain the

best ratio of the better for you fats

and help you pick the best oil for the


canola oil is made from seeds of the

canola plant it is low in saturated fat

it has a neutral flavor with a smoke .

of 468 degrees Fahrenheit it is commonly

used in sautéing baking frying and

marinating it's good for all-purpose

cooking and dressings make your own

stovetop popcorn by heating 2

tablespoons of canola oil with

one-quarter cup popcorn kernels extra

virgin olive oil is made from the first

pressing of Olives light olive oil is

lighter in flavor and color it has the

same amount of calories is extra virgin

extra virgin olive oil is fruity tangy

bold light olive oil is mild smoke .

burying the type of oil with extra

virgin at the bottom at 320 degrees

Fahrenheit virgin at 420 degrees

Fahrenheit an extra light at 460 degrees

Fahrenheit drizzle extra virgin olive

oil on top of soups toasted bread rice

and pasta dishes for a rich flavor

because it is made without any heat or

chemicals extra virgin olive oil has the

richest flavor making it good for salad

dressings and drizzling you do not want

to use it for frying or deep-fried

peanut oil is made from shelled peanuts

and is popular and Asian dishes as well

as southern cooking it is not yet mild

in flavor and is commonly used for

stir-frying roasting deep fine and

baking with a high smoke point it is

great for deep frying in a range of

other cooking don't use it in baking or

anything that requires a neutral flavor

if you have a blender make homemade

peanut butter blend 1 cup shelled

peanuts in 2 tablespoons peanut oil

light sesame oil is nutty flavor and

commonly used in stir-frying dark sesame

oil is bold and heavy and commonly used

in dressings and sauces with a smoke .

410 degrees Fahrenheit the lite version

is good for deep frying and the dark is

good for stir-frying and dipping sauces

with together dark sesame oil rice

vinegar and scallions toss with coach

brown rice and shrimp sunflower oil is

made from press sunflower seeds is high

in vitamin e and low in saturated fat

its high smoke point and light flavor

make it a favorite for frying but is

also a good oil for baking

it's not recommended for low heat

cooking or drizzling sunflower oil

subtle flavor make it perfect for baking

and it produces a moist cake which keeps

well use it instead of shortening butter

and pie crust or pastries vegetable oil

is usually made from a combination of

corn soybeans and or sunflower seeds and

is another great oil to have on hand

because it can be used for many

different cooking techniques it is plain

and mild in flavor and use commonly and

sautéing baking crying and marinating

for a simple marinade just combine 1 cup

brown sugar 1 cup vegetable oil half-cup

reduced sodium soy sauce and half a cup

vinegar then add your salmon and let it

marinate for at least four hours or

overnight store your cooking oils in a

refrigerator in a cool dark location is

both light and heat damaged oil