7 Must Have Essentials For Your Home or Garage Gym!

we're here in our state-of-the-art

bluestar nutraceuticals training

facility fully loaded with the best

equipment and specialty bars known to

man we know what don't always need it

Matt - who here from Blue Star

nutriceuticals and today I'm gonna take

you over to our garage gym set up and

walk you through the seven essential

pieces of equipment you need for your

home or garage gym these seven simple

pieces will give you everything you need

for a complete fat burning muscle

building body transformation so if

you're tired of the overcrowded gym

scene or simply want the freedom and

flexibility of training and comfort of

your own home follow along and find out

exactly what you need to transform your

physique at home this is the seven

must-have essentials for your home or

garage gym let's get to it


plain and simple having all the fancy

machines cables pins and plates is cool

but it's not necessary to achieve the

body you desire and deserve you can

perform incredible fat burning and

muscle building workouts to achieve

greater results than you ever thought

possible with just a few fundamental

equipment pieces and about the space you

find in your typical garage so let's go

over them briefly and get you back to

the best part

training hard first up you need a squat

rack in your home gym with a pull-up bar

this way you can perform the big

compound movements like squats rack

pulls and bench presses safely and get

the multi-purpose benefit without

needing a separate set up for pull-ups

and chin-ups make sure you invest in a

strong quality built rack for this piece

like ours here from Rove when you're

loading up hundreds of pounds on a bar

and relying on Jay clips or safety arms

to save your neck and a heavy lift

literally it's not something you want a

cheap out on the Internet is already

full of fitness fail videos with Jay

clips snapping equipment breaking don't

be the face of one spend a bit of money

and invest in quality it will last far

better and you'll thank yourself for in

the long run the next thing you'll want

to go along with your squat rack is a

quality adjustable bench that can be set

at least from flat up to 45 degrees

incline this will allow you to perform

all of the most effective variations of

presses and rows that require a bench

you can even set the bench inside the

squat rack like we've done here and use

the safeties to spot you and keep you

safe when you're training at home alone

the next thing you'll need to invest in

is a quality power bar and some bumper

plates again you should be sure to spend

your money on a good bar here you're

gonna be loading hundreds of pounds of

this thing and putting it through quite

a beating over the years to come you

don't have to break the bank but you do

need to think about safety and longevity

and make a smart decision

you're dead lifting 500 pounds for reps

don't get a bar that's only rated for

450 pounds step it up and get a real bar

that isn't going to come anywhere close

to bending or cracking Rogan Alico are

highly reputable brands that have some

great four little bars that will hold up

in the last three years of use as for

the plates I'd recommend getting bumper

plates so that you don't have to worry

about damaging your floors or training

on different surfaces like a hard garage

floor Eve

outdoors we have competition bumper

plates hereby robe but you can make do

just as well with used bumper plates you

can find at a garage sale or online you

don't need anything fancy the only thing

you need to worry about is the weight so

as long as the plates aren't missing

chunks out of them they should do the

trick now we're about halfway through

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aggressive your goal done that great

let's keep going and finish up this

killer home or garage gym setup number 4

dumbbells once you've gotten the rack

the bench the bar and the plates it's

time to get some dumbbells these are a

must for any home gym or garage gym

dumbbells are one of the most versatile

pieces of training equipment you can

have as they allow you to perform both

unilateral and bilateral movements and

offer the greatest range of motion most

guys will do great with a set of

dumbbells from 10 to 90 pounds or so and

can upgrade once your strength improves

beyond that you can either get a super

convenient set of adjustable dumbbells

like power blocks or if you want to

invest a little more can get sets of

traditional dumbbell pairs the key is to

make sure you have enough variety and

weights to perform all types of

isolation and compound movements you

want weights you can perform for a

lateral raise for example to a

concentration curl to a heavy deadlift

or bench press a pair of 20 pounders

fibers in a single 70 just won't cut it

so start with what you know you can make

good use of and gradually expand your

collection as you progress in strength

and training variations next we have

kettlebells after you've acquired the

other four pieces and are looking to

step things up you can add some

kettlebells in the mix the unique design

of the kettlebell that a thicker handle

and off-centered weight distribution can

provide some unique benefits in strength

training posterior chain development

grip strength and coordination you'll

want to have a few lighter pairs for

performing single arm movements

some heavier beasts for heavy kettlebell

swings and strength focused training

most guys will do well with pairs

between 20 and 80 pounds with a couple

heavier bells in the mid upper to 100's

for those heavy swings next up we have

med balls you can get away without these

guys if you're trying to be as

budget-conscious as possible but these

can be especially great for ab workouts

and metabolic conditioning training

whenever I'm cutting down for summer I

always make sure to take blade in order

to crank up my fat loss skyrocket my

metabolism and I combined it with some

intense metabolic conditioning sessions

using red balls there's no other

exercise quite like the med ball slam

for head to toe power explosive core

strength development and torching excess

body fat we've got up to 30 pounds here

and that's plenty for us if you want to

go heavier you certainly can but that

would be considered century number seven

skipping rope or high-intensity cardio

piece the key with this is to forget

about the old treadmill and elliptical

and instead opted for a high-intensity

cardio piece so you can get in quick

ultra effective sessions and not waste

time watching home channel as you walk

on hamster wheel good old-fashioned

skipping rope is the best place to start

if it's good enough for pro boxers it's

good enough for us if you want it a

little fancier and step up the cardio

game a little more a skier or air

assault bike our two top choices any of

these will allow you to get a quick

high-intensity cardio session to torch

body fat to skyrocket your metabolism

without wasting away your muscle mass of

spiking catabolic cortisol levels so

pick your poison with this one and you

will be all set with a fully loaded

fully functional essential home gym or

garage gym set up all in with a

high-quality rack barbell plates free

weights and cardio piece you could bring

in your brand-new gym to last you the

next decade or two for as little as two

to three thousand dollars or take it far

beyond depending on how far you want to

expand either way it will be a

worthwhile investment as long as you

choose to use it and that's the seven

must-have essentials for your home or

garage Joe with these simple pieces you

could build your own world-class

facility right in the comfort of your

own home or garage you can train

whenever you want and never have to wait

for a dirty piece of equipment with the

previous guys sweat stains all over it

ever again for many guys this means the

difference between a focused high-end

the convenient workout and the

frustration of dealing with crowded

machines poorly kept equipment and the

hassle of travel time our goal of

Bluestar nutriceuticals is to help you

transform your life by giving you the

tools you need and the power to use them

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