How To Clean a Flat Screen TV | LED, LCD Or Plasma

have you ever been tempted to clean your

TV with some regular glass cleaner and

some paper towels stop you're gonna mess

your TV up today's video is all about

cleaning your flat-screen television

it's very common to find dust

fingerprints especially if you have kids

and even dried saliva on the television

screen from outbursts of emotional

excitement and outburst of emotional

this Dane how you clean your television

is gonna depend on the degree of


but no matter how dirty the television

gets we will always use a microfiber

cloth never ever use paper towels or

tissues because those materials are wood

based and the fibers and those products

could potentially scratch the television

screen also you never want to use

household cleaners because household

cleaners contain either alcohol or they

contain ammonia both of those two

products will dry out the screen and

eventually over time scratch and crack

it so let's get started so let's talk

about the level 1 cleaning your TV may

not have fingerprints it may not have

dried saliva on it if that's the case it

may just need a good dusting if it needs

a good dusting grab your microfiber

cloth make sure it's dry and just start

wiping it off and dusting it work your

way from top to bottom wiping off all

the dust particles and you're done now

if your TV does have some fingerprints

on it then we can move on to the level 2

cleaning for the level 2 cleaning we're

gonna take our microfiber cloth and

we're gonna dampen the cloth with

distilled water don't use regular tap

water because regular tap water tends to

leave residue use distilled water and

when I say damp microfiber cloth

I mean ultra damp you shouldn't be able

to wring this cloth and water start

dripping make sure it's ultra damp from

that point what you're going to do

is you're gonna come to where the

fingerprints are at and you can use a

circular motion and just wipe away those

fingerprints don't press too hard though

you don't want to distort any of the

pixels just repeat the process on the

fingerprints and little circular motions

until the TV's TV screen comes clean now

if your TV is really bad and you

couldn't get the job done with the level

2 cleaning then we need to move on to

the level 3 cleaning for the level 3

clean you're gonna need to spend a

little money though and by an actual

electronics cleaner

there are slew of them out there we use

this one right here this is Windex

electron is cleaner I'm not gonna say

it's the best one because frankly I

don't know what the best one is like I

said there's a slew of them but any

electrons cleaner should do for the

level 3 clean real quick before we get


what makes an electronics cleaner an

electronics cleaner is that they don't

contain ammonia or alcohol like regular

cleaners see regular cleaners like don

contain alcohol in them Windex contains

ammonia now do people still use these

products to clean their television

screens absolutely does it get the job

done absolutely

but at what price there's people that

will tell you to mix one part rubbing

alcohol in one part water and then

they'll clean the television screens

with it but what they don't realize is

that over time they're drying that

screen out and they could potentially

ruin the television but crack the screen

scratch it with those products people

spend thousands of dollars on these flat

screens so it's important that you get

this right if you find an electron it's

cleaner and electronics cleaner that's

got ammonia or alcohol in it run away

from it like a wild beast is chasing it

bury those cockroaches the point is it's

a scam if it's got a moan your alcohol

it's not an electron it's clear stay

away from it so back to the level 3

clean take your electronics clean your

microfiber cloth spray your cloth spray

away from the television

don't spray the TV spray your cloth

and if you're doing this level it's a

pretty nasty television just start

wiping away the fingerprints and all the

gunk any sticky stuffs wherever you find

on the screen just work your foot work

your way from top to bottom here you can

even do a little circular motions and

just repeat that process until the

television comes clean and you should be

good so that's it three easy ways to

clean your flat-screen television if you

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