🥇 9 Best Dyson Vacuum — Real Data & Cleaning Tests

hey guys Derek here from modern Castle

Dyson is one of the biggest names in the

vacuum industry but with so many models

to choose from how do you know which is

best for you let's go ahead and find out

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we're going to look at the best Dyson

vacuums for different needs we're

breaking down Dyson by pet hair vacuums

cordless vacuums uprights canisters and

handhelds first up the best Dyson

vacuums for removing pet hair this

question is often asked because pet hair

gets everywhere and causes tangles and

mini vacuum brush rolls are pick for pet

hair is the dyson ball animal - it has

the highest suction power of any vacuum

on the market at 306 air Watts it also

includes tons of tools and attachments

that help with cleaning the animal -

uses a lifetime washable HEPA filter and

is equipped with a 35 foot cord the

large thirteen point four inch cleaning

head is ultra wide helping to speed up

planning time

lastly the mini motorized brush

attachment is particularly useful for

removing pet hair from couches

mattresses and other fabric surfaces if

you have high pile carpets you may want

to consider a cordless dyson pet vacuum

for some thick carpets the dyson animal

- can simply have too much suction

causing it to be incredibly difficult to

actually push forward if this sounds

like your carpets we would recommend the

Dyson the 11 animal it still has

impressive suction at a hundred and

eighty five of air watts but offers more

versatility as a two-in-one stick vacuum

that can convert to a handheld in

addition it has a variable suction this

not only extends battery life but can

help to manage different floor types and

cleaning needs of your home the cordless

design and robust Dyson accessory

package make it that much easier to

clean up pet hair next let's talk about

Dyson's cordless vacuums our pick for

the best Dyson cordless vacuum is the V

11 torque Drive it has a 60 minute

runtime and the back of the motor has a

digital LCD screen that shows power

modes remaining battery time and

maintenance alerts the V 11 torque drive

has strong suction at a hundred and

eighty-five air Watts on boost mode in

addition it's equipped with dynamic load

sensing Tecna

ecology that automatically detects for

type and adjust suction power

accordingly this feature helps to extend

runtime by providing the right section

for each mess when it comes to large

homes with lots of floor space

I recommend the Dyson V 11 out size the

out size is the largest and most

powerful cordless vacuum currently on

the market

it includes two batteries that each

lasts for up to 60 minutes it has strong

suction power at 220 air watts which is

similar to many upright vacuum cleaners

the out size is a wider 12.5 inch

cleaning head and a large 1.89 litre

dustbin combine those with the extra

battery and you'll be cleaning the

larger areas in a shorter amount of time

when it comes to the best value cordless

we recommend the v10 animal in our tests

they performed excellent scoring a 99%

on all cleaning debris it also has a 60

minute runtime the v10 animal does have

the ability to be switched to different

power modes but unlike the V love a

torque Drive the power mode adjustment

is not automatic and it doesn't have a

digital screen lastly our budget pick

for the best cordless Dyson is the v7

motor head it's quite a bit less

expensive than the V 11 and B 10 it's

still boasts impressive cleaning

performance it's missing the advanced

features but it is still versatile has

100 air Watts of suction and is very

reasonably priced check the link in the

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featuring today

moving on to uprights the best overall

Dyson upright vacuum is the dyson ball

multi floor 2 it has 250 air watts of

suction power which is more than enough

to clean up messes in your home it's

heavier than cordless vacuums but not

quite as extreme as other full-size

uprights coming in at 15.6 pounds the

ball design helps to aid in


generally speaking the multi floor 2 is

less expensive than the animal 2 and

Dyson's other high-end cordless vacuums

additionally the multi floor 2 has less

suction than the animal 2 so it's less

prone to suffer from the excessive

suction issues on high pile carpet if

you need an upright vacuum that's better

suited to allergies you should consider

the dyson kinetic big ball animal plus

ours you model this Dyson uses no

removable pre-filter but still has HEPA

filtration that is

to fight asthma and allergy friendly the

filter will last the life of the vacuum

it never needs to be replaced and never

needs to be washed it also includes

allergy specific tools like a reach

under tool multi-angle brush and

mattress tool

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move on to Dyson canisters canister

vacuums stay on the floor while you

clean with a flexible hose so you're not

carrying the weight of the vacuum as you

clean our favorite Dyson canister is the

Dyson big ball multi floor canister like

its upright counterpart the ball multi

floor - it has 250 air watts of suction

power it's also surprisingly

maneuverable with a long flexible hose

and an easy to roll wheeled canister the

canister easily follows behind you and

is able to write itself if it gets

knocked over finally let's talk about

handheld vacuums handhelds are extremely

light and portable if you already have a

full-size vacuum and need something more

convenient this may be a good choice the

best Dyson handheld vacuum is the dyson

v7 trigger it's cordless and has a 30

minute runtime it includes multiple

attachments and tools

it also has sufficient suction power at

a hundred air Watts but its primary

advantage is the lightweight portability

the dyson v7 trigger is the most recent

stand-alone handheld model Dyson has

released that said all these series

cordless stick vacuum can convert to a

handheld if you find yourself in need of

a new full-size vacuum going with a

dyson v10 or v 11 can be a good option

as you get the full-size cordless stick

and a handheld vacuum with the

two-in-one design

so which dyson vacuum is best for your

home if you're looking for the

hands-down overall best dyson vacuum

I recommend the Dyson V 11 torque drive

with a hundred and eighty five air watts

of suction power and a 60 minute battery

runtime it's incredibly powerful and

convenient as far as value the V 11

torque drive gives you features like the

digital screen and dynamic load sensing

the intelligent suction redesigned high

torque cleaning head and solid accessory

package round out one of our favorite

vacuums in recent years

that said depending on your budget and

specific needs any of the Dyson vacuum

is that we featured in today's video

will make a great choice for your home

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