Best Hair Brush Straightener For ALL HAIR TYPES? 😲

see how could you just leave it in there

like that

look how straight you got you guys saw

that right touch your soft that is well

that looks like I put a hair

straightener on my hair what is

happening today we have the Battle of

the hairbrush straighteners we have the

old kid on the block the GHD glide

supposedly it's the best hairbrush

straightener on the market and then we

have the Newt Canada block a newer type

of hairbrush straightener very

inexpensive and you can find it on

Amazon and again we do have Macey to

join us for this video exactly yes I'm

excited to see the left one we're gonna

do the cheap one and the right one we're

gonna do GHD glide the expensive one

let's begin all right

Macy's going first she's the brave soul

we are gonna heat you up all the way up

to 110 okay because we usually do right

yeah highest yeah alright so what kind

of hair do you have very thick curly you

can see like towards there you really

but everything oh my that is a really

extreme that is and I didn't have to

like put as much attention on it as the

other the other one yeah just does this

one create a lot of tension

no it slides through pretty easily hmm

let's try again

all right do it the other way now okay

so we're gonna take it underneath this

time just to see if I can get closer to

my root without burning myself it is a

very smooth compared to that other one

well that's good when we say my hair

when we're saying the other one it's the

other brush that we tried out this is

the other one that we're talking about

that we did last time we were very

impressed with this but this one is

doing far better it looks that was

really great okay

it's just me that that was really easy

and my ends even though they definitely

need a trim they look pretty good like I

took a flat iron and basically shaped

them hmm just a difference I mean from

this to that alright so I'm gonna try

the same thing just go down first and

then I trying to bring it down mmm I'm

gonna bring it down to the third one

which is like three 338 338

oh yeah that is hot

could you just leave it anything like

okay street you got you guys saw that

right touch feel how soft that is well

now looks like I put a hair straightener

on my hair what is happening all right

I'm gonna try it the other way

I'm looks good to get too close to my

ear all right all right yeah it does get

pretty close to the root when you do

that underneath mm-hmm I'm missing here

just go slow there with us mmm

you guys saw that right I was not even

holding it you just very gently just

slides through hair but it still creates

a little bit of tension hold that

tension it creates hold on the hair this

is literally competing against flat

irons yeah and I don't say that very

lightly ever I mean look at that

amazing I think we're done for this

video this is just so good I'm gonna try

it this way oh that's good yeah the best

way it is from the bottom it's so smooth

on the hair that's crazy


I'm impressed

yeah like super impressed with this all

right so let's quickly talk about this

brush right here this new one that we're

trying out today it's phenomenal

it does a far better job than the first

one that we tried out from Amazon they

have very similar type of plates but

this one that we first tried the plates

are very straight so with this one what

really takes up a notch is how smooth it

is and how fast the results are I hadn't

even it was just instantaneous results

and the plates they have a little bit of

a curve to them which was shocking we

were thinking that is gonna tug in the

hair more yeah but in fact it created

really smooth results going through the

hair which was incredible this is great

phenomenal and it's only 45 bucks

Wow versus 170 let's try this out see if

it's rich 117 let's do it mmm it's it's

a hefty one and there's only one

temperature setting which is 365 did

that just like not do anything or did

you get stuck doing the makeover

you bet my price how does it feel oh it

looks like it's tugging your hair that's

I saw them doing it that way yeah why

you look I mean definitely creative it's

a little bit sure in the bottom but it's

not getting towards the top yeah you

gotta try like both ways that's so much

better but still it doesn't get to your

hair all the way with this you have to

go like multiple times

um let's try it again and it's not

getting close to your roots at all this

is a way easier than from going

underneath yeah that's better but look

at the ends and it smells too it does

not smell good it smells like

something's burning this one doesn't

have anything I mean it definitely

worked like my hair straight it's not

getting close to your roots though

compared to the other side all right

let's try this closer to the roots

that's pretty good ah that's hot yeah

and it yeah even free for you it like

didn't go all the way through that's

really good but I prefer this side

better and I'll tell you why but let me

finish this first

ah ah that's hot

how's that for short-haired this is way

too big

it definitely straightened as you guys

can see but it didn't get rid of the

flyaways from the curls like this side

just look at how smooth that is very

good kidding there's no comparison like

this side right here just I wish I'd

love this more alright let's do this

let's finish it off with your bangs

don't even want your eye look how easy

that is look at the volume oh my

goodness wow that actually looks really


shouldn't get I'm just trying to do it

as possible

you found my pain off this creates so

much extra tension that I don't need

I can like whiffing oh I'm trying to be

as careful as possible oh all right

let's give it let's give it the


it's straighten the hair but you still

have to go over it with a flat iron if

you want a super sleek look and bring

the shine back into your hair because

this literally it just took away all the

shine Marisa's the left side even the

way it moves is just so smooth it's

silky and this side just it looks like

dolls hair which one won the battle for


oh then time oh by far say I like this

one better the new kid on the block for

the amount of time it saves you for the

like quality of the job it does I would

buy that and it looks really nice too

and it feels good it doesn't feel cheap

yeah the price is phenomenal for the new

kid it works phenomenally and it's

really quick it has more temperature

settings they're not my favorite style

temperature settings I like the LCD just

just show me what the temperature is you

know what I mean I don't want to guess

this one are here I do want to say that

it is the best hairbrush

styling tool on the market in comparison

to other very similar hairbrush styling

tools but it is the most expensive or

one of the more expensive ones does it

do a pretty good job it does a fairly

good job this is far better I mean you

can even compare the two honestly the

results just speak for themselves

in my opinion yeah I agree so save your

money even though this is back in stock

save your money and get yourself one of

these much lower priced it's great I

think you'll like it alright guys thank

you so much for joining Macy nigh and

our beautiful hair and we'll see you in

another one

very soon bye all right I'm gonna fix my

right side