What's The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredient?

hi everyone staff tur anthony yoon

america's holistic plastic surgeon i'm

here again today to give you some tips

to look live and be better so today i'm

going to talk about what is the best

anti aging skincare ingredient to look

for if you're looking for a skincare

product so this is a question I get all

the time you know there's so many

products out there somebody them claim

to help you look younger to reverse

Asian to get your skin looking better if

you had to pick one ingredient to look

for what would it be so that's what

we're going to get down to today so I

would say probably 70 to 80 percent of

plastic surgeons and dermatologists

would recommend as their number one

anti-aging skincare ingredient a

retinoid now retinoids are basically

types of vitamin A and they go by two

names prescription strength is called

Tretton Owen or retin-a this is called

roofie set this is a prescription

strength form of a moisturizing version

of retin-a or pret Nolan it also comes

in a retinol form and that is a non

prescription or over-the-counter

strength this is an example of one of my

favorite skincare brands zo medical

products or zo skin health

this one's called advanced radical night

repair and I'll put links to these to

these items on the face book under the

comments later on but if you were to

pick one anti-aging ingredient a

retinoid would be what I would pick it

is scientifically proven to tighten skin

to decrease fine lines to improve acne

to thicken the dermis which is a deeper

layer of the skin it's also proven to

reverse early pre skin cancers so that's

a lot of things that this one ingredient

does now the great thing about it is it

comes in many formulations if you have a

dermatologist or a plastic surgeon that

you go to you can get the prescription

strength which is going to be most

powerful however Trent Owen or retin-a

is so powerful that it can be quite

irritating to people with sensitive skin

a lot of people and the majority people

who use it will get a very temporary

dryness and flakiness and irritation

that usually lasts up to about six weeks

there are some people who just can't


rated if that's the case and go with a

retinol which is over-the-counter and

the great thing is you can find many

many skincare brands that have retinol

based products ROC is one that has it a

lot of the main skincare brands that you

buy even at the drugstore can have a

retinol based formulation that's quite

inexpensive so look for retinol or if

you have an access to a doctor retina

but what's number two okay let's say you

can't tolerate tolerate a retinoid what

can you try next well the next group are

called the growth factors and there's

two main companies that create growth

factors that are very popular the most

popular is called the TNS complex made

by skin medica and another one is called

neo cutis and these are human derived

growth factors scientifically they are

fairly proven to work and I know a lot

of people who like these products and

who do get good anti-aging benefits from

them however the problem with growth

factor products is that they are very

expensive so if you can't tolerate a

retinoid then go with a growth factor as

long as you can afford it

however for those people who say look

you know TNS is quite expensive I can't

if we're there don't spend the money on

a cream like that or serum then go for a

peptide now peptides come in lots of

different names you're listed here

Matrixyl dermaxyl copper is a peptide


gaba peptides are also scientifically

proven to reduce aging it's just that

this scientific proof is not quite as

strong as with a retinoid or with a

growth factor great thing about peptides

you can find them in a lot of

over-the-counter and drug store brand

skincare products so these are ones that

are typically very well tolerated and

they're very inexpensive so in summary

number one go for a retinoid


or a retinol over-the-counter that

usually works the best however if you

can't tolerate it go for a growth factor

based cream like TNS complex or a neo

kutis but if that's a bit too expensive

then go for a peptide so I hope this has

been helpful for you if you're

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