My Anti-Aging Skincare Routine - Winter 2019 | Over 50


hey everybody its Angie and welcome to

hot and flashy in today's video I'm

gonna do my skincare routine update for

you guys for winter 2019 now I've been

doing these skincare routines on YouTube

for about six years now and so I do them

once or twice a year so there's anywhere

between like six and twelve of them out

on YouTube floating around I feel like

because I don't change up products a lot

that they get a little bit redundant so

I thought we would try something new

this year I will just go through my

entire day with you show you how I apply

everything right up here in my bathroom

I wanted to know what you guys wanted to

know so I put up a post on Instagram the

other day so I asked for questions which

oh my gosh it certainly did open up a

Pandora's box

so I'm armed with your questions about

what you wanted to know exactly what

steps you want to see a lot of people

wanted to know how I work in my skincare

routine two days that I work out you

know what do I put on and my wasting

product so I put it on then workout then

wash my face so I'm going to show you

how I do it

a lot of people wanted to see my entire

new face routine so I think we're gonna

try to do that in here so we have a lot

to cover the basics about me are that

I'm 56 years old I didn't start looking

into skincare seriously until I turned

50 and of course being a child of the

70s I had done a ton of sun damage that

really wasn't sunscreen beyond an SPF of

4 back then so I wanted to figure out

what were the active ingredients in

skincare that could actually make a

difference in my skin that could

actually turn back the hands of time a

little bit I'm not a doctor I'm not a

dermatologist I'm not a skincare expert

or chemist I'm just an average user of

skincare like you but I do love to do

research so what I found out was that

there are only a handful of ingredients

that actually work and that they don't

have to be expensive so my skincare

routine is based around buying the best

ingredients that I can get at a

reasonable price but also making sure

that they're well formulated so they're

actually gonna work in my skin so let's

start in with my day it is first thing

in the morning here just got up of

course I brushed my teeth and I am going

to do a workout now yeah

workout at home I don't wash my face

before I work out I wash my face tonight

before all I need to do my workout is a

little bit of sunscreen so the

sunscreens that I usually use what I do

my workout are a powder sunscreen I want

to be sure to use something that is not

water resistant because I'm gonna wash

my face right after and that's when I'm

gonna do my skincare routine so the

sunscreens that I like to use are the

powder mineral sunscreens my two faves

are color science unforgettable and

derma e essentials sun protection powder

this one's an SPF 30 this one's an SPF

50 this one's way less expensive and

they could be used interchangeably you

wrap it to get the powder into the brush

these each foo come with their own

little brush to apply it with and then I

just apply the sunscreen all over my

face you do need quite a bit of this to

get the same coverage as when you're

using a liquid so you have to be sure to

apply you know a pretty decent coat the

other thing is you don't want to breathe

in when you're putting this on because

breathing in titanium dioxide is not

that good for you I just kind of rubbed

them in to make sure that they're

everywhere and rubbed in make sure that

you do your ears and down your neck

I finished my workout and now it's time

to start the skincare routine so to wash

my face I use CeraVe hydrating facial

cleanser I use this because it is oil

free and since I'm going to do my new

face routine as my next step the only

thing that keeps the electrical

microcurrent from conducting is oil so I

want to make sure that I have an

oil-free face wash for this step so

CeraVe fits the bill it's from the

drugstore it is inexpensive it's

moisturizing it's soap free this

contains a glycerin ceramides and

hyaluronic acid all really nice

moisturizing ingredients my skin is

combo but it does tend to be a little

dry around the edges around my mouth

around my hairline this one does have

parabens in it though so if you're

looking for a paraben free alternative

at the exact same price point is the LA

roche-posay hollering gentle cleanser

and this has a lot of the same

ingredients like a pump of it and the

palm of my hand and then I just smear it

all over my face I can rub it right on

my eyes then I can open my eyes and

there's no stinging and burning I find

that with the LA roche-posay if I try to

open my eyes they do burn a little bit

so that's why I just prefer the CeraVe

so I don't splash it with water first

this helps the moisturizers in here to

break up the sunscreen and then I'm just

gonna turn around and rinse right behind

me if you have dry skin hot water a

little strip the oils from your skin so

just lukewarm water then to really make

sure that I have the sunscreen off my

