Best DVD Burning Software

hello folks in this video I am going to

show you how to create your very own DVD

using the best DVD burning software

available have you been wanting to make

your own movies or maybe you just want

to finally burn that film collection on

your computer to DVD

well it's simpler than you think all you

need is DVD creator software and I'm

going to show you how to create your DVD

masterpiece in minutes first we are

going to click the link in the

description box below to visit the

website ez DVD creator net scroll down

to click the download now button on this

page first either select Windows or Mac

then click the try it free button to

download the software after the download

is complete follow the installation

instructions to begin

and here's the software there are four

menu tabs along the top that correspond

to the steps you follow to create your

DVD under the source tab you first need

to import your finished video by

clicking on the import button here in

the left panel select a video to import

and then click open you now have the

opportunity to make minor editing

adjustments by clicking the edit button

here in this video edit window you can

now rotate or flip the image as well as

cropping the image to your needs

notice the real-time update of any

editing changes you make on the right

screen in the bottom panel you can

enhance the image by adjusting the

brightness contrast and overall volume

level of the video options such as

trimming adding a watermark and subtitle

are also available if required once you

have finished making any editing changes

click the ok' button to save your

changes next is to create your DVD menu

simply click on the menu tab here at the

top and select from one of the many

templates available for your use you can

also download additional templates by

clicking on the green arrow download

button if you don't see one that you

like now that you have selected a menu

template you have the option of

customizing the background the

background music or adding new text

creating chapters is as easy as clicking

on the title page to the left and then

click the create chapter button here on

the bottom now play the video or move

the time bar to the point where you

would like to create a chapter and click

the insert chapter button here to the

right if you make a mistake select the

chapter and question in the chapter list

and click the delete button when you've

done adding chapters click the ok button

to save your settings we're now getting

very close to the end click the preview

tab so that you can get a real-time view

of what your DVD masterpiece will look

like before burning on


once you are satisfied on how your DVD

masterpiece looks we are onto the final

step of burning your DVD now select the

burn tab at the top choose whether you

want to burn to DVD create an ISO file

or both when burning to DVD select your

DVD burner and then give the disc a name

now click the burn button when you are

all set and done and that's all there is

to it if you want to burn your videos

photos or audio files to DVD I can think

of no better way than using DVD burning

software and by clicking the link in the

description box below to visit ez DVD

creator net you can get started on

creating your DVD masterpiece today good