What's the BEST FONT for Your CV?

how you doing everybody welcome to work

live TV check out any podcast on Spotify

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and today we're talking about what is

the best font to use on your CV now I

know that sounds like a very specific

question you probably wondering how are

you making your whole video on this I

was actually asked this question a

couple of days ago and it's a good

question because it these small things

make a big difference on the success of

your CV being noticed and it's also

placed that a lot of people go wrong

unfortunately because they're trying to

impress and they do that in the wrong

ways some people pick a font that's so

elaborate something like this as if

we're at a restaurant looking at a menu

it's not the vibe that you want on your

CV it's kind of like going to a boxing

match and wearing fancy shorts that's

not what's gonna make the difference to

your success what you want is a font

that is clear and easy to read a speed

because remember the whoever is reading

or CV only has about three four seconds

to judge your CV litoris that quick when

they've got thousands they don't have

much time for every CV so you've got to

be quick and clear with whatever you

communicate and that means picking a

font like Arial and I know it's nothing

special it's very straightforward it's

what I've always used for every CV that

I've submitted to Goldman Sachs all the

banks have worked for Barclays HSBC

Deloitte as well all the other banks of

used Arial because it's clear and easy

to read and it's the content of your CV

that it stands out it's the examples you

choose it seeks how you explain your

skills it's how you make your CV the

content of it how it becomes relevant to

the role that you're applying for

it's the relevancy of your CV the

relevance your just skills and

experience that's how to stand out

that's what they're looking for or

whichever organisation and it's

particularly selective and competitive

at a bank especially like Goldman Sachs

so let's not make this harder for

yourselves but picking a font this hard

to read go for something simple and

clear spend the time on the content of


or CV now I hope that helps let me know

if you have any questions let me know in

the comments subscribe if you havn't


keep working for it and I'll see you

again very soon