face I'll usually just give it a quick

wipe with my wonder cloth this is like

an exfoliating washcloth that you know I

picked these up cheap and you could use

a regular washcloth that I find a

regular washcloth is a little too harsh

for my skin as you can see there was

still a little bit of sunscreen on there

and I want to make sure that I don't

have any of that left on my skin because

I don't want it to interfere with the

microcurrent from the new face if you

are not interested in new face you're

never gonna use one you can skip ahead

I'll put a time code right here to where

to skip ahead to but if you are

interested in the new face this is a

microcurrent device I use this every day

or every other day once I'm past the

break-in period so just about anything

will conduct the electricity my favorite

gel to use with it is the new face gel

primer this is hugely expensive so I've

been looking for an alternate

to this but something I just started

using is the Neutrogena hydraboost

body lotion this is the fragrance free

version and this actually is great

because it doesn't contain oil it's got

a lot of hyaluronic acid in it and

that's a great conductor for the gel so

this is what I've been using so I had

this old paddle brush for foundation I

just put a squirt of that on the paddle

brush and then I paint it over my face

and I bring it all the way down my neck

this doesn't irritate my skin at all

neither does the new face primer gel

this time I'll go ahead and use the new

face gel


I'll do the full lower face routine with

the big

then I'll go ahead and take these off

and put this on and then do the full

upper routine when I do my entire new

face routine it takes about 20 minutes

I've tried a lot of gadgets and this is

pretty much the only one that I have

ever stuck with over time all right

now we're done with new face I put it

back in the cradle for the night I'm

gonna hop in the shower because of

course I did work out I'm all sweaty I'm

not gonna wash my face again when I get

in the shower so I'm gonna wash them

here down this I'm just gonna do a water

rinse just to get you know the thickness

of it off the surface and that way my

skin is ready to absorb my skin care

that's coming up next are you guys I am

fresh out of the shower and now I'm

gonna go in with my first zero this is

my favorite vitamin C serum five or six

drops of it on my fingers I have to hold

them really tight together so it doesn't

run through and then immediately apply

it to my face now I'm gonna go ahead and

apply my entire skincare routine and

then I'm going to talk about the

products after so that we can do this in

real time I do put this underneath my

eyes I don't put it on my eyelids put it

on my upper lip and down my neck and

then I'll grab a little bit more put it

on your chest and also on the backs of

your hands next I use a lactic acid

serum the ordinary 5% lactic acid four

or five drops of that this one I put on

my face chest backs of hands my neck is

too sensitive to use an alpha hydroxy

acid I I do put it under my eyes though

all of these have hyaluronic acid in

them as well so they're already starting

to moisturize my skin third serum I use

is from timeless this is their coenzyme

q10 serum seven or eight drops of that

no this is the first one I'm going to

put on my eyes on my lips neck chest

backs of hands and I'm just gonna rub

this in as you can see I'm not waiting

between products I want to get it on

fast to lock in the moisture this one

also contains Matrixyl 3000

in addition to the coenzyme q-10 so it's

got a peptide and an antioxidant fourth

step is to seal all that in with a good

moisturizer this is CeraVe p.m. facial

moisturizing lotion so three pumps of

that again eyelids lips neck chest backs

of hands that was the quickest part of

my skincare routine was it not this is

usually when I will go ahead and

moisturize my body I use the alpha skin

care renewal lotion this is a 12%

glycolic acid lotion and or probably

alternating days I use Olay quench this

I use because it has a big dose of

niacinamide in it has glycerin let me

get my sunscreen on I do my sunscreen

every day currently I'm using a

combination of two of these are tinted

and once too dark for me once to light

for me so I mix them together I use all

mineral sunscreen that way I can put it

right up under my eyes on my eyelids I

don't get any irritation or stinging and

I feel like these are the best of the

mineral sunscreen I use three pumps of

the elta MD UV elements and then I use

the equivalent of one pump of the Polish


super light daily wrinkle defense so I

just mix those up here on my fingertips

you'll notice that I have a lot of

sunscreen it takes about a quarter of a

teaspoon of sunscreen to cover your face

and your neck to get the SPF on the

label if you're putting on one pump you

are cutting the SPF down to about an SPF

seven and a half every single day the

Sun is coming inside your house through

your car windows it's with you

everywhere you are so I really wouldn't

embark on an anti-aging skincare routine

