5 Best Food Processor in 2019

hey guys in this video we're gonna be

checking out the five best food

processors in 2019 I made this list

based on my personal opinion and hours

of research and I've listed them based

on quality durability price and more

I've included options for every type of

consumer so if you're looking for an

entry-level option or the best product

money can buy we'll have the product for

you if you want more information and

updated pricing on the products

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description down below okay so let's get

started with a video coming in fifth

place we have the ninja food chopper NJ

110g are our pick for the best budget

food processor the ninja chopper NJ 110

gr has a 200 watt power pod that allows

you to mince grind chop and to blend a

variety of foods together

it's ideal for onion zest garlic cheese

chocolate sauces spreads and spices of

all kinds this food processor has a

16-ounce capacity so you have plenty of

space for your ingredients it has an

ergonomically designed power head that

is very easy to handle without any

issues the large chrome pulsing button

makes it easy to start using this

appliance without having to follow any

complicated steps it keeps you a high

level of control so you can decide

exactly how everything comes out the

non-slip design of the base as well as

the splash guard in the chopper Bowl

promotes stability and easy cleanup you

won't have to worry about it making a

big mess all of the removable parts are

completely dishwasher safe

the bpa-free plastic this food processor

is made out of means that it's sturdy

and won't contaminate the contents

inside this device is backed by a

one-year warranty so you can get a

replacement if anything goes wrong with

it some of the features of this food

processor include stacked blade

technology the four blade design of this

device means that it chops minces dices

and blends together ingredients quickly

and thoroughly 200 watt power pod the

power pod also contributes to this

appliances sheer efficiency making it

easier to prepare meals each day no slip

base this food processor has a no-slip

base for complete stability at all times

so it won't shift or move around when

operational some of the pros of this

food processor include good size

capacity the 16 ounce capacity of this

device provides you with enough room for

combining a large quantity of foods

versatile design you can mix together a

wide variety of foods to match your

needs no matter what ergonomic power


the powerhead this food processor uses

makes it incredibly easy to handle at

all times one con of this food processor

is that some customers have reported

that this appliance has issues chopping

Tomatoes priced at around $20 this food

processor delivers a powerful and

efficient design that will make

preparing meals in your kitchen easier

than ever it also has a very light and

compact design so it won't take up much

space on your countertop coming in

fourth place we have the Hamilton Beach

7730 the Hamilton Beach 7730 food

processor comes with a bowl scraper

attachment that scrapes the sides of the

bowls to keep the ingredients close to

the blades this allows you to get

optimal performance no matter what

you're combining you'll never need to

stop and remove the lid to scrape the

ingredients inside this device is large

ten cup capacity means that you can

combine large quantities of food without

having to stop and empty it there's also

a big feed chute that can fit large

foods like entire blocks of cheese it

helps with reducing prep time so you can

make your meals faster than ever we

really like the sheer versatility of

this food processor it acts as a

vegetable chopper and food Dicer so you

get what you need no matter what the

stainless steel disc slices and shreds

food with ease the stainless steel s

blade is highly durable chopping and

curing food in just seconds there are

two different speeds for you to choose

from and 450 watts of power for ultimate

performance some of the features of this

food processor include two speeds you

will have two different pulse speeds to

choose from giving you the ability to

mix together foods more efficiently than


reversible discs attachments the

reversible disc attachments are easy to

put in without any frustration

whatsoever ten cup capacity the large

ten cup capacity of this food processor

gives you all the space you need for

combining ingredients for meals some of

the pros of this food processor include

versatility you can use this appliance

to chop puree and mix together a variety

of ingredients of all sizes innovative s

blade the S plate this appliance uses

makes it easy to combine ingredients in

no time at all powerful the 450 watts of

power this appliance offers makes it

very effective at combining foods

quickly one con of this food processor

is that some customers have complained

about a slight leakage when combining

liquid ingredients coming in at around

$45 this hamilton beach food processor

will provide you with fast and efficient

way to combine a variety of ingredients

it reduces prep time to help you make

your meals faster for you and your


each day the large ten cup capacity and

powerful motor make this appliance a

good investment for virtually anyone

coming in third place we have the

KitchenAid KFC zero 5/16 BM the

KitchenAid KFC zero 5/16 BM chops mixes

and purees food with a variety of

consistencies to match your needs it

features a durable stainless steel

multipurpose blade that makes this

appliance incredibly versatile and

powerful you can whip whisk and stir a

variety of ingredients in a matter of

seconds this food processors drizzle

basin allows you to easily incorporate

liquid ingredients while it's

operational you will definitely be glad

for this particular feature when working

with sauces and dressings one of the

best things about this appliance is that

it's so compact and lightweight

measuring 6.2 by 7 by 10 inches with a

weight of just 5 pounds you can keep it

on your kitchen countertop at all times

it's also very easy to store if you need

to make room the dishwasher safe Bowl

blade and accessories are incredibly

easy to clean without any hassle every

