Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass - Spring Jump Start

hey guys it's doc and today I'm gonna

talk about my secret sauce to get your

lawn going quickly in the springtime

hold on hey guys today I'm gonna show

you a little secret mix that I use in my

lawn to really jumpstart it early this

can be used on just about any lawn I

have Bermuda but you can use it on any

lawn but before I do that I'm going to

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talk about when I do this video there

are gonna be a handful of people out

there that hate is there gonna be a

handful of people out there that say you

shouldn't be putting phosphorus on your

lawn that is really a web myth because

of some articles that are out there that

there was this theory about runoff and

pollution and I'm gonna put a link down

in the description if you read this link

and after reading this link you don't

believe use you don't completely

understand the effects of phosphorus and

what it how it's good for a lawn and how

it does not pollute and runoff then

you're not too bright because it was a

fantastic I was searching insertion a

search and this is the best read I have

found on phosphorus in lawns and doesn't

run off no it does not run off basically

because as soon as it enters into the

soil it actually the actual soil

actually traps the phosphorus

immediately and it cannot be released

the only way it can be released is

if you have soil erosion that's it it's

the only way you can get off and the

only way to prevent soil erosion is

through a thick lawn through nitrogen

phosphorus and potassium

now phosphorus is the middle number

remember that you got nitrogen

phosphorus and potassium that's that

middle number so what I'm doing today is

I'm putting a general fertilizer all

over my lawn in a ratio of about a of

about a twenty or twenty-five five ten

somewhere around there I'm doing this in

a spray form because this is springtime

and we'll have times where we get tons

of shower heavy showers I don't and I've

scouted my lawn i've scalped my lawn so

i don't want to put granular out here

cuz there's a good chance i make it

runoff it makes out all that granular

may wash down and into my drainage areas

what i want to do is is i'm gonna come

out here I want to put dye on my

fertilizer do my special mix and then

what I'll probably do is I'll wait 24

hours and then I'm gonna go ahead and

I'm gonna maybe run my sprinkler system

a little bit just to work it into the

soil that way if I get a heavy rain I

know it's already into the soil it's

already in there there's a reason why my

lawn is almost completely green I'd say

80% of my lawn is green all the

neighbors are pretty much dead brown

still there's a little bit of green

showing up and this is why because I've

already fertilized it about two weeks

ago and now I'm gonna push it a little

bit more light coats light coats like

coats every two to three weeks I'm

putting a light coat of fertilizer out

here on a constant basis in the

springtime then I'll go to four weeks

then I'll go to six weeks and then I'll

probably switch over to granular anyways

so let me go ahead and show you what I'm

mixing up if you haven't watched our

bermudagrass calendar if you have a

Bermuda grass lawn make sure make sure

you watch up for mutti grass calendar so

here's my secret sauce recipe for early

Bermuda grass I've got liquid fertilizer

just liquid fertilizer is a 2903 no weed

killer in it same thing no weed killer

I'm going to full container of Miracle

Grow and regular plant food all purpose

if I'm not mistaken this is like a 24

815 or something like that and then I've

got some blonde I what I'm gonna do I'm

gonna take all of these I'm gonna mix

them up together and I am gonna apply it

to my long that is how I'm gonna push it

I'm gonna feed my lawn like a regular

plant so as you can see I've got a lot

of green coming up on my lawn already

you can see all you can see all the

green and again this is April 17th

no other lawn looks like this right

brown one green neighbor break Browns

like brown green got it alright just a

quick note I really have trouble with

some of these hos and sprayers sometimes

so that's why I like the green dye in

here because I can see when I first

started off the green dye was heavier

than when I got about halfway through

clogging or something so what I did was

this is what sprayer off of a bare

weedkiller nozzle and I kind of like the

way it mixes a little bit better so

that's one of the reasons why when

you're doing this to make sure you get a

nice even coat everything is getting

treated use the green dye and monitor

these sprayer heads don't be afraid to

swap them out it's not going to hurt me





you know why I put green - I in the

sprayer if you haven't watched the green

dye video adding green dye or adding

died of fertilizers watch that video and

you'll understand why critically

important when using a suppose ends can

hear it you can hear yard work going on

in the background someone's finally

cutting their damn grass besides me in

the neighborhood hey guys my message to

you the most important message to you

that I want to get to you today is in

the springtime you really want to be

controlled and precise about your

application of fertilizers you want to

go ahead and give it all three nutrients

but you want to do it lightly and more

often I would much rather you see see

you put one-third one-third one-third on

every two weeks every two weeks every

two weeks watching the weather knowing

that you're not gonna have a heavy rain

where you can put it on wait a couple of

weeks get some rains in between put it

on wait a couple of weeks you can really

time this with the weather and I think

that's critical rather than just relying

on one heavy granular treatment and I'm

done and you don't know what's going on

you don't know where it's actually

placed on your lawn I really like this

method this is the time where you really

don't have to worry about a lot of

burnout you're not putting fertilizer on

the middle of the summer you don't have

to worry about those kind of things so I

love this method I've done this all

along my yard always looks beautiful

show you a picture of my yard in the

summertime what it looks like

world's most beautiful Bermuda grass the

round of applause please

anyways yes I'm going

the yard crews are starting on the

neighbor's yard so I'm gonna sign off

for now

I got a bunch of videos coming out I'm

trying to do as fast as I can talk to

you later doc