without also committing to sunscreen so

sunscreen needs to set up for 15 to 20

minutes to set and form the film on your

face so that it can protect you so it

needs 15 to 20 minutes of time

undisturbed which means you're not

putting on your makeup yet and you're

not putting other skincare over it so

we're gonna take that time to talk about

the things I slapped on here really

quickly the first thing that I put on

was my vitamin C serum I showed you the

timeless C plus E Plus for uluka acid

serum vitamin C is

an antioxidant what antioxidants do is

they help to fight free radicals in your

skin free radicals are produced from

sunlight and from pollutions they run

around in our skin breaking down the

scaffolding that makes our skin plump

and firm and so it's really important to

use these so they have to be formulated

correctly though they have to be at the

right pH to be able to get into your

skin and this one is and it also has the

other to help or antioxidants in it so

that's why I love this one there is this

one from mela called the glow maker and

I do have discount codes on both of

these I have five dollars off at

timeless this is only a twenty four

ninety five dollar item anyway then you

take the five dollars off and it's

twenty bucks

I have 10% discount code on mail of so

this one is a twenty eight dollar item

anyway so ten percent off of that plus

free shipping you're golden if your

vitamin C is this color that means it's

oxidized and I would not use it on your

skin now when it is somewhere between

clear and that color it's still okay to

use it it's just the efficacy is

decreasing at every level of brownness

that it gets so I would only use it

until it was a very very pale yellow

after that I would toss it the other

thing that I do is I split it into two

smaller bottles I'll also put links to

these in the info box as well they're

also in my Amazon shop when I get a new

vitamin C serum in my kitty as soon as I

get a new one in I split it into the two

bottles I keep one in the fridge and

then the other one that goes in my

medicine cabinet and I use it every day

that way I got about five months out of

the vitamin C serum whereas otherwise it

generally oxidizes in about three months

time and then I have to buy a new one

which is white which is why I don't like

to spend a lot of money on them then the

second product that I use is another

acid this one from the ordinary it's

their 5% lactic acid and what health

hydroxy acids will do for your skin is

that they exfoliate they release the

glue that holds the dead skin onto the

surface and so getting a lot of those

dead skin cells off the surface helps to

make our skin look more glowy and more

youthful since they do thin out that

dead layer of skin you do need sunscreen

with it then the third thing I

is my Cohen's on q10 serum this is from

timeless as well coenzyme q10 is another

antioxidant it also provides energy for

your cells this one also has Matrixyl

3000 in it and that's a peptide all

right and then the fourth step was the

moisturizer that goes over the top if

you have super oily skin you might skip

this if you have super dry skin you

definitely need this the one I use is

the Cera VPN facial moisturizing lotion

this contains glycerin niacinamide

ceramides it also has hyaluronic acid

and niacinamide is a really great

ingredient for using in your skincare

there is a ton of clinical data on it

showing that it is brightening to the

skin and that it helps to reduce

wrinkles and make the skin look better

are you guys so I went and I put on my

makeup and I just wanted to answer some

more of your questions that you had from

Instagram a lot of them were about the

proper order to put things on what you

can mix with other things you know I

know that there are a lot of conflicting

opinions on YouTube on Instagram

everywhere you look in magazines if you

talk to one dermatologist versus another

dermatologist they might tell you

different things so what that says to me

is that there is no a hundred percent

consensus of the perfect right way to do

things and I think you know we're all so

overwhelmed and so confused about it

that we're looking for a solid list that

says do it this way and that's right and

unfortunately there just isn't one the

general rule of thumb as far as the

order to apply things is from lightest

consistency to heaviest consistency so

things that are thin and watery would go

on first and things that are thick and

creamy would go on last now where there

are exceptions to those rules are where

you have your most important active

ingredient so like in my nighttime

skincare routine my most important

active ingredient is my retin-a and that

comes in a cream and a pretty thick

cream but I put that on first because I

want it to be the most fully absorbed so

in that case I switch things up a little

bit then as you saw earlier I use

vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids

and peptides and niacinamide together

and I have gotten questions about should

I use niacin wine vitamin C should I use

peptides and acids I've heard that you

