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while hi how are you guys so in today's

video I'm going to be talking about

exfoliation and what the downsides and

the plus sides are of it and which type

of exfoliation is best for your skin


much better we're all so different we

all have different kinds of skin so

finding the right type of exfoliation

for our skin type is super super

important because it'll make the

difference between if our skin is

healthy and if it's not so let's get

into it now some of you guys may be

thinking I'm hi Irma I don't really know

what exfoliation is I just kind of

clicked on your video so I'm why the

[ __ ] are you not explaining relax I'll

explain exfoliation is the process of

removing dead skin cells from our face

our skin is actively producing new skin

it's what keeps us youthful it's what

makes sure that our skin isn't wrinkled

or rough or gross looking our skin is

constantly producing new skin it's the

reason why we're able to grow from

babies to the size that we are now now

this process is great but one of the

problems is is that the skin needs a lot

of help

shedding itself of its old skin we're

not like snakes we can't just like

wriggle out of our old skin we need a

little bit of assistance and what

exfoliation does is it helps assist us

in that process of getting rid of all

those dead skin cells that pile up on

our skin now if you're thinking I don't

really know if I need to exfoliate

here's why you need to exfoliate [ __ ]

because as our skin begins to produce

more and more skin and the dead skin

cells build up they cause a lot of

problems not only will they make our

skin look really rough and old and dirty

it also tends to clog pores resulting in

acne or pimples we'll see a lot of

wrinkles develop you'll see dark spots

on your face and uneven texture it's

just the whole mess so the reason why

exfoliation is so great is because it

helps keep our skin a fresh maintained

youthful bright pretty much keeps your

skin perfect now that we got that out of

the way there are three different kinds

of exfoliation methods that I will be

going over too

the first is physical exfoliation and

this is the one that people are the most

familiar with physical exfoliators are

usually found within like scrubs or

anything that's really abrasive that we

rub across our face it's the feeling of

taking something like grainy and rubbing

it across our face to get rid of that

dead skin you know that st. Ives apricot

scrub that you've been using yes that is

a physical exfoliator barrel apparently

but it's a physical exfoliator now when

it comes to physical exfoliation size

matters I mean what else did you expect

from me really the size of the

individual grains that you're using to

exfoliate your face matter a lot

having grains that are too big can cause

a lot of damage within the skin and

having greens that are too small cannot

do enough for the skin now overall when

it comes to physical exfoliation I only

only recommend it for the people who are

extremely oily the people that after a

day they literally can feel the dead

skin built up on their face because

their skin is producing oil so rapidly

and here's why we're about to get all

technical so it's time for the doctor

Hyrum we is about to get real technical

disclaimer I am NOT a dermatologist I am

NOT a licensed aesthetician don't attack

me in the comments this is just for fun

okay now physical exfoliation physical

exfoliation tends to be the most

irritating and potentially damaging form

of exfoliation for our skin it's just

bulldozing through our skin cells on our

face as such a rapid pace that we're not

really able to tell when we've properly

gotten rid of the dead skin and when

we're damaging new healthy skin the

reason why I only recommend it to people

with really oily skin is because

sometimes when your skin is producing so

much oil rapidly throughout the day you

need something that could really just

take it all away but for any other

people with different skin types

physical exfoliation is not something

that you want to touch a dirt all just

called dr. Siegel Shaw says I find that

people often scrub too aggressively

which can be damaging to the skin

although it sounds harsher than

mechanical exfoliation chemical

exfoliation is actually gentler on the

skin because it doesn't involve

scrubbing from a doctor herself

please das Luci gel do not be

disrespected by me wearing this coat

speaking of which this coat is hot look

so I'm gonna take it off my words of

advice do

not physical exfoliate if you have any

kind of acne or pimples that will only

extremely damage the skin only use it if

your skin is super oily and don't use it

if you are sensitive now that we've

gotten out of the way some of my

favorite types of physical exfoliants

are the tatcha deep polish I find that

this is a really fine really uniform

polish that's just really able to get at

your skin and not to an abrasive and not

too abrasive of a rate but something

that can just gently work away at that

dead skin or at lanser the polish and

for the Lancer I only use it on my nose

area because that is where I find that I

get such dead skin buildup rapidly that

made no grammatical sense that's where I

see the most rapid buildup of dead skin

cells on my face so next one chemical

exfoliation my personal favorite form of

exfoliation chemical exfoliation proves

to be really really gentle to the skin

but extremely effective and prevents a

lot more problems than any other kind of

exfoliation does now there are multiple

types of chemical exfoliation one of the

reasons I love chemical exfoliation is

