6 Absolute Best Exercises for Low Back Pain | SIJ , Facet Syndrome Mobilisation , Lumbar Pain

welcome back guys today I'm going to

show you some mobilization techniques

for your lower back these exercises are

fantastic especially if your out of the

pain stage and now I'm moving on to the

healing stage the pain free stage now

it's very important that you understand

that if you have lower back pain and the

painting has disappeared it's very

important that you utilize this time to

keep it that way you don't want your

back to stiffen up again and get pain

again so these mobilization

techniques are definitely going to help

you to keep you pain-free follow along

the term especially if you already had a

massage to reduce the pain or you had

some treatment from the physio or chiro

osteopath to reduce the pain already you

don't want that to go to waste

once you mobilize these joints that you

then can progress to do more exercises

and strengthening exercises for your

lower back I really hope these

mobilization techniques are going to

help you has helped a lot on my patients

so I definitely hope they help you so

this is the Sphinx pose just lay on the

floor and prop yourself up on to your

elbows so you look like an Egyptian

sphinx pull your shoulder blades back

and maintain a good posture make sure

you don't drop your head down and

replicate like this pumping at a desk as

this will make your neck posture the

worst and then that's another issue that

we have to address in the future or you

can check out my neck posture videos on

this channel as well just hold this

position and do eight long reps this

lower and deeper the breath the more

effective this exercise will be and then

repeat it three to four sets this should

be a relaxed pose you should not be

shaking or overly exerting yourself or

be in extreme pain there might be slight

discomfort in the lower back where

you're hyperextension is but this is

quite normal all you might feel a

stretch in the front on your stomach

because it does stretch your rectus

abdominis which is your abs if you feel

like a sphinx pose doesn't work try the

cobra pose this is also known as the

Mackenzie position a lot of physios

osteopathic chiropractors prescribe this

position for lower back pain disc bulges

or sidecar this position is an advanced

version of the Sphinx pose

and commonly used in yoga just place

your hands where your elbows were in a

previous position and extend them all

the way so your arms are nice and

straight this will make you have more of

a hyperextension your lower back and

increase the angle down and therefore

create more of a lumbar lordosis so this

is a great stretch in position to

practice especially if you've got hypo

lumbar lordosis meaning you have a loss

of lumbar lordosis however if you do

have more of an increase in pain in this

position there could be a chance that

you have four set syndrome or some sort

of percent dysfunction as this is

similar to an orthopedic tests for

forcep pain offer set syndromes once

again hold this position nice and

relaxed for eight long breaths

the longer and deeper the breath the

better is for you every time you take a

deeper long breath the open and closed

the spaces between the vertebrae in your

spine also known as the intervertebral

discs increasing and closing the spaces

they're mobilizing their space allowing

fluid to go in and out of the

intervertebral discs exchanging

nutrients in and out of the

intervertebral discs allowing to heal

faster and better and rehydrating them

the research paper was published in 2013

comparing the McKenzie method against

the back-to-school method with 148

patients with chronic lower back pain in

Brazil each patient was instructed to

perform the exercises on a full weight

treatment program with one session a

week the results showed that the group

that followed the McKenzie method had

great improvements from their

disabilities within a month prayer pose

try to do this pose after you do the

Sphinx or cobra pose since it's the

opposite position to hyperextension in a

lower back therefore flexing the back

the prayer pose is also a great stretch

for decompression in the lower back just

out on all fours

whilst your hands are planted on the

ground and shift your body back so your

weight is slowly shifting back onto your

heels and let your arms slowly stretch

out and extend in front of you nice and

straight allowing your weights you

slowly relax into this bridge you don't

need to contract any muscles in this

stretch or this position just relax your

shoulders your upper back

we're all back to ensure a nice and

subtle stretch from your neck to

shoulders and your lower back do eight

long breaths with every breath I want

you to focus on expanding your abdomen

and when you exhale exhale all the air

out we're body this will open and close

the space between your vertebrae also

known as the intervertebral discs there

for encouraging nutrients and fluid back