can't use those together I have never

seen any of that backed up with any

scientific literature

I think the niacinamide vitamins see

things started with a single blog post

and it was like the shot that was heard

around the world and everybody just

repeated it anyway I've seen just as

many articles saying that you can use

vitamin C with nice and amaya that say

that you can't sell for me I'm like is

it even an issue I don't think so I'm

gonna keep using it

then there's assets with peptides with

just switch it just became a thing

peptides are like long chains of amino

acids and you know the theory is that

the acidic environment will break those

links and you know what it might then

again it might not

I mean they don't have anything that

says like absolutely absolutely this is

gonna happen anyway I just say take it

all with a grain of salt

there isn't any 100% right way or 100%

wrong way to do anything all right you

guys it's the end of the night it's time

to remove the makeup and do the evening

skincare routine so I do a double

cleanse at night and so the first step I

use Clinique take the day off cleansing

ball this is an oil-based product and it

removes makeup really well so I just

take that and I rub it on dry skin and I

find that it works best if you don't wet

your skin beforehand then I just rub it

into my eyes my eyelashes of course I go

down my neck because I always have

makeup down my neck and I like to get it

up on the undersides of my eyelashes and

that really helps to break up the

mascara and any tightlining

waterproof eyeliner that I've got on

there that's gonna make a big mess and

I'm gonna have big black smears all over

but that's okay because guess what it's

going to all have run down the drain oh

my gosh that looks scary I can open my

eyes while I'm using it and it doesn't

hurt my eyes so it mixes with the water

and the makeup

right away then I use my wonder cloth to

wipe off the rest of the makeup and this

is also an exfoliating step so you can

see lots of makeup there and then the

nice thing about the wonder cloth is

that you just rinse it out when you're

finished and all the makeup just runs

right out and then I'll just hang that

up and it'll be good to go tomorrow for

the second cleanse of the double cleanse

I will usually use the Serenbe hydrating

facial cleanser again or the LA

roche-posay but in the winter I tend to

switch it up and switch to the mad

hippie cream cleanser and I use this

because this has some oils in it and

it's much more moisturizing of a

cleanser then those guys are even those

are pretty moisturizing but this I

wouldn't use in the morning just because

it does have those oils which may remain

on your skin and then it will interfere

with the new face so then I just take

this and do the same thing pretty much

just rub it into dry skin I use my towel

or a orbital cleansing brush so I just

take this put a little water on it this

brush is super gentle and it just helps

me a little bit of my makeup so it has a

two minute cycle which I don't use the

whole cycle I just do a quick scrub get

my eyebrows because I did have the

sunscreen and my eyebrows want to remove

that this is really the reason that I

love this and that I don't use a

Clarisonic because I found that the

Clarisonic was contributing to my acne

so this just sits in its base which has

a blue light and it keeps the brush

sanitary so you don't end up with

bacteria on your face that can cause

acne so then we'll just give this rinse

and then I'm just gonna Pat my face dry

then the next step is my toner if you're

looking to eliminate steps I would say

toner is one that you can eliminate it's

not 100% necessary I used to use a witch

hazel toner and when I ran out of that I

had gotten this Colleen

child matcha tea treatment toner in PR

and started using this and I really

really like it so instead of putting on

a cotton round I just dribble some in my

hands and then I just rub it on my face

you can think of it as like an essence I

really like green tea it's an

antioxidant it's really good to have in

your skincare so then right after that I

go ahead and put on my retin-a this is

the retin-a that i'm using currently

it's my cure ology my prescription

retin-a and this is has a combination of

tretinoin azalea acid and clindamycin

because i still was having some acne and

the clindamycin helps with my acne so I

just take one pump of that and I just

dyed it around my face and I just put

the cure ology on my face only because

it does have the clindamycin in it and I

don't really need that acne fighting

medication on you know my chest or the

backs of my hands I did put it up under

my eyes but that's because my skin is

acclimated to it but I didn't put it on

my eyelids I didn't put it on my lips

now I do have an old prescription

retin-a well a little bit left over this

is the one that I had gotten from my

dermatologist last time this is the 0.1%

and this is what I use on my chest and

the backs of my hands so I just take out

a little pea-sized amount of that you

know I spread that around here put some

