Best Fishing Tips and Tricks- How to Find Fishing Spots and Start Catching More Fish


what is up guys this is Zach from

anglers escape and today I want to go

over how to locate a good fishing spot I

get a lot of questions on where do you

find your fishing spots or every fishing

spot buying these garbage I can't find

anywhere to fish and you'd be surprised

if you looked in the right areas and use

the right baits and lures and times that

there are some great fishing spots even

right by you so the first thing I would

do to start out is go to Google Maps and

you'd be surprised how many bodies of

water like lakes streams ponds there are

by you see which ones are on public land

and then go out there and start fishing

them and when you start fishing them

there's like a lot of tips I have for

you guys so the first thing is is never

give up on a spot once you fish it once

and don't have any luck because a lot of

times you might go at noon and catch

nothing but they're really all biting at

8 p.m. at night or you go in the evening

and it's really in the mornings that

they're biting so each place you go you

want to sample at different times like

my local pond I can bass fish from 8:00

in the morning to about noon or I

probably 8 in the morning to about 8

p.m. but the bass don't really turned on

till about 8:00 to 9:00 right at that

dusk hour and then I'll start catching

them left and right

so timing is key and so you want a

sample at different times you go in the

morning go midday go in the evening and

then you might find out that one of

those fishing spots by you is actually

really good the next thing you want to

do is use a ton of different baits and

lures so when I go to a pond for the

first time I have no idea what the fish

are gonna like or what fish species are

even in there so what I'll do is I'll

bring one pole with worm I'll bring

another pole with like chicken livers

and I'll bring a third Pole with like an

inline spinner so I even in Missouri you

can legally have three poles so two

poles will have that with baits one pole

will have without out with the inline

spinner after ten minutes I'll change

out the bait so I'll put on like corn

and maybe a catfish dough bait and then

I'll change that inline spinner to a

crank bait and I'll start using that so

now I'm using just a ton of different

lures and baits in the same pond trying

to figure out what they like another tip

is is move often if I don't get a bite

in about 15 minutes even if I'm at a

pond I'll move to the next corner of the

pond and fish there for 15 minutes and

I'll move on to the next corner of the

pond fish there for 15 minutes the whole

time I have my different baits out and

I'm using different lures

and I'm honing in on those fish with all

these different tactics and a lot of

times the fish are in there they're just

biting at a specific time or they're

biting on a specific bait or lure and

you just have to find that bait or lure

so again find that spot on Google Maps

then really test it out with different

times different baits different lures

and another excellent thing to do guys

is log when you catch fish so I have a

calendar in my room every time every day

when I go home I don't went fishing that

day I'll log down what fish I caught

where I caught him and what I caught him

on and so when I put that out in the

calendar it really helps me pattern

these fish so then I can go back to my

2017 calendar and be like oh and April I

had a lot of luck bass fishing at this

pond with finesse jig and so then I'll

go back to that pond and a lot of times

I'll have the same type of luck and so

that's another great thing to do and the

last thing I want to talk about is

online forms and social media

you'd be surprised but there's a lot of

Facebook groups out there I know in

Kansas City there's a Kansas City

fishing club that's just kind of open to

the general public

there's also a lease summit which is

just south of Kansas City fishing club

and there's all there's about 500

members in some of these clubs and like

every day there put someone posts like

oh at this local lake I caught this mini

catfish on this bait and it's really

nice because it helps you out a lot

finding fishing spots what bait to use

and what to fish for so kind of do a

quick google search or search on

Facebook for any local fishing clubs

around you another great resources

websites so there's like catfish calm

there's crappie calm and then you can go

down to your state and your kind of

local area and see if anyone's posting

on that and finally guys another good

source of information to finding a good

fishing spot is just a local bait shop a

lot of times if you go in there you buy

worms or buy minutes just say hey do you

know where the fish are biting or where

I might have some luck and a lot of

times are more than happy to help you

out so I hope you learned something here

today you'll try out one of these tips

and as always good luck fishing