Top 5 BEST Electric Shaver For Men (2020)

electric shavers have long since


analog non-electric razors and similar

tools and more and more people are

picking up on the trend

if you're on the market looking for one

we've prepared quite a treat for you

we've made sure to include only the best

most renowned

most versatile and most powerful

electric shavers from gigantic brands

such as braun

phillips noralco panasonic and remington

so enjoy our review of the top 5

electric shavers for men in 2020

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people are generally not comfortable

with budget electric shavers and for a

good reason

too low-cost shaving machines are

typically built from cheap material

they're prone to malfunctioning even in

best-case scenarios they barely get the

job done

even though this is typically true there

are a couple of hidden gems on the

market and the best we've managed to

uncover is the philips norelco

one blade hybrid electric shaver the one

blade system this electric shaver comes

outfitted with deserves our immediate

attention as it's easily the most

impactful and most important feature of

this budget shaver

first of all this shaver features a

single blade just like its name suggests

that can be used as both a trimmer and a


the sharpness and the delicacy of the

one blade system provides nearly

unparalleled shaving accuracy

which allows you to finally trim around

and stylize your beard and mustache

but it also provides you with the

ability to clean shave even the thickest

of beards

despite the fact that philips norelco

qp251 blade hybrid electric shaver is

available at such a bargain price

even a huge number of professionals rely

on it the one blade system is

replaceable which means that after it

starts to dull you can simply insert the

new one

the estimated lifetime of the one blade

system is approximately four months

based on two full shaves a week

if you shave less frequently then you

might be able to use it for half a year

before you will need to replace it

there are a couple of other very

interesting features that philips

norelco qp251 blade hybrid electric

shaver packs

the handle is small light and very

ergonomic it sits neatly but firmly in

the hand while held and its petite size

allows you to navigate the one blade

trimmer and shaver seamlessly and


now there are a couple of things we

didn't like so much about the philips

norelco qp251 blade hybrid electric


namely the one blade system is comprised

of a single relatively small blade

despite the fact that the blade is very

sharp its size alone requires you to

perform numerous strokes before you can

actually get the job done

that being said it's more than obvious

that the philips norlco qp251 blade

hybrid electric shaver is better suited

for stylizing stubbles and beards rather

than fully shaving them

nevertheless the philips norelco qp251

blade hybrid electric shaver offers much

more benefits and advantages than it

does present us with obstacles and


given the fact that it's available at a

very approachable price

we can safely conclude that it packs an

enormous value for the buck

we're moving down the line of our review

of the top 5 electric shavers for men in

2020 with remington's f5 5800 foil


remington is among the biggest names in

the shaving industry and we've

deliberately picked one of their

best-selling budget models due to its

exceptional performance and value for

the money

first of all remington's f5 5800 foil

shaver features the intercept shaving


it pre-trims longer facial hairs which

in turn leaves you with increased

shaving accuracy

requires you to pull out fewer strokes

and allows you to completely change your

outlook even if you have a long

unruly unkempt facial hair and mustache

another very interesting technology and

feature of the remington's f5 5800 foil

shaver is the pivot and flex foil tech

essentially this feature helps the

blades and the shaver's head remain a

bit closer to your skin

which drastically smoothens the shaving


the remington f5 5800 foil shaver is a

cordless trimmer that offers a full

hour of battery lifespan instead of

needing to keep a stockpile worth the

batteries you'll be able to make

do with the one your new shaver comes

supplied with as it is fully


the design of remington's f5 5800 foil

shavers blades allow you to perform

clean shaves

but it also allows you to fine tune and

customize your facial hair with great


it's absolutely ideal for trimming up

side burns and undercuts

the only thing that we didn't like so

much about the remington f5 5800 foil

shaver is that it takes two hours to


however given the fact that you'll be

able to use it for a full hour

you'll easily be able to wrap up the

shaving process and simply put the

battery on recharge when you're done

all things considered the remington f5

5800 foil shaver is a very affordable

high performance shaver and trimmer

it deserves far more recognition than it

actually gets

it's one of the most versatile and most

accurate shavers you can find in the

year of 2020 and we warmly recommend you

to check it out panasonic's arc 5 is our


mid-range pick for the day it's a

cordless men's shaver that features a

very ergonomic handle

a rechargeable battery and ultra

