10 Food Tips for Diabetes

this video is diabetes coat UK's top ten

food tips for people with diabetes you

may know some of them already but it's

always useful to have a reminder all of

the health details in this video are

recommendations from the NHS get your

five a day we recommended to eat five

portions of fruit and vegetables each

day what counts as a portion eighty

grams of fruit or vegetables counts as a

portion a piece of fruit that fills your

hand counts such as an apple three heat

tablespoons of vegetables such as

carrots peas or sweet corn eat less

sugar this should be an easy one to

remember eat red meat less often than

once per day regular consumption of red

meat has been linked with high rates of

cancer and heart disease if you do have

red meat it's better to go for

unprocessed red meat lean meats such as

skinless chicken and turkey are

recommended in preference to red meats

by the NHS eat fish at least twice a


fish and particularly oily fish is a

good source of omega-3 which helps to

promote heart health the UK

recommendation is to have at least one

portion of oily fish each week count

carbohydrates for people with type 1

diabetes planting the amount of

carbohydrate in each meal needs to be

done so that you get the right balance

of carbohydrate and insulin watch

carbohydrates people with type 2

diabetes have less need to count each

carbohydrate but it certainly helps to

be wary of approximate quantities of

carbohydrate so you can see how much

different foods affect your blood

glucose levels eat to your meter a blood

glucose meter can be invaluable in

helping to choose which foods to eat by

testing your blood sugar before meals

and at intervals of two hours and four

hours after you can get a good idea of

how well your body responds to that meal

if a particular meal sends your levels

very high you may want to make changes

to that meal to reduce the carbohydrate

content cut down on salt intake

their intakes of salt have been linked

with higher blood pressure the UK

recommendation is to have a maximum

daily intake of six grams of salt

consider portion sizes the NHS notes

that most people in the UK are eating

too many calories and having too large

portions of foods is partly to blame the

change for life campaign recommends

eating from a smaller plate reduce

alcohol intake alcohol intake is linked

with higher risks of heart disease liver

conditions and cancers reducing your

alcohol intake can help to increase your

chances of being free of these health

complications so remember there are lots

of ways to enhance the management of

your diabetes it just requires you to

make some positive choices which in the

long run will not only help your

diabetes for your overall health