Ozark Trail Fishing Chair Review

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today we're doing a product review

something a little different we're doing


ozark trails director's

fishing chair

yep that's right we're reviewing a chair

so hang in there

all right folks on to the review i like

this chair i like this chair a lot

this weekend uh i went down south to the

uh kaskaskia river

fish with avid fishermen catfish

headhunter great outdoors

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description uh

i had my old trusty camp chair uh big

heavy duty chair

i'm a big guy i need one is what it is

a lot of the guys i fish with are as

well so i'm

sure there's people out there relate

also if you're not

it's always good to have a sturdy camper

chair uh sturdy fishing chair

uh so the chair finally broke after like

seven years

in the middle of like camping

weekend closest place to go was walmart

uh it was literally like a half an hour


i went out there all they had were like

the cheap five and ten dollar chairs

fourteen dollar chairs

there's no way i was going to last in

one of those uh and then i came across

this one

this is the ozark trail director's

fishing chair um it was about

uh what was it it was 69 bucks

which isn't really cheap for walmart uh

but when you start looking at some of

the other

uh fishing chairs like the carp guys use

which are

those things are the bee's knees they

get up there in price like the fox

chairs i've seen them

well over 300 uh for uh 70 bucks

this thing's rock solid um

real quick the things i like about it is

in the opening uh you saw me carrying on

on like a backpack it comes with traps


also it's powder coated uh things sturdy

as heck

i'm also i don't think you can notice

this but i am like on a

30 degree incline the legs are

adjustable um

also comes with this little i got

tightness down here

rod holder which uh i don't know

i think it's kind of cool

it'll work if i'm just fishing with one


uh not one of my big catfish rods but if

i'm fishing for channels with a smaller


i think it worked perfect for your

average everyday fisherman

i think it's a great thing uh also it's

not a camp chair so you don't like sit

down into it like a recliner it's a

director's chair so

you know you're sitting straight up um

which i found to be surprisingly


after many hours in it this weekend um

also one thing that's the advantage of

it it's it's quick get up

you know fish bites you got your rod

holders out there i think that's a great


all right that's kind of a quick

overview of the chair um

let's go and uh i'll show you the


all right folks here's the chair a

little closer up

ozark trails logo it does have a mesh

back which i like keeps you cool on a

really hot days

the powder coated finish i talked about

also has these

cool moly type um bags on the side they

say it'll fit

like a 300 series tackle box i don't

doubt that

they're actually pretty cool this was

really nice to keep oh look my cell

phone in

uh other stuff uh i kept the bandana in

here draw myself off it was like 100

degrees this weekend

also this is a much bigger box or a much

bigger pouch

here's a molly type attachment so you

can add whatever you want

if you're so inclined also it comes with

a cup holder here

smaller one hold the water bottle maybe

a can

in a can koozie again the powder coat

finish seems pretty solid this thing's


i think it's like 14 and and change

as far as the weight goes um which is


here are those adjustable legs let's see

if i can't get a picture of the angle


but yeah you saw me sitting on there and

and it was rock solid i mean

the chair is fairly new i mean it's been

used for a few hours

uh here's the back uh it's got a strap

to keep it together

uh here's the backpack attachment i was

telling you are the backpack part

uh it's very adjustable i mean like i

said again

i'm a big guy fit perfect and here's the

rod holder

um i like the chair like the chair a lot

uh is it worth uh um 7 70

69 bucks something like that i'll i'll

correct it down below

um in the video if i'm wrong i think it

was yes 69 bucks

at walmart there they have them online

as well uh i definitely think so

i really do and i'm hard on cheers uh

it's comfortable

uh it's it's strong it's really strong

it's a little heavy but the backpack

attachment makes up with it if you're

doing a lot of bank fishing

uh the adjustability is like really cool

usually i'm used to

balancing and teetering on a chair with


rock solid all weekend pretty cool stuff

would i buy it again absolutely i'm

gonna buy a second one for the wife

uh she should be fine and she's a tiny

little thing so uh

it should not have any issues for her

so there you have it quick overview

quick review

i definitely like the chair i like to

cheer a lot uh like i said i plan to get

another one

uh ozark trails really coming out with

some decent stuff i mean it's not your

high dollar uh

cabela's stuff um which you end up

paying for

but for the price it's pretty decent and

for a fishing chair ozark trail

i think they hit a home run with this

one uh we'll we'll see what happens over


um like i said my last year lasted i

think it was almost

seven years um this one

hopefully will last just as long and i

do plan on buying a second one

let's switch back and i'll show you how

she folds up it's pretty simple

all right folks easiest chair in the

world to set up

folds up real simple there's a little

velcro strap you can strap it together

when you go to put it on your back

open it up just as simple

it's sturdy it's rated at 300 pounds

i really like it like i said i'm gonna

buy a second one for the wife

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