Best Electric Blanket Review | Top 3 Heated Blankets (#1 GUIDE)

hey guys it's Kelsey from my slumber

yard calm and today we're reviewing

three of the top rated electric heated

blankets off Amazon which are from

Sunbeam Serta and soft heats electric

heated blankets are really great if

you're cold all the time they're awesome

for these cold winter months coming up

they're great if you don't want to crank

up the thermostat in your house they're

also really good for muscle or menstrual

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so be sure to check out that description

box down below because we're gonna link

all the products we're talking about

today so you can check out current

pricing we'll also have the full review

we did which will just have some

additional details all right first up

let's talk about the sunbeam blanket

some beams seems to be a very popular

choice for heated blankets on Amazon

pretty sure we got this one for around

35 bucks but again we'll have it linked

down and below for you to check it out

this blanket was 50 inches by 60 inches

which is more of a throw blanket size

it's made of a micro plush polyester

material that we found to be really

comfortable and soft this blanket has a

heat range of settings between low

medium and high although this is the

smallest range of heat settings this

blanket measured the hottest at 82

degrees on its highest setting it will

also automatically turn off after three

hours to make sure that it doesn't ever

overheat and cause a fire hazard the

cord on this one is not as long as we'd

like at 9.3 feet but it's not bad I

don't like that the plugin is deeper

into the blanket though I wish it was

more on the edge as for the controller

it's pretty cheap the light on the low

setting doesn't even light up anymore

but it still works so overall we really

like how comfy and cozy this linka is

and how much it heats up but the

controller and the cord have room for

improvement next up we're gonna be

talking about the Serta blanket which we

got for around $40 off Amazon check the

description box below for current

pricing on that one this blanket is also

50 inches by 60 inches so same as the

sunbeam this has a micro plush polyester

material on one side and a Sherpa

material on the other side which we

really love the texture of the micro

plush on this one isn't as great as the

Samim though in our opinion the fibers

are as long so it's not as fuzzy and

soft but again we love the Sherpa on the

other side the heat range on this

blanket is settings one through five and

it's automatic shut off is after four

hours this one also gets pretty hot we

measured it with the heat gun at 80

degrees on its highest setting which is

number 5 we don't really like the cord

on this one though it's the shortest

length we tested at 8.3 feet and the

controller's awkwardly place in the

middle of the cord which shortens it up

even more if you

be within reach of the controller

basically you're stuck to enjoy this

blanket within 4 feet of your nearest

outlet it also sets you up to drop it

easily which of course we did and then

it kind of went on the fritz

it was switching all around between

settings and then just not working we

left it alone for a few days and came

back to it and now it's working normal

now but we think if the controller is

going to be in this awkward placement it

needs to be more resilient overall this

is a cheap products the blankets soft

and the heats nice but it's just not

very well made finally let's talk about

the soft heat electric blanket we got

this one for around 50 bucks off Amazon

of course link down below this is a low

voltage blanket which is supposed to be

safer and better energy wise this

blanket is offered in sizes twin

full/queen and king

we got the twin size and it was actually

our largest blanket we tested at 64

inches by 80 inches which is enough to

completely cover the top of a queen-size

mattress this blanket is made of a micro

fleece material but it's probably our

least favorite material out of the three

it's not warm and cozy and the other

blankets were just more comfortable to

use we love the length of the cord

though it's over 23 feet and the

controller is designed to lay flat on

the floor which solves the issue of

dropping the cheap controllers the heat

range is from settings one through ten

ten being the hottest or I should

probably say warmest the heat gun only

got up to 77 degrees on this one which

is fine because this is a low voltage

blanket but after using all three I

realized that I liked my heated blankets

to get hot what's not fine is that this

blanket really only heats up in the

middle and not around the outer edges at

all so I think the purpose of this

blanket is to be used as an additional

layer for heat on your bed in between

your sheets and your comforter not

necessarily to cozy up on the couch with

we love the length of the cord and how

the controller lays flat but the blanket

itself is thin and not very comfortable

as for cleaning and care all of these

blankets can be machine washable on a

cold gentle setting but personally

that's just really sketchy to me as

these blankets are electric blankets

they have electric wires that carry

electric current so they can electrocute


that's just a little scary to me um all

of the manuals do very clearly state

that these blankets need to be 100

percent dry before you use them again

I just wouldn't take the chance so I

recommend using a spot cleaning method

just with a mild detergent and some

water if you do decide to machine wash

them just be very safe and careful about

it and also hang dry them without any


alright guys that's all the products we

tested I'm gonna be real honest here I

am not completely blown away by any of

the blankets we tested all of these

blankets are gonna have some pros and

cons to consider before buying I'd say

if you're looking for an electric

blanket to cuddle up and get cozy on the

couch with go with Sunbeam if you're

looking for something to lie flat on

your bed and keep you warm through the

night go with the soft heat as for me

I'm gonna stick with my way to blanket

alright guys that's all I got thanks so

much for watching we always appreciate

it if you have an electric heated

blanket that you'd love go ahead and

comment it down below maybe we'll try it

out give us a like a share sleep right

sleep tight bye