Certain foods can boost your sex drive

on this Valentine's Day we're taking

action for your health and happiness

with an easy way to boost your libido

and improve your sex life it all has to

do with the food you eat so tonight

we're talking to a nutritionist about

the sex diet the great sex you have to

really look at the components they're

three phases to great sex

one is the libido or the sex drive the

joys to have sex the second is the blood

flow very very important in order to

build up that pleasure aspect which is

of course the last phase of the sex and

then when we're all looking for

nicholette paces a clinical nutritionist

touting a sex diet for those looking to

improve their love lives first to lift

your libido protein is gonna be tops on

the list if you look at the interaction

between amino acids and hormones in the

body we need proteins we need those

essential amino acids to help get that

get that ball rolling so to speak among

her favorites Florida's fin fish or

shellfish so if you go out to dinner on

Valentine's night and you order the

shellfish is it gonna have a reaction

quick enough to work for Valentine's Day

night absolutely and you can actually

budge up your Valentine's Day dinner by

choosing something like a heavy pasta or

fatty dish tonight is not the night

where you necessarily want to become

lethargic and end up sleeping away the

evening pace says peanuts tuna chicken

breast and watermelon are super foods so

what's so special about watermelon

watermelon is nature's viagra it's not

only crunchy juicy and tasty but it has

one of the highest concentrations of

l-citrulline it's improving

nitrous oxide formation which is is very

very important for for blood flow and

then the vascular system

nitrous oxide has been studied in terms

of cardiovascular diseases and of course

the old standby chocolate now here's the

science behind that you're looking at

the O bromine you're looking at the the

Coquille plant itself this dark

chocolate component is very very good

for both mood enhancing some of these

neurotransmitter and hormonal responses

Jamison is blushing the face is perfect

Valentine Day menu start with shrimp

scampi and a complex carbohydrate like

quinoa so you have energy but you're not

sleepy and finished with some

strawberries in chocolate or dessert or

watermelon with a little Prosecco well

still to come