How To Naturally Cure A Hacking Cough

hey guys David here today I have a tip

for you to combat a bad hacking cough

what's the answer

pineapple juice now I'm talking an apple

juice freshly juiced pineapple juice

pineapple juice is 500% more effective

that combating a bad hacking cough than

cough syrup so when you go to the store

to buy something and you spend five

bucks on a cough syrup why not just

spend five bucks on the pineapple you're

gonna get much better results right the

reason why pineapple juice is so

effective is the bro Molina and

pineapple it has a mass of

anti-inflammatory effect on the body it

helps destroy bacteria and combat the

infection now the simplest way to get

pineapple juice is to simply stick it

through a juicer like this one now the

second way is to actually just squeeze

it out of the pineapple

or if you just like to you can just eat

the pineapple just make sure you eat

enough of it so try it out next time you

have a really bad call and until next

time guys remember good health changes