Best Fitness Trackers in 2018 - Which Is The Best Fitness Tracker For This Year?

in this episode of 10 best ones we are

going to check out the top 5 best

fitness trackers in 2018 I made this

list based on my personal opinion and I

tried to list them based on their price

quality durability and more if you want

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ok so let's get started with the video

at number 5 we have the xiaomi band 3 if

you are looking to purchase a new

fitness tracker with incredible features

we recommend you the xiaomi band 3 is

the best option which will fulfill your

fitness needs let us explain you more

widely about this unit regarding design

this device is available in the market

in many color editions like black orange

and blue all of them look nice based on

LED display and perform great they are

made of silicone which makes them

comfortable for everyday using the

dimensions of the tracker are seventeen

point nine by forty six point nine by

twelve millimeters and the weight twenty

gram this means that you really don't

notice if you are wearing it it's worth

to notice that this device is a

touchscreen so you can put your finger

across it to scroll through the menu at

the bottom there's a touch key which you

can hold down to activate features or

you can press to go back to continue

about how it performs this tracker as a

health tracker does many functions like

it can track calories count steps

monitors your heart rate and registers

your sleep data sedentary reminder daily

pedometer all these functions are

indications for all-day health

management another important feature to

mention as the one lithium metal battery

this one can handle up to 20 days which

is an impressive statistic comparing

with other trackers in addition you can

take with you this unit while swimming

or into the shower as it is also

waterproof to 50 meters this is a

feature that you won't find in some

trackers that cost a good deal more

moreover my only remark referring to

this device is for example when you took

the tracker out running on a sunny day

you found it a struggle to read any of

your stats without finding a shady spot

that means you may have difficulties to

see your information when you're on the

move but overall the customers are

extremely satisfied with the features

that this device offer

to conclude the Xiaomi me band is too

good to be true

so definitely you must have it in your

collection moving on at number four we

have the Fitbit Alta HR the Fitbit Alta

HR as an excellent stylish fitness

tracker which is ideal for light fitness

tracking if you're looking for a fitness

wearable device we recommend you this

type of model you will see the

difference comparing with other devices

ASAP as you will start using this unit

let us explain you more widely about it

from a design perspective this device

comes to you in a sleek stylish design

with parameters of 1.6 by 0.6 by 1.3

inches it is considered very comfortable

as you won't notice that you are wearing

it through the day the Alta HR is water

resistant but only to sweat and rain

there is a touch screen so you can put

your finger across it to scroll through

the menu also it's important to mention

that this unit includes o LED display

regarding performance this tracker

offers you the power of continuous heart

rate in Fitbit slimmest design yet

all-day during workouts and Beyond

through the heart rate you can better

measure calorie burn and use zones like

fat burn cardio and peak to find the

right workout intensity for your goals

it is worth to notice that with sleep

stages powered by pupils heart rate

automatically track your time spent in

light deep and REM sleep and take steps

toward a better night's rest in addition

this device automatically tracks your

steps distance calories burned and

active minutes with up to seven days of

battery life that is for sure very

important statistic for the customers

which shows again what a great job did

this time Fitbit moreover my only remark

regarding this product has taken out on

a sunny day invisibility quickly becomes

an issue

this unit don't have the brightest panel

and it can quickly get overshadowed by

sunlight making it almost problematic to

read without first shielding it but

overall the customers are highly

satisfied with this type of model to

conclude if you're looking for a slim

and small tracker that will never

disappoint you with its performance then

the Fitbit Alta HR would be your choice

next up at number three we have the

Garmin Forerunner 230 the Garmin for

under 230 as a standard running watch

that you would like to have because it

offers more of the tools a runner needs

like pace distance some interval options

the ability to pair with a chest strap

these are some essential information

which will make you decide to purchase

this device starting from the design

this device is available in the market

in two color editions like black and

white which are made of a durable

plastic that's super light another

material is a rubber sports strap that

sweat resistant and designed for sport

which will make you feel very

comfortable while you are wearing it

bottom line is the for under 230 is more

likely to be ready when you need it

without pre-planned charging other

buttons built into the watch include the

main activity button that you used to

select and start runs a back button and

up-down selector buttons for navigating

menus to continue for performance we

