Nesting Box For Chickens. Our BIG MISTAKE That You Should Avoid!

we are heading out to the coop this


and the dog doesn't like it when i don't

talk directly to him

right is that right

good morning friends welcome back to our

homestead we're going to be talking

about nesting boxes today and why i

think i made a big mistake

in designing the nesting boxes on our

coop the way that i did

let's go

so why am i saying this is because our

chickens are laying a lot of eggs on the


of the coop and i'm going to show you

the design and why i think that is

and it's not that big of a deal the

coop's not dirty i don't have a really

dirty coop

in the future it could be bad you don't

want them laying the eggs on the floor


they could get poop on them and then

that's going to taint your eggs you

don't want that at all

so i thought that this would be a cool

and practical way

to do the nesting boxes and i'd seen it

on a few other designs

and i thought it was really easy to

build that way and it was

but it's caused an issue so let's show

you what that is

so if you haven't seen our coop design

and build video go check that out right


you can see our nesting box is flush on

the exterior it protrudes out into the


of the coop i have two chickens trying


lay an egg in the same nesting box right


i don't know why they're both in the

same nesting box at the same time

what are you girls doing can you there's

three nesting

boxes you don't you don't need to share


so as you can see the nesting box is

protruding on the inside

of the coop and it's created

this safe place

hi i know the safe place underneath

the nesting box that the chickens think

is another nesting box the only problem


is obviously they poop all over the

floor and the eggs under here

two things happens to them so chickens

will lay in

areas where they feel incredibly safe

they feel that

their eggs their young are protected

from predators and that is in

smaller tight confined spaces so i

didn't think about it before and it is

not strange that

those chickens are laying underneath the

nesting box itself because

it's a smaller confined space they feel

safe to lay there the only problem

is is that when the chickens go in there

they scratch around the straw and they

throw the straw everywhere chickens are


and they're throwing that straw over top


the freshly laid eggs they're not

worried about burying them for some


and i have to kind of dig around in

there to find all the eggs and there's

been a few times where i've missed them

and those times when i miss them

unfortunately they've gotten

i don't know pecked or stepped on or

something but they've had some little

holes in them

and that isn't good we've fed those to

the dog but those were wasted eggs and

the chickens kind of

ruined them themselves that's why you

want those nesting boxes

up off the floor and if you see a

chicken pooping in the nesting boxes you

gotta clean it out immediately

kind of uh try to reorient that chicken

to where it's actually supposed to go to

the bathroom

i don't know i had one doing that the

other day and it's kind of strange you

just gotta clean it out

but make sure your nesting boxes and the

nesting areas

where you're laying eggs stay very very


so today we're gonna pull our nesting

box outside of the coop

and it'll sit flush on the inside and

hopefully that will

tell the chickens that that safe space

is gone underneath

the current nesting box and they will

all lay

inside of the nesting boxes

so making that nesting box flush with

the inside of the coop is also going to

give us more floor space which

the chickens can always use

ariel get the eggs for me please i'll

hold the basket for you

oh there's a chicken in there don't

don't disturb her

see no no no no get the eggs

yeah if there's any eggs in there get

them i'll make sure she doesn't jump out

is it a real one

another real one okay and those other


okay we won't disturb her

there are two bye-bye the floor yeah is

there a chicken on the floor

no okay

don't dig for them with your hands

you got them two of them

is there any more check behind you


no okay thank you can you take those in

to mommy yeah all right

thanks bee we got all of our girls to

get out of the nest they all lay their


now it's time to get this thing out of


the first thing is remembering how i

attached it i found two initial screws


it's not coming loose so i must have

attached it other places

i got to get all this straw out of here

nesting box is out

let's get it out of here

so what i have to do first take off this

perch bar and

attach it to the inside of the coop

where they could jump up this is where

they jump up

and land so they can easily get in and

out of

the nesting boxes so we're going to take

this off and then i need to modify

this box and somehow attach it on the


i'm just going to try to flip the box

around and put it in the other direction

which will hopefully fit nicely

into the same spot and i can secure it

on the other side

opposite of what it was and bam i just

got to figure out the door

i'm so thankful that worked out that


just flipped it around and stuck it in

the other way

so perfect now i just have to figure out

the door

so it's not going to look as pretty and


as it was earlier but hey you got to do

what you got to do

so i took the old door off and i took

the frame off of it

off the back of it and i think that's

going to fit perfectly

with a few minor cuts right into this

opening right here now keep in mind that

i wouldn't do this

if this coupe was outside i'd have to

redo it completely because i need the


to shed off the top of the nesting box

because that would just ruin it


but since it is inside i can just do

this flip

put the door back on and i think we're

good to go

there we go we gotta put on the way we

designed it we were really fortunate

that all we had to do is take off that

one door

take off the exterior piece of siding

that was attached to the frame

cut it a little bit and put it back in

all the hinges went

actually right back in the same spot put

the handle on put the latch on

boom we're done now it's time to get

these hens back

inside their coop get that door open


all of them have been laying so i only

collected four eggs earlier

and so we got three more to go for the

rest of the day and i know they want to

get back in there

and lay i'm gonna put some fresh hay

back in those nesting boxes

and get them in there so they can do

their business

well remember friends you got to stay

humble on your homestead because i

thought i had that coop perfectly worked


it uh functioned the same as some others

and i had a lot of knowledge from you

know my youth and taking care of

chickens and how everything operated uh

but sometimes you build a new coop

and things just don't go the way they're

supposed to be so you gotta be humble

and that's this is me saying you know i

made a mistake

i tried it out i tried something new out

and it just didn't work out so

we modified it we made it right and


all those eggs will end up in those

nesting boxes now

thanks once again for being with us here

on the channel now go check out this

video right here which teaches you how

we built

our automatic chicken water have a great

day we'll see you next week on the next

video we love you