How and when to fertilizing fruit trees

alright guys I am here next to my

nectarine tree I want to show you how I

fertilize all my fruit trees and we're

going to do that right now alright guys

now as far as fertilizers I would always

always use organic fertilizers and the

reason for that is this stuff is made

from natural organic materials whether

it's manure bone meal blood meal

feathers rock phosphate whatever it is

it's made out of natural materials like

here I got these woodchips here breaking

down this stuff is all composted and

this stuff is being composted by the

bacteria in the soil and all the bugs

and all the microbiology all that bugs

and microbiology all the bacteria break

all the stuff down in the the roots

whether it's in your garden vegetables

or your fruit trees whatever it is

that's how things work the bacteria feed

the root systems so if you start putting

synthetic fertilizers in your trees your

vegetables yes it'll feed the plan it'll

take in the synthetic nutrients go into

the fruits or your vegetables and into

their DNA and you eat it goes into your

body into your DNA and that's not a very

good thought actually I it's not

something I want so I would rather have

something that's natural that happens

naturally in nature okay to feed my

fruits and vegetables so

the NPK ratio and most of your tree

fertilizers are going to be fairly low

because most your organic fertilizers

are low your NPK this one here is a

three five five and that's really enough

now I am going to be adding some blood

meal this is totally optional you don't

have to do this if you're against using

animal products don't use it okay

just other ways to put nitrogen because

both blood meal is very high in fact

it's one of the highest in nitrogen as

far as organic fertilizers it is a 12%

this one here again use only organic now

the blood meal is strictly for nitrogen

now on a young tree it's okay to put

nitrogen in that's why I'm using them it

gets the green the foliage going and

gets all the leaves growing nice and

green now your phosphorus that

stimulates the fruit growth seed growth

blossoms it all at in your roots root

systems and helps those to grow and your

potassium is just your overall bigger of

the tree and to get it going and growing

properly so let me show you how I do

this alright the first thing we want to

do is pull away any mulch you have

around the base of the tree pull that

away pretty good


and even if you expose some of the roots

of the tree that's fine it's that's

actually pretty good

you want to get down to about that level

when you start seeing a lot of these

stringy roots pull up coming up like

that that's about where you want to get

to now also what you're gonna have to

consider is I'll bake your tree is this

is a small tree the branches only go out

to here so your root system is basically

going to go out to here also depending

on the size of your tree and that's

where we want to put the fertilizer

because that's where the root system is


alright guys for a small tree like this

up to about three inches or so in

diameter you want to use about a cup of

the fertilizer the tree fertilizer the

three five five that I had earlier and

put that all around where the root

system is alright next here I have a cup

of the blood meal and that is the

nitrogen it's going to get this tree

nice and green we want to sprinkle that

also in the around the base here alright

and then we want to just mix that in a

little bit

now what we want to do is push back what

we uncovered push all that back and now

if we want to give it a good watering

in the water we'll really get that the

microbiology going there in the soil

composting braking all that fertilizers

down and all that stuff

now very importantly you should always

fertilize in the spring early spring

when the when the trees start budding

because they need nutrition they're

starting they're waking up from dormancy

they're waking up and they're want to

pull all that nutrition out of the soil

and get growing so in the spring as soon

as these things start to bud or leave

them just before fertilize and in the

summer sometime now some people

fertilize in the fall you really

shouldn't do that because in the fall a

lot of these trees are not almost all

your trees slow down or go dormant they

don't need all this NPK all this high

nitrogen and phosphorous and potassium

in there because they're going to sleep

okay probably the best thing you can do

is for the fall put a bunch of mulch

around the tree that will protect the

roots keep them a little warmer that way

that way the trees got a better chance

of surviving the winter put it that way

fertilize in the spring sometime in the

middle of summer maybe July ish sometime

and in the fall make sure you got enough

mulch around your root system keep

everything nice and insulated and it'll

give it a boost that way as far as

warmth for the root system for the

winter all right guys it's as easy as

that again again with organic

fertilizers you can't overdo it okay I

don't care if you put a little or a lot

you're not going to kill the plant it's

only going to release you know whatever

the NPK ratio is on there to the soil

where a synthetic if you can the more

you add the more you're gonna build up

and the more it'll kill the tree all

right so that is it for this I'm gonna

finish up the rest of the 48 trees I

think I have and and get these things

growing alright guys so thank you for

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