How to grow a beard | 5 Things EVERY beginner should know!!

hey guys what's up want to grow a beard

like this there's five things you need

to know number one don't shave now you

think I wouldn't have to mention this

but there's a myth that if you shave

your hair on your face over and over

it's gonna get thicker and it's fuller

and it's gonna grow faster it's not true

if you want to grow a beard let it grow

don't shave it give it three months and

see go ahead see how you feel after

three months if you can't commit to

three months and you probably can't

commit to growing a full beard there was

a point where you know I had you know

patches where my hair wouldn't grow I

couldn't grow right here and like right

here and there's still a little bit of

patchiness there but your hair will grow

in you just got to give it time don't

shave it thinking it's gonna come back

thicker and fuller and gonna grow it's

not gonna it's not gonna work

number two do not give up you got your

beard it's itching it's bothering you

your girlfriend hates it

dumper just kidding don't dump your

girlfriend beard oil Rudolph is amazing

great beard oil Spartans then I love

this stuff great smells good easy

delivers or some got a pump rub it in

your hands put it in your beard there

goes the itch and your girlfriend

probably like it too because it smells

good if you think you're ready to shave

your beard off and give up don't give it

like a week don't just don't make a rash

decision don't make a decision when

you're drunk either if you've grown this

thing up for say three months you owe it

at least a week before you decide to

chop it off you feel like it's not

growing fast enough maybe and that's why

you want to give up try biotin biotin

works this will make your hair grow

faster not distribute though it'll grow

everywhere pubic hairs armpit hairs hair

and your head back hair chest hair

wherever you got hair it's gonna grow

faster so that's just another little

thing you can try before cutting your

manly beard off number three use beard

products if you have a short beard use

beard oil if you have a longer beard use

beard balm what they both do is they

moisturize the hair they nourish the

skin underneath your beard it reduces

all the itching from your beard it

smells better if you get scented stuff

like this now the difference between the

balm in the oil when you have a longer

beard the balm is what you use to

basically keep it shaped like this if I

used oil I couldn't really shape it like

this I mean it's a little could

a little touch-up but yeah use products

you're not just gonna grow a beard and

it's gonna be majestic as [ __ ] just

randomly you got to work with it you got

to give it a little help you know coach

it a little bit number four use a beard

comb slash beard brush if you have a

short beard you're gonna want to use a

beard brush that's just kind of brushing

hairs in the shape helps you like evenly

distribute your beard oil and you put it

in stuff like that it helps and just

keeps your hair's looking uniform and

even get them a nice pattern going you

know you're like when your dad mode the

longer new you're a kid my dad did and

you put like checkered patterns in it

because it looked cool you look better

than just like regular grass-cutting

same concept the beard brush will kind

of make your beard all flow in one way

and look good when you get it longer

you're gonna want to have a beard comb I

use a camp comb like this is my daily to

keep this in my bathroom use it

comb a beard out it's great it's amazing

these are like 10 to 15 bucks though so

if you don't want to drop ten to fifteen

bucks get one of these these are five

six bucks and I'll put the link in the

description I'll put a link into the

trick the description and I'll put a

link in the description below where you

can get this stuff but I'm gonna put a

link in the shirt love for everything I

talked about in this video just so you

guys can find it easy number five when

you trim your neckline the hair under

here that you hate don't trim with your

jawline don't do that don't be that guy

nobody likes that guy except for that

guy that's what you do make an L make a

knot whatever opposite L stick them

right here at the bottom of your jaw

where the jaw goes put it right here put

it right here right underneath your

thumb so where you trim your hair so

basically you got your your jaw line

goes down here then your neck goes here

or your jaw line meet your neck that's

where you should be cutting your hair

don't let the hair on the neck grow but

the bottom of the jaw let that grow out

it makes you breathe it fuller thicker

and women will love it and your friends

will ask about it finally your family

will let you come to holiday dinners

again it'll be great but anyway those

are my five tips to growing a beard

links will be in the description below

for all the products I talked about the

beard oil the beard balm the combs the

it's all gonna be in the description

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grow a beard