The Most Powerful Foods That Will Lower Your Cholesterol (Quickly, Safely, & Naturally)


your body needs cholesterol but it can

cause a lot of trouble if there's too

much of it you can lower your

cholesterol of course with medications

your doctor prescribes for you but

eating certain foods can also help you

bring down dangerous LDL or bad

cholesterol levels according to the

Harvard Medical School these foods

include the following oats and bran

these provide allot of soluble fiber

current nutrition guidelines recommend

getting 5 to 10 grams of soluble fiber

daily that's because soluble fiber takes

a while for the body to digest so you

feel full longer after a meal and are

less tempted to eat unhealthy snacks

barley and other whole grains these help

lower the risk of heart disease mainly

via the soluble fiber they deliver

certain fruits apples grapes

strawberries and citrus fruits contain a

lot of pectin a type of soluble fiber

that again lowers LDL beans these are a

versatile group of foods that are

especially rich in soluble fiber they're

very useful for losing weight nuts

dozens of studies have indicated that

almonds walnuts and other nuts are great

for your heart eating just a few ounces

of nuts every day can lower bad

cholesterol by as much as 5% fiber

supplements supplements are quick and

easy though not as appealing as healthy

flavorful foods two teaspoons a day of

psyllium which is found in Metamucil and

other bulk forming laxatives provide

about four grams of soluble fiber fatty

fish there are two ways that eating fish

lowers LDL first you eat less of the

meat that has higher levels of LDL ii

certain types of fatty fish contain

omega-3 fatty acids omega-3 is reduced

artery-clogging triglycerides in the


you should eat fish two or three times a

week salmon mackerel

albacore tuna herring and lake trout are

good choices vegetable oils these also

help lower bad cholesterol when used in

place of butter lard or shortening for


healthier vegetable oils include canola

sunflower safflower extra-virgin olive

oil and avocado oil

it's definitely smart to work in as many

of the foods I've mentioned as you can

some recent studies have indicated that

by lowering your cholesterol by just 10%

you can significantly reduce your risk

of having a heart attack someday