Insect Bites and Stings | Insect Bites Treatment | How to Treat Insect Bites and Stings | 2018

Abraham the pharmacist is coming to you from London today

okay so check this out and I thought to myself actually

I've seen so many patients with insect bites and stings this summer so let's do a video on it

generally speaking insect bites or stings often cause a small red lump on

the skin which can be painful and itchy the good news is that many clear up

within a few hours or a few days and it can be safely treated at home

I do have a bit of a sore throat

now if you didn't see it happen which most people don't it can

be quite difficult to identify whether you've got bit or stung but not to

worry because the treatments are all very similar and we're gonna get to that

a bit later on in the video let's first start with wasps, hornets and bee stings

they cause a sharp pain at first a swollen mark may then form on your skin

which can cover a larger area depending on how much you react but it's not

usually anything you need to worry about a few people however can experience a

very serious allergic reaction called anaphylaxis which causes breathing

difficulties, dizziness, swelling of the face or mouth and if this happens you

need to call 999 immediately for an ambulance now I've left more information in

the description below about anaphylaxis which I'd highly recommend everyone to

read and learn more about, now unlike wasps and hornets, bees tend to leave

their sting in the wound which is it very nice of them but you've got to remove it

and here's how you do it simply brush or scrape the sting outwards using

something with a hard edge like a bank card or a fingernail avoid tweezers as

they can spread the venom now we will get back to cleaning the wound shortly

but next up is a tick bite now they're not very painful so you might not

realise straight away you've been bit but let's say you have realised straight

away that you been bit and it's stuck on your skin well then you need to

remove it and you need to remove it properly so I've left more information

in the description below on how to do this now the symptoms include a small

red lump, swelling, itching and blistering but the picture I've used is one that you

really need to remember if you look at it closely it looks like the bullseye on

a dartboard a bite from a tick can make you quite sick did you see what I did there

[Laughter] I can't do it, it's too bad that joke is terrible, ticks can carry a potentially serious

infection which we call Lyme disease so if you do get the bullseye that we

looked at earlier or a fever then see your GP straight away more information in the

description below about this and lastly we've got the horsefly bites which can

be very painful and it can make your skin red, raised, itchy and leave you

feeling dizzy, weak and wheezy these bites can take a while to heal and can

become infected now with all insect bites or stings

there's always a chance of developing a skin infection so if you start getting

puss from the area or increased pain or the area becomes hot and tender to

touch then speak to your healthcare professional as soon as you can to

reduce the chance of an infection wash the site with soap and water after

getting bit or stung by an insect treatments when it comes to treatments I

think the three parts so to begin with lets start with itching don't itch I

know it's easier said than done but if you itch it's gonna react more and also

you're at a higher risk of it getting infected so speak to your pharmacist

about getting an antihistamine tablet and a steroid cream for quick and easy

relief there is also an antihistamine cream but I prefer antihistamine tablets

for swelling apply a cold compress and an ice pack and

raise the area the antihistamine tablet that we spoke about earlier will also help for

this and if you're in pain or discomfort then speak to your pharmacist about

using paracetamol or ibuprofen with all medication always speak to your

pharmacist and read the information leaflet that comes with it before you take

it and if you're still unsure about an insect bite or a sting or you want a

bit of extra information then speak to your amazing pharmacist and that's it

you're now an insect bite and sting pro and if you have any of your own tips

then leave a comment below because I'd love to read it too hey guys thanks for

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