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top 5 best affinity reviews number 5


Panasonic yes w t51p


three in one hair removal system

side-to-side gliding head 48 rotating

tweezing discs to remove hair use foam

or gel for a smooth made-in-china

operates 40 minutes on a one hour charge

number four


the envoie appeal one age imagine


M Julie introduces the best epilator yet

with 72 tweezers more than any other

epilator on the market imagine removes

more hair at once requiring fewer passes

over the skin reducing irritation and

saving time dual opposed heads rotating

in opposite directions each with 36

tweezers pulled the skin taut providing

more comfort than other epilator x' the

dual opposed heads are staggered to

cover more surface area and remove more

hair the first time each disc set

contains one fixed disk and two that

open and closed to gently prepare the

skin for the hair to be removed from the

root while increasing comfort the middle

lifting fingers prepare the hair for

removal by lifting all hairs even

shorten flattened ones reducing the

likelihood of ingrown hairs patented

glide technology lifts and removes hair

by gliding the tweezer discs over the

skin for less irritation and more

effective hair removal the 17 millimeter

disc opening provides the optimal radius

to effectively and painlessly remove

hair imagine removes hairs as short as

half a millimeter and is gentle enough

to remove fine facial hair imagine is

perfect for removing all hair on the

underarms bikini line and legs new

silver ion technology provides

antimicrobial protection and the

epilator can be quickly and easily

cleaned with the included brush less

time more comfort imagine


features patented glide technology first

appear later in the world

72 tweezer heads but remove hair quickly

features exclusive middle lifting

fingers dual opposed staggered heads 72

tweezer heads that removes hair quickly

number three

the braun silk-épil fc7

6 8 1







the most efficient wet and dry perimeter

designed for use in the bath borns most

efficient to pull a tour ever


Charlotte for a gentle experience a

sensitive area cap and a facial cap

cordless use for a better convenience

number two

the Philips satin HP six five seven six


textured ceramic discs catch remove even

finest hairs active massage system



active hair lifted vibrates removes even

flat-lying hairs voltage 100 to 240 volt

number one

a braun silk-épil 9 the new standard of

epilation excellence is here new silk

appeal 9 removes more hairs in one

stroke even the shortest get smooth skin

faster than ever before with a 40% wider

head new silk appeal 9 covers more area

and removes more hair in one stroke for

faster revelation with the new micro

grip tweezer technology the longer

tweezers increase the plucking

performance the bigger wings increase

the hair feeding performance together

they gently remove more hairs in one

stroke for Brown's most efficient

epilation it removes hairs even faster

and even gets the shortest hairs that

wax cannot catch for up to four weeks of

smooth skin also new braun silk-épil 9

is watertight up to 5 meters so it can

also be used in the shower and in the

bathtub for a more pleasant experience

the pulsating active vibrations help

provide an extra gentle epilation and

smooth skin gliding and the new

epilation head allows the closer skin

contact to ensure optimal results the

gentle speed setting makes epilation

easier for beginners and for sensitive

areas and the smart light reveals even

the finest hairs for more precision and

convenience the time has come to break

free from hiding your legs with new

braun silk-épil 9 brown's most efficient


longer and deeper tweezers removes hair

for necks shorter than wax does comes

with seven extras including a shaver



virtually painless with regular use a

high-frequency massage cap bonus brawn

facial brush removes makeup