performance motor that complements the

sharp accurate blades

this remarkable men's shaver features

five ultra sharp nanotech blades

as well as ultra thin arc foil that

follows all the facial contours

allowing you to quickly and comfortably

commence and finish up wet and dry

shaving processes in no time

speaking of which this two in one hybrid

trimmer and shaver is equally suited for

wet and dry shaves with and without


such as shaving foams or gels it

features an integrated pop-up trimmer

that can be used to finely and

accurately detail your mustache

sideburns or your head

it's completely waterproof and very

rewarding in terms of maintenance

you can simply rinse it under your

faucet and it'll be good to go

one of the most important features of

the panasonic arc 5 is the high

performance motor that packs the

exquisite linear drive

this motor allows the blades to perform

approximately 14 000 cuts in a single


most importantly the motor and the

blades will not lose a spec of their

power up until the very last minute of

the battery's lifetime

furthermore the panasonic's arc 5 also

comes supplied with an lcd display that

shows the battery percentage

indicating when it's low and when you

should put it on charge

lastly this means shaver is very

portable and highly durable

it was designed to last a lifetime and

it can be carried on travels without

fretting about its sturdiness or


if you're looking for a high quality

men's shaver and don't feel bad about

parting with a larger sum of cash we

recommend bronze series 9

92 90 cc electric shaver this is

essentially the smoothest gentlest and

most efficient electric shaver available

on the market that features two

specialized titanium coated trimmers

and five shaving elements that are

capable of capturing substantially more

hair within the very first stroke in

comparison to any other top

quality shaver what's really interesting

about this shaver is the exquisite

syncro sonic

trademark technology it provides the

blades with the ability to put out

approximately 10

000 micro vibrations in a single stroke

which basically means that this is the

perfect shaver for people who want to

get rid of super long unkempt facial


it also sports a big highly ergonomic


as well as a complimentary carrying case

apart from the fact that it costs

slightly more than average this shaver

is certainly among the strongest

most versatile and most reliable models

available for the money

let's close up shop with the best

electric shaver in 2020

the philips norelco s9000 prestige

electric shaver

essentially this is a boutique electric

shaver that comes supplied with the most

advanced features and technologies a

couple of bonus features

and the reason why we've labeled it as

our best overall pick

is simply that it performs much better

than most of its similarly priced


basically this blade system is comprised

of three contouring blades that work in


providing the much needed accuracy for

clean precise shaving processes at all


in comparison to our first philips

norelco pick the blades supplied to the

s9000 prestige are more accurate

more delicate and substantially more

precise these precision blades are

basically reinforced with numerous

nanoparticles and comfort rings

furthermore they glide and slide

smoothly across the skin while ensuring

maximal protection against accidental


additionally the eight direction heads

are capable of following each and every

movement of your hand mirroring the

direction in which you are going so as

to adapt to every type of face

regardless of size and complexity

this shaver also comes supplied with the

exquisitely efficient and versatile

beard adapt sensor this technology is

comprised of various integrated sensors

that analyze the density of your hair

several times each second before

adapting the blade system to cater to

your needs in the most efficient way


philips norelco s9000 prestige electric

shaver is versatile

in the sense that it can be used for

both dry and clean shaving

it's just as efficient in either of the

situations in fact the delicacy of the

tri-blade system affords it such

well-roundedness that it's equally

efficient when used to shave with any

kind of foam or shaving gel too

the s9000 prestige also features a fully

rechargeable lithium ion battery that

provides a full hour of lifetime before

it needs to recharge

additionally this shaver features a top

shelf led display that shows how much of

the battery's life span is left while

it's active

this is a very convenient feature that

ensures that you'll always know how much

time you have to wrap up the shaving


last but certainly not least the philips

norelco s9000 prestige comes with a

complimentary trimmer attachment that

can be used to finally trim and stylize

your facial hair

another free feature is also included in

the bundle

completely complementary the hard shell

carrying case

overall philips norelcos s9000 prestige

is easily one of the most efficient one

of the safest and most powerful shaving

tools that money can buy

so if you're out on the market searching

for the ultimate electric shaver

we strongly recommend checking it out

thanks for watching and that is all for


i hope to see you guys in the next video

till next time see you guys later