hey guys welcome back to my channel and

a massive welcome to those of you who've

just joined us hope everyone's having an

amazing day

so I know it's been a while since I've

done a brow tutorial and I wanted to

change it up a little bit so instead of

just showing you how I do my brows

because really on a day-to-day basis it

doesn't change I'm going to show you how

I do my brows using three different

forms of brow products firstly the brow

powder secondly a pencil and thirdly a

brow deep Pro Mode or a brow gel so if

you guys want to see how I do that then

please stick around and keep watching

first up I'm going to use the brow

powder technique and this is just a

brand by essence and you just have a

darker shade and also a lighter shade

and I'm just going to apply that with an

angled brush you can use any angled

brush it really doesn't matter so long

as is quite densely packed and allows

you to have more control starting with

your lightest shade first I'm just going

to grab that and start at the tip of my

brow at the inner half of my brow and

just feather that up along with my

natural eyebrow shape I suppose it's

great using powder brows especially when

you're first getting started because

it's just a little more forgiving even

when you make mistakes it kind of just

looks like a more natural brow it's

always good to have a spoolie handy as

well just so that we can brush out any

harsh lines and what we're doing is

we're just trying to fill out any sparse

areas within our brow hairs now using

the darker shade I'm just going to fill

in the tail of my eyebrows just to give

it a little bit more definition the

downside to having powder brows are that

they are not waterproof so if you intend

to go swimming or perhaps walking in the

rain it's probably not going to be your



so this is the final result from using

brow powder I personally love it myself

because it's so foolproof even when you

make mistakes all you have to do is grab

a buff it out and you're ready to start

again next up are the pencil brows and

I'm using my associate Beverly Hills

brow pencil in the shade medium brown

starting at the tip of the brow just

using light feathery strokes I'm just

drawing along the natural direction of

my brow hairs and filling in any sparse

areas brow pencil is a really convenient

because you only need to use the one

product really you don't really need

anything else it's always good for when

you're on the go


so this is the final result for having

pencil drawn brows absolutely love them

they're really easy to do mineral

products and the best part is they are

waterproof so feel free to go swimming

or walking in the rain if you must but

these are not going anywhere they will

stay on lastly we're moving onto the gel

grout now this is probably the most

trickiest of them all so I'm going ahead

with my dip brow pomade by uh nostalgia

Beverly Hills and I'm using two

different shades one is in medium brown

and one is soft brown I personally

prefer to have two different shades so

that I can do it I guess a gradient

effect on my brows so I can have a

lighter shade in the front and then

transitioning into a darker tail for the

gel brows I'll be using my earnest as a

Beverly Hills number 12 brush and it's

just an angled synthetic brush going in

with a lighter shade first in soft Brown

I'm just going to dip some of that

product and then start applying it to

the first half of my eyebrows and just

use your spoolie to clean up any areas

that you accidently overdrawn



that's fully and just blending out the

front of the brows just so that it's not

as harsh it doesn't come to us

now going in with a darker shade in

medium brown I'm just going to start on

the tail of the brows


you can see how sharp that is already

and I haven't even gone in within you

can see a large just to sharpen it up

further I personally don't do that step

just because I mean it already looks

really sharp as it is and going over it

we can see you I feel like just makes

them look extremely exaggerated and

drawn on in there that are drawn so this

is final result of using a gel brow or a

dip brow pomade normally I would go over

the top and just use some brow gel and

it's confusing but like when I say brow

gel I mean brow gel deep homemade that I

used to actually draw my brows but then

the other gel that I would use is like a

mascara gel and I would just normally

like feather that at the front of my

brows but for the purpose of this

tutorial I'm not going to do that I just

wanted to show you purely what these

products did or what they look like on

their own with a gel product I find that

your brows look really strong like your

brow game is really strong so it's

probably not something that I would wear

on a day-to-day basis it's definitely

something for a more glam event maybe

like a dinner out or a night out with

the girls or whatever it may be it's

definitely not something that I could be

bothered with doing on a day to day

basis but if you can then hats off to

you because that's amazing another

benefit of using this is it does not

budge literally I could have this on

from the morning and it would still be

on if even if I went to bed no but I

would go to bed with makeup on but even

if I went to bed with it it would still

be there this stuff is literally budge

proof will be what do you doin now so I

guess I really just wanted to show you

guys that you could really achieve the

same effect with any product it just

depends on how you're going to apply it

and obviously patience is key so with

that said I hope you guys have enjoyed

this tutorial and have found it useful

let me know which kind of brow technique

you guys prefer and leave them for me in

the comment section below I'm always

curious personally I love powder brows

but on a day to day basis I probably do

use the pencil more often just cuz it's

easy anyway again thank you guys so much

for watching and I can't wait to see you

guys in my next video bye