because it is for every kind of skin but

I will say there are multiple forms of

chemical exfoliation like I said we get

in real technical the first type is

called alpha hydroxy acids I know you

may be thinking hi Irma why am i putting

an acid on my face and relax don't worry

it is not the type of acid that burns

your skin nor unfortunately is it the

kind of acid that you would take to a

rave this is a chemical that is

naturally formed in our bodies that

helps keep us anti aged helps keep us

hydrated and youthful now alpha hydroxy

acids are for every type of skin and

there's a bunch of different kinds like

glycolic acid lactic acid and citric

acid my personal favorite is glycolic

acid I find that that really works well

for my skin it helps to hydrate my skin

but not only that it's really good for

anti-aging abilities it really gently

eats away at the desk and on my face but

I never see any form of irritation from

it and then we have beta hydroxy acid

which there is only one beta hydroxy

acid or what it's more commonly known as

salicylic acid is great for people who

have combination to oily skin as what it

does is it works its way deeper than any

other form of acid into our pores clears

out all the dirt that's inside and tends

to make the skin a little bit more dry

which helps for people who are like

extremely oily like myself

I love salicylic acid because this is

one thing that gets rid of all the dirt

that builds up in my pores and really

just helps to make my skin look super

clean now a dermatologist called dr.

Engelman said unlike physical exfoliants

over time chemical exfoliants smooth

brighten and even out the skin tone

because they also stimulate collagen

production from up your skin and reduce

wrinkles he is saying perfectly why I

love a chemical exfoliant physical

exfoliation really only helps to get rid

of the dead skin cells on your face it

doesn't really do anything to stimulate

the protection of your youthful

chemicals inside your body that keep

your skin looking really young and

that's the thing that I love about

Chemical exfoliants is that because

they're naturally created in our body to

help us keep looking youthful when we

put it on our skin it stimulates that

production thereby killing two birds

with one stone getting rid of our dead

skin cells and promoting youth

production now as far as my favorite

chemical exfoliants go the first is the

drunk elephant glycolic night serum

which if you do not know about that I

will have my link in the description box

below for a review I absolutely love

that product and the polish type and the

Paula's Choice 2% BH a lucre and the

Paula's Choice 2% BH a liquid which is a

salicylic exfoliant and that stuff is

literally overnight it'll make my pores

look like the decreased in size by like

75% you have to get it and then the last

form of exfoliation enzymatic

exfoliation now enzymatic exfoliation

has been proven to be the most gentle

type of exfoliation but I'm gonna

explain why I don't think it's the most

gentle type and somatic exfoliator czar

similar to chemical exfoliator 'z but

unlike chemical exfoliation they eat

away at the dead skin cells at a much

slower rate a much gentler rate

something that you're gonna see over a

longer period of time usually enzymatic

exfoliator czar recommended for people

with more sensitive skin but here's my

problem every single type of enzymatic

exfoliator I've ever found tends to be

really irritating to the skin not

because the actual exfoliator itself but

because of the other ingredients that

products will pair with it one of my

examples the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin

and papaya Ben's Ematic exfoliating mask

I think that's what it's called I love

that it's an enzymatic exfoliator but

they pair it with a lot of other

ingredients that really can be

irritating to the skin and that's why

with that product

I really had a bad reaction to it and

it's the same thing for every single

product I found I'm like wow great

enzymatic exfoliator but you pair it

with a lot of fragrances and a lot of

filler products that can be really

irritating to people's skin especially

people with sensitive skin who are just

trying to find an exfoliator that'll be

really gentle for them and honestly

because of that I can't in good

conscience recommend any enzymatic

exfoliators to you guys because I just I

I can't find anything if you have any

that you recommend please comment down

below and let me know what it is so I

can do my research and that other people

can do theirs as well but when it just

comes to enzymatic useful years I

recommend you guys do your research and

be careful about what you get and I

honestly would recommend a chemical

exfoliant maybe a more gentle one like a

low concentration of glycolic acid

because I think that'll just do so much

more for your skin so overview if you

have extremely extremely oily skin

physical exfoliant if you have

combination to oily skin beta hydroxy

acids or salicylic acids and if you have

dry - combination to oily chemical

exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acid I

hope this video makes sense oh let me

know if it did on the real go guys I

really hope this video helps you figure

out what works best for your skin

exfoliation is so important and

something that I'd love to teach people

about and if you guys want to learn more

about each different type of exfoliant

let me know because I have some ideas

about creating videos about those

specific kinds of exfoliators and I

would love to share that information

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