Are You Dehydrated? 5 Tips On How To Stay Hydrated / Healthy Hacks

hey what's up it's Vince Lea from Vince

Lea calm and today we're gonna be

talking about hydration

now why is hydration so important well

up to sixty percent of the adult human

body is made up of water including sixty

percent of your brain of your heart and

of your blood even your bones are made

up of twenty percent water so staying

hydrated helps keep all these organs and

body parts working at their optimum

level staying hydrated is just one of

the items I talk about in my free ebook

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and one of the issues with hydration if

at the time you realize you need to

drink more water it may be too late I

know for me when I don't drink enough

water during the day I start to get a

headache and just not really feeling

well so what are some other signs that

you may be dehydrated well you may have

muscle cramping dry mouth dry skin or

your urine could be a dark yellow color

if you're properly hydrated your urine

will be a light yellow and if it's dark

that means you need to drink more water

now to avoid this we're gonna go over

five tips that you can do to make sure

you stay hydrated number one when you

need to grab a drink

grab a glass of water now I personally

tend to avoid any fruit juices or

caffeinated drinks because they have a

tendency to upset my stomach now if you

want to drink with electrolytes make

sure you read the label cuz a lot of

those drinks have added sugar in them

and another thing you can do is reach

for some fruits and veggies that are

high in water such as watermelon

strawberries and celery and spinach

number two have a glass of water first

thing when you get up now

this will help hydrate your body right

off the bat and also help you break that

fast that you had while you slept

now while you sleep your body actually

becomes dehydrated so drink a glass of

water not only gets you hydrated it can

also help increase your metabolism as

well as flush out any toxins that may

have built up in your digestive system

during the night number three use the 8

by 8 rule as a guide now the 8 by 8 rule

simply states that you should drink

eight 8-ounce glasses of water for a day

now there's no set rule as to how much

water each individual person should

drink there's a lot of factors that go

into play whether how active you are or

the foods you're gonna be eating

like we mentioned earlier certain foods

are higher and water content than others

and some processed foods like crackers

can actually absorb the water in your

system so make sure you know what you're

gonna be doing that day and plan

accordingly number four have a water

bottle close by when you leave the house

in the morning take a water bottle fill

it up so it's always next to eat now me

personally I use the 64 ounce water

bottle by hydro flask they do make

smaller sizes as well if you don't like

anything that big I'll leave a link in

the description box below so you can

check it out

the main takeaway is to have water next

to you so you can stay on track and make

sure you're drinking enough water during

the day number five there's an app for

that now if you don't want to carry

around a water bottle during the course

of the day there's apps like water minor

and agua alert that you could download

and will actually track the amount of

water you're drinking during the course

of the day and they'll actually send you

reminders to your phone drink water now

if you don't want to download an app you

can simply set up reminders in your

phone or your computer that will send

you messages reminding you to drink

water and stay on track so for more of

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