on the backs of my hands of course all

your anti-aging actives should go in all

of these places because they all age and

show the signs of aging as well then I

take the retinol that I'm going to be

using on my neck in this case it's the

event retinol this is an

over-the-counter retinol but it's a step

up from standard over-the-counter

retinol this is made from retinaldehyde

the way retinols work is that they have

to be converted by your skin into

all-trans retinoic acid and with

over-the-counter retinol it has to go

through a two-step conversion and with

retinaldehyde it only

to go through a one-step conversion so

it's a little bit closer this is a

little bit more of a chance that your

skin is actually going to use it and

turn it into all-trans-retinoic acid

which is what retin-a the prescription

version already is so that's the one I

use on my neck then right after that I

put on my first serum so this is a case

where I'm switching out the order I'm

putting on thicker things before thinner

things next I put on my timeless

matrixyl synth-6 this is a peptide it is

moisturizing and it's also supposed to

work on six different signs of aging so

I just put 4-5 drops of that in my

fingertips or rub them together and just

apply this all over my face now this

will go everywhere so this I smear onto

my eyelids onto my lips down my neck and

chest and backs of hands and then I go

in for my winter more heavy weight

moisturizer for that I have my olay

regenerist micro-sculpting cream this is

the fragrance free version take a big

blooper of it on the back of my finger

that I am going to rub all over my face

lips eyes neck chest backs of hands I

like doing this because then I feel like

I get the smear of the retin-a from the

rest of my face on to my eyelids and

this contains niacinamide

and a peptide and hyaluronic acid the

next thing I use is La Roche Posay CCAP

last ball at b5 this is for my neck

because this is a really soothing

moisturizer if you have really dry skin

that's really irritated and I recommend

this the only problem with it is that

it's such a tiny tube that it runs out

so ridiculously fast and this is like

diaper cream this has ink in it and it

has b5 which is panthenol just put it on

the dryer use of my face put it up here

where I tend to have a little bit of dry

flakiness around my hairline

it is pretty greasy so I wouldn't

recommend it for day use then some other

products that I would recommend for

people with super dry skin to help to

lock in the moisture are

the CeraVe skin renewing gel oil this is

a really nice one I like this one

because it does have the ceramides and

those are fatty lipids that help to

strengthen the moisture barrier in your

skin so ceramides are really great to

put on and especially if you can get

them on their like twice a day it's

really good so this does contain

ceramides I'm not really a big fan of

facial oils per se because I find that

they tend to make my other things fall

and pill and it's nice because it's got

oil in it but it's a gel and so it

doesn't tend to make my other things

ball up it's really occlusive and that

it's gonna keep the moisture from

evaporating out of my skin all night I

do grow my eyebrows and my eyelashes for

the brows I like babe lash I don't love

it for the lashes for the lashes I

prefer revitalise one swipe of

revitalash along the lashes one swipe of

babe lash the brows and that keeps face

fur growing where I want it then the

last step in the skincare routine is the

Illinois lip sleeping mask

I like the grapefruit flavor butter up

my lips for the night a less expensive

alternative for the Lanai lip sleeping

mask is just good old aqua for this is

great for your lips during the night

very occlusive you can also use this on

your neck or on your face if your skin

is irritated so I'm going to link a

bunch of videos up here and below there

will be how to get started with retin-a

without irritation that's an important

one to watch I'll also show you my five

year before and after pictures with

retin-a so basically retin-a is the gold

standard of anti-aging that's why you

want to use it it's the one ingredient

that has the most science and clinical

research and study to back up that it

works I used to get it by prescription

from my doctor and when I could get my

insurance company to cover it it was

very very affordable to do it that way

unfortunately they stopped covering it

if you do want to go the prescription

route and it is expensive you can also

try a good rx coupon but I found that

cure ology was another

way to go and if you want to try your

first month is free and there's a link

in the information box below to that as


so that's my entire skincare routine for

this year I know I hope this video

didn't go on for five hours so anyway if

you found the video helpful and

informative and give it a like and don't

forget to subscribe to my channel as

always I thank you so much for your time

and really appreciate your watching so

have a great day and I will see you in

the next video take care everybody I