Best Fishing Chairs 2019 - Fishing Chair Review

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hey guys this is Paul here from

trichology I just wanted to introduce

everybody to the trichology easy go

outdoor chair I really like using this

chair for anything outdoors outdoor

picnics outdoor concerts or outdoor

sporting events it's really small

lightweight easy to pack and take

anywhere with you

so to assemble the chair which comes in

this carrying bag you want to unzip er

and pull out the chair now the chair

comes in two pieces this first piece is

the seat cover which I'll set aside for

now the second piece is the legs of the

chair it comes with the velcro strap

which I'll open now the legs of the

chair comes in a wide assortment of

different pieces but it's really easy to

put together you simply take each piece

separately and it will slide itself into

the hole that it corresponds with it's

very easy

now the next part is to look for the the

parts of the leg with these small black

tabs these are the part that will sit on

the ground so I'll rotate this so it

goes to the ground on both sides now I

identify there are two long parts of the

tank chair in two short parts of the

chair the long parts will be the back of

the chair the short parts will be the

front of the chair now if I take the

seat cover now look for the trichology

logo on the seat this will be the back

part of the chair and I'll rotate the

chair toward the camera so the

trichology logo will be the back part of

the chair and you'll want to start by

assembling the front part of the chair

now the seat cover has on each corner it

will have a black tab this tab will go

over the bar from the leg of the chair

so slide the black pouch over the leg of

the chair and you'll want to repeat this

process for each of the four corners of

the chair

so now the front is assembled rotate the

chair to the back simply slide this

pouch into the leg of the chair and then

the fourth corner so at this point the

chair is assembled you can have a seat

very comfortable so finally to

disassemble the chair we simply do

everything in Reverse I want to start

with the two back corners so hold the

leg of the chair with one hand pull the

pouch out with the other hand on all

four corners

set the seat cover aside and to take the

legs apart

simply pull each part of the leg and

fold it down into the center of the


mmm-hmm if you'd like you can use this

velcro strap wrap it around the leg of

the chair keep it together and I like to

take the seat number of the chair and

why it flat and then take the legs of

the chair and roll them up into the seat

cover now I just take the chair and

slide it back into the carrying pouch

zip it up and you're ready to go

that is the trichology easy go outdoor

chair thanks for watching


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