BEST DRIVERS 2020 I Golf Monthly

in my hands here I have five what I

think are the best drivers of 2020 but

in a head-to-head test which one of

these five will come out on top it's

going to find out


hello everyone ill tap in here from golf

monthly and welcome to Bishopsgate Golf

Academy where today we're going to be

reviewing the best drivers of 2020 the

models we've got for you are the

callaway maverick sub-zero the

TaylorMade sim the cobra king speed zone

the Titleist ts3

and the ping Jie for 10-plus we're gonna

put these drivers up against each other

in five different categories there's

looks feel performance value and then an

overall verdict and by doing that

hopefully you'll get a really good idea

about what to expect from the driver

market in 2020 right let's get started

with our first category which is looks


this is one category where I think

there's a big difference between the

models that you've got to choose from on

the one hand you've got the pink G for

10-plus and the TaylorMade sin both of

which have quite a sort of quite lot

going on down behind the ball the ping

with the dragonfly and the turbulator 's

and the TaylorMade with the two-tone

finish and the carbon composite crown

and there's more going on behind the

ball with those than there is for

instance at the other end of the

spectrum with the Titleist ts3 then you

have the Callaway and the Cobra that

fits somewhere between those two ends of

the spectrum so it really depends on

what you like down behind the ball how

much you like going on if you like a

driver that's going to help you align

the club correctly address then

certainly something like the pink G for

10-plus will do that there's also a

difference in terms of the size and the

driver down behind the ball how big it

looks behind the ball the ping G for

10-plus to my eye looks the biggest down

behind the ball so if you're somebody

that wants that little bit of extra so a

confidence-inspiring look this will do

that for you and then at the other end

of the spectrum I'd say that the

Callaway Maverick sub-zero is the most

compact down behind the ball so if it

was my choice I think I'd go with the

TaylorMade see if I think this strikes a

brilliant balance it's got such a simple

classic traditional shape but it also

has a really sort of high-tech modern

look to it down behind the ball I love

the way that in the previous generation

m5 and m6 looks this one has been

refreshed slightly updated modernized a

bit for 2020 and I think this looks

absolutely superb

so when we speak about feel what we're

really referring to is the sound the

golf pub makes through impact and what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hit one shot

with each of the drivers and through the

microphones hopefully you can detect how

they sound and you should be able to

pick out which driver you think feels

the best I'm going to start with the

TaylorMade sim because for me

taylor made m5 driver last year was the

best feeling driver out in the market i

loved it i loved that sort of dull quite

powerful feel through impact so i'm

going to start with the TaylorMade i'm

going to work my way through and i want

you to tell me which one you think

sounds the best



okay so for me the driver that I think I

like the most is perhaps a little

unsurprisingly the TaylorMade sim it

just has that slightly duller sound than

everything else still and for me that

equates to more power I love the way

that it feels but I think that perhaps

if you're not maybe such a long hitter

you might prefer that slightly higher

pitch sound that feeling that you can

get the ball up and away without having

to try quite so hard but for me if it

was my choice I'd go with the TaylorMade

sim right onto the all-important

performance data now we did the test at

the 4sight Sports headquarters in

Guildford using the GC quad launch

monitor and I was using tight list Pro

v1x golf balls now it's important for me

to say that there were a couple of

slight differences in terms of this how

the drivers were set up the spec of the

drivers this was down to the sort of

availability of the components we were

able to get we've got them as closely

matched as I think we could but there

were a few differences and it's also

important for me to say that I am NOT a

pro and I'm certainly not a robot have a

5 handicapper so you need to take all of

this with a sort of healthy pinch of

salt it's just sort of anecdotal

evidence as to how the drivers are

performing and what I'm going to do is

I'm going to show you now on the screen

the data that's in front of me here and

if you want to take a good look through

it please do hit the pause button and go

through it to see what the differences

are for yourself what you will notice is

just how similar the performance across

the board was there really wasn't much

to choose between any of the drivers I

think if I'd gone to Forsyte sports on

another day had another hitting session

then the results would have been just as

similar with one driver coming out on

top of something else and not maybe not

performing quite so well as the rest of

them so certainly this year in 2020

whatever driver you go out there and you

test before you go and buy you are going

to notice just how well it performs

that's something that I notice now the

only other observation I would make in

terms of my performance the experience

of testing them all up against each

other on the launch what

it was which driver did I feel like I

was in most control of shot after shot

after shot I was able to hit it long and

straight and for me there was a winner

on that front the Callaway maverick

sub-zero I felt like I was in complete

control of right from the first hit to

the last hit it just felt like it was

sort of working with my swing working

with me really nicely now as I said

earlier that's just a bit of anecdotal

evidence from me you need to take it

with a pinch of salt but if I was

picking my favorite driver for 2020

based on the performance based on the

testing that I did of force light sports

it would be the Callaway Maverick

sub-zero okay so I'm going to quote the

recommended retail price the RRP in

pounds to give you some indication of

what the differences are across the

board so the most expensive is the

Titleist ts3 this comes in at $4.99 then

it's the TaylorMade sim at 479 the

Callaway maverick of 469 the PG for 10

plus at 450 and then at the bottom end

of the spectrum comes the Cobra this

comes in with a recommended retail price

of just three for nine so there's a

significant difference there now a

couple of things to note firstly both

the Titleist

and the ping are in the second year of

their life cycle so you might well be

able to find these from a bit less than

the recommended retail price is

certainly worth doing a little bit of

shopping around to find out you would

expect to get all of them for a little

bit less than their recommended retail

price but certainly the Titleist and the

ping and then the other thing to note is

just what good value this Cobra driver

is when you think back to the

performance data that I've already shown

you and how similar it is across the

board if you buy this Cobra driver and

you get custom fitted there's no two

ways about it you're going to walk away

with something that offers excellent

value for money


okay so on to the all-important verdicts

before I tell you which driver I would

put into the bag obviously I need to say

that the performance across the board is

superb I think that if you've been

served well by a particular brand in the

past then maybe that's a good way to go

and also if there's a driver that you

really like the looks or feel of then

again that might well be the right way

to go for you but for me if I was

choosing my favorite driver on this test

it would be the color wave maverick

sub-zero now one thing I'm not a hundred

percent keen on with this driver is the

sort of shelf the sole look that you can

see here the shelf look as we call it

I'm not a massive fan of the orange I

think it looks a little bit

underwhelming when you see it on the

shelf but make no mistake this driver is

an excellent performer and down behind

the ball it looks absolutely superb it's

very very similar to last year's epic

flash sub-zero I think it looks great I

think it also sounds great Callaway have

done some work on the sound of the

driver for me it's better this year and

and certainly this was the driver that I

said earlier it just seemed to click

with my swing I was able to hit shot

after shot feel like I was in total

control of it and it was offering really

good distance as well so if it was my

choice it would be the Callaway maverick

sub-zero guys there you have it that's

our best drivers video of 2020 if you've

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below and also leave some comments we'd

be interested to hear your thoughts

about which one of the selection we've

got in front of us you would go for and

perhaps maybe we've missed something

from the list let us know and before I

finish just another quick honorable

mention for the Cobra speed zone driver

I think this offers excellent value for

money and it is significantly less

expensive than the other options that

we've got on this test and but that's it

that's all for now from vicious gate

golf academy out here in Florida thank

you for watching we will see you next