How to fertilize your palm trees

what's up y'all how's it going everybody

today is May 15th 2019 I'm gonna do some

fertilizing today I'm gonna this is a

quick video how to fertilize your palm

trees so now I don't fertilize mine in

the winter and I don't think most people

do if you're in anywhere above central

florida you can fertilize all season

long I mean it won't Lee one hurt to

give them fertilizer in the winter they

just kind of sit there they just slow

down growing you just don't want them to

be too excited but this is gonna be a

little informative videos how I

fertilize them and this is a

slow-release fertilizer you get this

from you Lowe's or Home Depot or

whatever so this is a palm fertilizer it

is designed formulated for palms this

works it works good with grass it works

good with almost every plant really slow

release a little low nitrogen what's low

everything really but it's a slow

release but it is immediate release if

you want to use a palm fertilizer for

container growing or wear on your palms

on the ground it's some of the better

fertilizer is a time release so you can

put it in a you know you could just

throw it on literally whenever you want

as much as you want and you can't mess

it up because the little balls are

coated in plastic and they will

basically just break down over time so

it will time it out so this stuff here

you can see this is not time release

this is just immediate release but for

me here because I'm in southern Ontario

I wanted to be

release because of the fact that I'm

only fertilizing through six months of

the year so because the rest of the time

the problems are basically sitting

dormant so I'm gonna do it now again in

the middle of summer and I'll probably

that might be it for this year I might

try to get in three I'm gonna do now in

the spring and I might try to go again I

can go every six weeks so I might do it

again in June and then again one final

time at the end of July are beginning a

fog it's probably the beginning of

August so anyways we're gonna I'm gonna

show you how to do this so I'm gonna try

to do it with this is what I'm using

today I mean you could use other stuff

anything that's it's got to be really

slow release I recommend you use a palm

fertilizer because there are especially

balanced for palm trees in the back what

I'm doing is I am doing exactly what

they say here for my trees that are in

the ground

so for palms landscape trees you can use

this on other trees as well it's

designed for palms but you're gonna

basically take the width of the trunk at

SRI feet up and divide this number by

two and that will give you a year amount

of cups slash eight ounces cause a don's

cup so you're gonna apply it a nightly

apply to certain face around three foot

around the area so and broadcast it so

let's go over here you're just gonna do

this palm I'm gonna do all mines I'm

just gonna do this one on the video so

basically like this take one like this

is one for like fabric or something so

it's it's pretty good to use so

basically you come around and we got 25

inches almost 24 inches so we're gonna

say it's 2 foot around the entire

diameter they're not talking about the

radius so the diameter of that this palm

which is a windmill palm tricky Karpis

fortune I the diameter is 2 foot trunk

so it's not being the case when you

divide that by 2 so 1 so we need 1 cup

so now what you want to do is just

broadcaster this is a quarter cup so I

get it put four of these on this

broadcast it like this try to do it

three to four feet away from the base so

I'm gonna do two at the front here and

two at the back so you can get some of

it close to the trunk

now this stuff here is also really good

for the grass I don't recommend you do

it the other way around though

do not use lawn fertilizer - palms need

your food given to them very slowly so I

don't recommend I haven't no experience

with it but I've heard that it's not

ideal to use palm fertilizer or to use

grass fertilizer on palm trees because

of the way they grow I definitely know

that they like their nutrients blow and

I have used this stuff and I will notice

like if you have a palm like these

aren't yellowing or anything but you um

it's yellow ink or lagging or whatever

this will give it a result pretty

quickly so I recommend this anyways you

could try I mean I try I use an organic

lawn fertilizer anyways and it's low

release as well so it might not hurt

them but most most lawn fertilizers are

like really high in nitrogen and their

immediate release like at least the

night rinse nitrogen's immediate release

so it will I don't know what I've always

heard about good things it might burn

them to light the tree might not like it

like okay you can I'm sure you can

probably order this online if you can't

get it or whatever in your area but this

is good and I'm sure there's mostly if

you're growing clones there's probably

them in your area of course I'm not


and nobody grows palms in this area so I

have to get this from Florida but no big

deal so anyways thanks for watching so

that's how to look afterwards you know

you get sprinkled in here and if you

want to water that in it's actually

supposed to rain later on today so I'm

not going to and I'm just gonna actually

mow the lawn he's getting a little long

here and thanks for watching guys later