How To Choose An Accent Wall Color (Designer Tips And Ideas)

have you ever wondered how to choose a

right accent color for any accent wall

in any of the rooms of your home well

today I'm gonna give you some interior

design tips and ideas and how you can

achieve that

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while well welcome back today we have a

very exciting topic what I'm gonna give

you some interior design tips and ideas

on how you can create a beautiful accent

wall in any room in your home if you've

been following for a while then you know

that I'm absolutely in love with color

and working as an interior designer I

always encourage my customers to go bold

at least with one wall and at home

because it really creates a more

luxurious feel in any space alright you

guys so tip number one - finding the

right world for an absent wall in your

home is find the world that stands out

the way I do it in any room that I put

an accent wall in any home is as soon as

I walk into a home the wall that stands

out the most to me should be your accent

wall it is the same that I do with

larger statement pieces in any home they

should always be in the world that

really calls your attention or draws

your eye to when you walk into my home

the very first of all you see is the

wall behind me so therefore I decided to

do that as an accent wall so try that

walk outside of the room any room that

you're trying to put an accent wall walk

into the room and whatever wall calls

your attention first that should be your

accent wall so that is my tip number one

and it trust me it will be very helpful

picking the right wall for an accent

wall can be hard and confusing sometimes

but as I explained to you earlier the

very first roll that sticks out to you

or catches your eye that should be your

accent wall at least you should try to

be your accent wall as you guys can see

and I've talked to you about it I picked

this wall right here behind me as our

accent wall here in our dining room not

only because it is a first wall that you

see when you walk into the room

but also because it is a room with the

most light in the house so therefore I

there to be a little bolder with the

color because there's enough light

around here

to make us stick out and now make the

room and look heavy or dated so I also

love the way the black wall it looks

like so let me come in down below and

let me know what do you think about this

bold move I made alright you guys so I

am doing finishing touches with a brush

right here I love the way the little

orchid turned out I cannot wait to show

you but right now I'm just gonna touch

those little spots that I can see so it

looks finished and then stay tuned for

the reveal

I'm so excited alright you guys are now

that we've decided which world we're

going to use as an accent wall the tip

number two I can give you is consider

the lighting if there is plenty of

natural light in your room then you can

definitely go with the warmer tones or

the darker tones if there's not enough

natural lighting in your room but you

have plenty of mood lighting I really

recommend you go with the cool tones or

the lighter tones of color the reason

why is because that's going to help your

room either look bigger or smaller and

look more proportionate to your scale of

your home so I really recommend to

consider those things lighting is very

important when it comes down to choosing

a wall accent color when I decided to do

an accent wall here in our bedroom I had

to really consider the light in your

eyes there's not much natural light

coming through the window I have right

next to me so I had to keep it as

neutral and light as possible to make

the room look bigger the other thing

that I considered was the bedding it was

going to be great in neutral and a lot

of white to make the room look area and

bigger and I also love the way it turned

out the other source of inspiration was

a piece of artwork right behind me it

has a lot of gray tones and dark tones

and it really pops from that wall and as

you guys can see also the lamps right

here I had to keep him as neutral and

light as possible to make the room look

bigger and cohesive and I also love the

way it turned out let me comment down

below and let me know what do you think

alright so tip number three on how to

choose the right color for an accent


any room of your home is consider the

home decor you already have in the

particular room you're putting that

accent wall in your living room can be

your area rug your accessories your

pillows anything that has color or hues

in it you are work perhaps and then your

bedroom could be your bedding your

pillows your area rugs and any other

accessories you may have in that room it

is really fun to play with color when it

comes down to accessorizing and to show

you how I did in my guest room let's

head that way all right you guys so I am

sitting in our guest bedroom and for

this room which shows a beautiful blue

color now the things that I took in

consideration here was the bedding

because it is done in blue and white and

also the carpet as well as it artwork it

is a really small room and it has a big

window which reflects a lot of light

which it really allows me to go with a

dark color and also consideration that

the wall is really not that large and it

makes the room look cohesive and it

makes the room really well put together

I absolutely love bloom what does you

guys know so the bedding really had a

lot to do with the color scheme and I

also loved the way it turned out let me

comment down below let me know what do

you think about this blue and white room

moving on to tip number four and that

would be choose good quality paint I

cannot stress this enough for you guys

because it really does matter the

quality of the paint matters on how it

is going to spread on your walls how

fast is going to dry in the coverage

that we're going to have from it

I really think that if you buy good

quality paint you will save yourself not

only money but time and the end result

will be absolutely beautiful also take

advantage of all of those helped

provided by all of the places where you

buy your paint Home Depot has beautiful

stains where you can try and sample

colors and also they have some booklets

and brochures that you can take home so

if you're scared to try a bold color

then take those brochures take a swatch

swatch it on your wall or let it dry

trying different Lighting's and that

will definitely help you to choose the

right color for your accent wall so take

advantage of those things and use a

really good quality of paint

your color pudding sometime

right well I you live otherwise he's

gonna tell you see 747 3 so the lower

the number the light of the shade this

is the high number darker shade but this

is a starting number 7 theory it

shouldn't be the darkest one yeah why is

this Midori them ok so tip number 5 to

choose the right accent wall for your

home and stick to your favorite colors

now those colors can be found on your

wardrobe and your home accessories and

things that we use in the daily open

your wardrobe and look at the colors

that you have in there I can tell you

that if I was to do that right now the

main colors are black and white blue and

white and some accents of color like

this pink now those colors can be used

for accessories and accent walls and it

is the easiest way to decorate and feel

comfortable moving forward with an

accent wall because you know that you

love those colors alright so another

place where you can draw color

inspiration for an accent wall it is a

big piece of artwork like you guys are

seeing right here this piece of artwork

has a lot of colors in the painting and

those colors can be pull to use an

accent wall or even accessories so I

always recommend when you're out

shopping for our work pick something

that you can draw inspiration for for

the rest of your home decorating now

that's how the brain works and I really

recommend all of my clients to do that

and actually we have gone to their

closets and opened them and just tell

them pick a color that you love from

here and that's literally the color that

we put on their walls I remember a

client who we did an accent wall in red

and she also loved that it was her

favorite color and to this day she gets

so many compliments it wasn't her

bedroom and she just absolutely loved it

and to this day like I said she

sometimes razz me an email and let me

know the people are still complimenting

that shows and that shows straight-up

came out from her closet

so I really encourage you to try one of

the colors in your wardrobe or your

accessories and use it as an accent wall

let me know what you think on the

comment section below and now for a

bonus tip on how to choose a right

accent wall for any room in your home

and that would be their to be bold I

always recommend my customers to get out

of their comfort zone and try

something different within their home

decor color scheme and the reason why is

because it is just paying you guys you

can always paint it back is just if it's

just an accent wall there's no more than

30 bucks that you're going to spend on

paint and supplies so I really recommend

to be bold dare to do something

different and if you don't like it you

can always paint it back but at least

you're gonna have that satisfaction of

knowing if you liked it or not

and if you did is something that you

wouldn't never dare to do so be bold

with your color choices dare to do

something fun I always try to do

something as crazy as you guys can see

the block wall behind me but it really

looks out sewing gorgeous and I am so in

love with it so far so let me comment

down below and let me know what is the

boldest movie of that in your home decor

or any accent wall in your home alright

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