WHAT IS THE BEST FLOORING FOR DOGS | Pergo Outlast+ Review #PergoDogs

Alright you guys, we are coming at you today, finally with the review of our new Pergo Outlast flooring.

*Music plays* We're Gone To The Snow Dogs* End of music*

Ok. So before we go any further I do want to let you know that Pergo did send us this flooring to do the review on.

We've had it installed in our house for about a month, month and a half now. And I figured that's

probably about enough time for us to give you guys a good proper review. Um, also if you guys have any more

questions about the Pergo flooring that aren't answered in this video, feel free to ask them down in the comments below.

I'll answer what I can, and also there's going to be a bunch of links in the video description below where

you can find out more about the flooring and where to get it. You can get samples of the flooring at your local Home Depot.

Also, if you want to see the install process of how we did this, you can check that out over

Ok, to answer the first question, why did we choose the Pergo Outlast flooring?

For those of you who don't know our family actually owns a local deli here in town. And we have Pergo

flooring at the deli and it's actually been there for 12 years! It has held up to so many things, so when

we were trying to decide on what type of flooring we wanted to put into our home. Pergo was definitely the

flooring we were looking at. When we found out about the new Pergo Outlast and how it has the 24 hour water

resistant technology, it definitely made our decision that much easier. Pergo flooring is very durable.

You guys know we have 3 dogs, so we have dogs. They have nails. They run around. You guys have seen how

crazy they act. I mean that's our life. We have the dogs. We had to pick a flooring that could stand up to the dogs.

And I also wanted a flooring that wasn't super slippery. Now I don't how well you guys will be able to tell in this video

But like I said if you get a chance go to your own local Home Depot and check it out.

This flooring is actually textured. It's not glossy and smooth. It actually has like a texture to it, so they have

some grip when they're walking around on the floor, which was very important to me, especially for my oldest dog, Oakley.

She has the hardest time moving around on slippery floors. So her having grip was a very important decision in which floor we were going to choose.

So when we got our sample of our Pergo flooring the first thing I did check for the texture.

And I loved the texture of the flooring. As I said we've had it installed for about a month, It's very durable.

The dogs haven't scratched it. We've had no damages. It was super easy to install. Again, the install video will be down in the video description below.

You can see that process. So far I could not be happier. And as silly as this may sound, see how Memphis is over there

laying on the floor? 90% of the time she chooses to lay on the floor over the rug or her bed. *laughs*

I think she likes it because it's nice and cool. This floor definitely fits our life style. Huskies shed a lot.

So it's a nice easy floor to keep clean. You guys always ask me manage to keep my house so clean.

Well one, we picked the right floor to have with a bunch of shedding dogs. *laughs*

So for those of you that have been asking us for years what type of flooring do we have in our house,

we can now happily say we have the Pergo Outlast flooring.

*Talking to Memphis & Shelby* Oh, are you gonna play now? Gonna play? Show them how you can wrestle on the new floors *laughs*

Are you gonna show how you can wrestle on the floors *laughs*

And here's a little shot of what it looks like.

The flooring also prompted us to change the color of the living room. I really liked it with the green with this floor,

but now I really really like it with the grays with the vintage floor. And the flooring goes all the way down the hallway

and into the rooms down there. Looking good Oakley. The floor matches you. It matches you.

Also as a reminder, it's always a good idea to keep your dog's nails trimmed very well no matter what type of flooring you have.

But as you can tell our dog's nails do click a little bit on the floor. We haven't had any issues so far.

So there you go you guys, we hope you enjoyed this short review of our new Pergo Outlast flooring.

Again, we have the Vintage Pewter Oak color. There's links to the flooring and a lot more information down in the video description below.

We just wanted to give you guys this video, because a lot of you have been asking us to do a full review on the floor.

Very easy to install. Very durable. I'm madly in love with it. I would suggest it to anyone with pets.

I really truly love this floor.

Funny story I was actually in the Home Depot the other day with Memphis and I took a picture of the flooring.

And I posted on our instagram page. And there were people there that were talking about it. I completely

stood there and felt like a Home Depot employee. And told them all about the floor and showed

them a bunch of pictures on my phone. And they actually picked one of the darker colors to install in their home.

Which I thought was kinda cool. Like I said, I'm really happy with the floor.

So if you guys are looking for flooring for your house and have pets I would defeintely check out the Pergo Outlast.

The fact that is also has the 24 hour water resistant technology in it makes a big difference.

I mean when the dogs have wet paw prints and they come in here, especially in the winter time, it's just

really nice to know that if a little bit of water doesn't get cleaned up right away, it's not gonna damage the floor.

*To Memphis* Really? Sorry I wasn't pointing the camera at you.

And Oakley just been hanging out over here on the couch for everybody that's going to ask "Where's Oakley?"

She's hanging out here on the couch. Alright you guys, so be sure to check out the links in the video description

below. We hope you enjoyed this short flooring review video and as always thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing!

Stay positive! Dream big! Memphis wants to play. You wanna play? And we'll see you again soon!

*To Memphis* Can you say bye? Say bye. Say byyyeee! :-)