part of this food processor is very

durable and sturdy

4 years of regular use without any

noticeable wear are problems there are

two different speeds that you will have

to choose from

to match your needs no matter what some

of the features of the street processor

include drizzle basin this appliances

drizzle Basin is perfect for when you're

combining liquid ingredients

multipurpose blade the blade this food

processor uses will allow you to whip

whisk stir puree and combine ingredients

with maximum efficiency 5 cup capacity

you can combine up to 5 cups of

ingredients in this appliance at a time

some of the pros of this food processor

include compact design the extremely

compact design of this appliance makes

it very easy to store and keep on your

countertop bpa-free the plastic that

this food processor is made out of is

completely bpa-free so the quality of

the food will not be affected durable

the stainless steel blade inside this

appliance is incredibly durable for

long-term use 1 con of this food

processor is that the lid can be a bit

tricky to put on tightly which is

frustrating at times coming in at around

$50 this KitchenAid food processor

boasts a very efficient and versatile

design you can use it to combine many

different foods in a number of ways

there are numerous speed settings to

help you achieve the perfect consistency

every single time

coming in second place we have the

cuisinart dfp-14bcn why the cuisinart

dfp-14bcn why features a stainless steel

slicing shredding disc and shopping

blade for versatile and efficient

performance it also has a powerful 720

watt motor with intuitive on-and-off

pulse buttons this allows you to combine

a variety of ingredients faster and more

efficiently than ever this appliances 14

cup capacity is coupled with an

extra-large feed tube as well as small

and large pushers for maximum

versatility you should have no problems

fitting in all of the ingredients at

once unlike so many other models this

one won't require you to keep stopping

and starting to make more room there are

a total of seven prep functions to

choose from which makes using this

appliance much easier

the single touch operation makes it very

easy to use so you won't have to follow

any complicated steps to get started

when you buy this food processor you

will receive a three year limited

warranty as well as a number of recipes

that you can use with it

there is a detailed user manual that

will explain how to use it so there's no

confusion whatsoever some of the

features of this food processor include

dishwasher safe the dishwasher safe

designed this food processor means that

you'll have no problems with keeping it

clean multiple discs there is a slicing

disk shredding disc and chopping blade

to maximize the efficiency of this

appliance control paddles the control

paddles this appliance features makes it

easy to use with just the touch of a

button some of the pros of this food

processor include huge capacity the

extra-large 14 cup capacity of this food

processor means that you can combine

more food all at once less prep time the

extra-large feed tube can cut up two

whole vegetables and fruits for less

prep time with each of your meals

versatile functionality with this

appliance you can mix chop shred slice

puree and even emulsify a wide range of

foods one con of this food processor is

that the bowl and lid have some issues

with locking properly after a while

coming in at around 160 dollars the

cuisinart dfp-14bcn Y gives you a

massive 14 cup capacity that is sure to

match all of your needs

it can help combine just about any

ingredient in a variety of ways within

seconds the durable and solid design

ensures years of efficient use coming in

first place we have the Breville BFP 660

si yo I'll pick for the best overall

food processor the Breville bf p6

the sial is capable of grading cheese

chopping up herbs and even nuts with

maximum efficiency it also is capable of

hearing soups and much more the 12 cup

of capacity of this appliance gives you

more room for mixing together a variety

of ingredients we especially like the

safety braking system which

automatically powers off the appliance

to prevent damage and injury the large

five inch wide feed chute means that you

won't have to pre-cut a majority of

ingredients this can save you countless

hours and prep time over the years the

momentary pulse button on this blinds

gives you maximum control and consistent

processing for the best possible results

there's also a 1000 watt induction motor

that provides with amazing versatility

and power this food processor will not

function if the Boland lid aren't

properly locked into place which

prevents you from having to deal with a

huge mess it has a voltage range of 110

to 120 volts for energy efficient

functionality some of the features of

this food processor include momentary

pulse button this appliances pulse

button gives you total control over its

performance so you get the results that

you need

induction motor the 1000 watt induction

motor this food processor uses makes it

incredibly powerful and efficient

adjustable slicing discs the slicing

disk can be adjusted to match your needs

according to the specific foods that

you're combining some of the probes of

this food processor include large feed

chute the extra large feed chute

minimizes your prep time in the kitchen

by mixing together a variety of whole

food ingredients no BPA there is no BPA

in this appliances plastic so it's

perfectly safe easy to use design there

are a few different buttons on the base

of this food processor that allow you to

get started and select the settings that

you want with the touch of a button

one kana this food processor is that it

has an issue with cutting certain

ingredients slightly unevenly coming in

at a little under 250 dollars the

Breville BFP 660 si L sous chef food

processor has a large 12 cup capacity

and numerous other features for

efficient performance it's incredibly

easy to use and helps you save time with

preparing ingredients there simply

aren't many other appliances on the

market with this ones level of

efficiency thanks for watching and

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