into intervertebral discs and

rehydrating them in and out with the

nutrients in the body and therefore

allowing it to heal faster and alleviate

pain in the lower back and other joints

in the body do this for three to four

sets reverse Russian twists this is one

of my favorite exercises to do after a

heavy squat session or if I'm it

standing up all day my lower back will

have a lot of pressure there and it'll

be very tight and stiff so I find this

exercise really helps with decompressing

and mobilizing the lower back

especially the junction where my lower

back meets my tailbone the base of my

tailbone also known as the sacral just

laying it back and bring your knees up

but you can fade still flat on the floor

now twist your knees from side to side

in a nice and controlled manner I want

you to hold the position at the end

point of the twist for about half a

second just to create more of a stretch

at the end of the motion this way opens

your back a little bit better on each

movement do about 10 repetitions on each

side with a total of 20 all together

repeat this three to four times I

prescribed this exercise to a lot of my

patients that have Lord that pain or

stiffness in the lower back and their

words come back telling me how much they

love this exercise and some of them even

prescribe this exercise to their friends

and family because they find that this

exercise giving so much pain relief

spinal rocks this is another great

mobilization exercise that I like to do

in the combination of the cobra pose to

do this exercise just pull your knees up

with both hands and rock back and forth

you don't have to excessively rock a

subtle rock star just enough as long as

it mobilizes your lower back the main

aim of this exercise is the decompress

your lower back so it's not an exercise

or a ab exercise so we don't want you to

excessively rock a nice subtle

is enough do about 20 rocks 3 to 4 sets

isn't one of my favorite exercises I

like to do to reduce pain and pressure

in my lower back especially if I meet

standing for long periods of time or if

I'll be doing a heavy back squats or

hyperextension ease at the gym which it

causes a lot of stiffness and tightness

in the lower back the hip drop stretch

with this stretch try to do it in a nice

and slow controlled manner if you do it

too quickly you actually create cracks

and pops in the lower back with this

stretch I want you to lay on your back

so your shoulders are nice and flat

against the floor now with your hand

grab your opposite knee and then pull it

over to that side this will create a

stretch and twist in the lower back do

it nice and slow and with other hand try

to keep it on the floor this will act as

a counterweight so you don't roll over

with this stretch try to do it in a nice

and slow controlled manner so you can

accentuate the stretching in the muscles

in your lower back and any of the joints

that are connected you will find little

bit more stretch in either the gluts or

the lower back and sometimes you might

hear some cracks and pops in the lower

back if you do this stretch too quickly

or with unnecessary force you're gonna

create a large pop or cracking roll back

and you may injure yourself further

some people find out by creating cracks

or give them relief a lot of times by

doing this forcefully every single time

when you do this stretch you're

loosening a lot of joints that you don't

need to loosen up and you're keeping

this different step so it's better to

focus on stretching the muscles and

mobilizing the joints instead of just

cracking it back for the sake of it if

you want to create more of a stretch in

this position just extend your leg out

as straight as possible

this will create more torque on the

lower back adding more weight onto this

stretch hold this position for about

thirty seconds and repeat this on the

other side as well once again in a nice

and controlled manner make sure you

breathe nicely deep and that way we

accentuate this stretch and mobilize the

joint try not to attract any muscles in

any of these stretches as it makes you

stiffen up even more

and we want to really take advantage

the stretch via breathing since it will

accentuate the stretch and make the

stretch more effective repeat on both

sides three to four sets once again guys

thanks for watching now these

mobilization techniques are too painful

for you to do I highly recommend you

check out my lumbar spine decompression

technique video this video will help you

alleviate a lot of pressure and

stiffness in the low back especially if

you just had a dis Bowl this variation

or tightening stiffness in the lower

back that's causing you extreme pain

then you can do these mobilization


now if these mobilization and techniques

are too easy for you and you can

progress into strengthening exercises to

prevent you from injury or pain in the

future I highly recommend you check out

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