will focus on the most important

features the for under 230 offers you

the GPS and GL ona SS running watch with

smart features it is built-in activity

tracker keeps recording steps even when

you're not running you can pair your

watch with a compatible phone for

connected features like automatic

uploads to smart notifications audio

prompts and live tracking in addition

this unit offers a great battery life

with 60% increase which goes up to 16

hours you can also download customizable

watch faces and applications from

connect IQ the heart rate zone and vo2

Max estimate allows you to train more

effectively to achieve your goals for

more challenging runs you can download

advanced workouts and training plans to

your watch from Garmin Connect moreover

my only remark regarding this watch is

about design I think this device is

designed just for running although this

is just my personal opinion and it

doesn't have to be considered as a


overall the customers are really

satisfied with the features that this

device offers to conclude if you want a

great design device this is the watch to

buy because it offers a great value for

its cost

moving on at number 2 we have the Garmin

vivofit the Garmin vivofit has a stylish

and comfortable tracker which will help

to achieve your fitness goals through

great characteristics that have let us

explain you more widely this unit from

the design perspective this device is

available in the market in many color

editions like black blue purple red

slate teal which means that this time

you will have more options to chose the

product dimensions are 0.4 by 0.8 by 0.4

inches it weighs just 25 point five

grams which means that is very

comfortable to wear all day and night it

has a simple LCD display there is just a

single button beside the display to view

time date steps taken steps remaining

total distance and calories burned to

continue for performance we will focus

on the most important features starting

from the move bar who motivates you to

be active throughout the day by

displaying a red move bar after one hour

of inactivity the additional segments

light up for every 15 minutes of

inactivity so you just have to walk for

a couple of minutes to reset another

important thing to mention is that this

device is very stylish comfortable and

water resistant up to 50 meters which is

considered a big advantage because you

don't have to take it off when you are

in the shower or when you go swimming in

addition this unit has a long battery

life it can stay on for more than a year

without having to change the battery

which is a great news for customers

through wirelessly syncing with Garmin

Connect it helps you to record calories

burned throughout the day which is also

a very important data for achieving your

goals another thing that I would mention

is that this tracker has a sleep mode so

when you go to bed it will track the

quality of your rest moreover my only

remark regarding this product doesn't

have a backlight for display so when it

gets dark can become an issue but

overall the customers are really

satisfied with the other features that

this tracker offers especially with the

battery to conclude the Garmin vivofit

as a must have one because it will

drastically improve your fitness


and finally at number one we have the

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit vs the ultimate best SmartWatch

overall with thoughtful new features

this time Fitbit has made a great job

to produce a device which goes nearly to

perfection let me focus to explain some

important features from the design

perspective this unit is available in

the market in many color editions like

black charcoal woven grey silver

lavender woven peach rose which means

that you will have more options to chose

when you will purchase it on the left

side of the product you will find one

main wake up back button while on the

right side there is a to smaller pause

and finish workout buttons as for the

display it is a vibrant colorful touch

screen with a brightness up to 1000 nits

which means that even in direct sunlight

or if you are underwater you will look

very clear also the touch commands this

time seems to be very improved which

means that now are very fluid and

uninterrupted when it comes to the

performance the fitbit packs exercises

like fitness cycling yoga swimming and

gym workouts heartrate step tracking

calorie burn distance traveled and sleep

tracking another feature to mention as

the fitbit coach which will help you

achieve your goals more easily I would

also like to mention the sleep tracking

which gives you fitbit stages and

insights so through them you will get

personalized tips to sleep better in

addition this watch offers you music

with Deezer integration so you will

enjoy listening to music and you can

download more than 300 songs but that's

not all the connectivities include

Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi which will help

you connect with other devices in order

to bring some applications that you find

useful for Android users the great news

is that this time the notifications

appear by swiping down rather than up

and you can give quick replies finally

the battery life is rated at 4 days of

use however keep in mind that everything

depends on your use so this may vary in

practice but either way I think that you

will be really satisfied with the

battery life thanks for watching I hope

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