The Best Double Strollers - Reviewed & Tested

- [Narrator] Moving your kids around day-to-day

can be pretty tiring,

and not just from the pushing.

Strollers themselves can be bulky, annoying,

and complicated to use,

and that's with just your first child.

When you have more than one kid

to get from point A to point B,

a double stroller can be your best asset,

especially if it's lightweight and easy to fold,

easy to maneuver,

and if it's built to accommodate the sizes of your kids.

Our team took on the challenge of testing double strollers

with kids of all ages and sizes

to find the best picks based on:

Maneuverability, Ease of use, and Kid comfort.

The Britax B-Agile took the top spot

for ride quality and handling,

but we tested some other contenders

that are also worth checking out.

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We're just trying to help you find the best products.

Here's our list of the best double strollers.

The best side-by-side stroller: The Britax B-Agile.

Our budget pick: the Joovy-Caboose Too Ultralight.

And, our pick for twins: the Contours- Options Elite.

This was a tricky test project

because different strollers suit different situations.

We narrowed down our tests to categorize our top picks.

After a weeks worth of internet research,

interviewing other parents, hands-on time at retailers,

and careful consideration of prices and features,

our team of parents put these strollers to work.

We looked for an array of reasonable, but tricky situations

like parking lot rumble strips, broken sidewalks,

tight doorways, and drugstore aisles

to see how the strollers fare in the real world.

From there, we tested how easily they fit in a car trunk,

and tried the strollers out with a three year old,

and a five month old to test the full range

of height and recline options.

Before we cover our top picks,

here are some general features that we found important

when comparing the best strollers.

We chose strollers that prioritized Compact Folding,

and light weight.

Double strollers aren't just for twins.

With the right seat design,

it can accommodate an age gap

when you would normally have to think about

two different strollers.

Finally, there are two variations of double strollers.

Side-by-side strollers have wide frames

to accommodate two kids next to each other,

while tandem strollers have a seat in front and one in back,

making them longer.

Side-by-side strollers are easier to turn

because of their wide frames,

but this can also make them tricky to fit in smaller spaces.

Now, on to our best picks.

The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

was the best value we could find in a side-by-side stroller,

and after extended testing, it's our top pick overall.

A lightweight stroller,

this side-by-side model was the easiest for our testers

to push around and maneuver.

The side-by-side structure means

there's no restriction on legroom, great for growing kids.

The handlebar height quickly adjusts

to make things easy for parents of all heights,

which is something you usually only see

on premium strollers.

Plus, the Britax folded easily,

and fits in a small car, no problem.

No mean feat for such a roomy stroller.

This is a great feature if you don't own a minivan,

or other large vehicle.

The downside to any side-by-side stroller is width.

While most doorways should be compatible

with the Americans for Disabilities Act at 32 inches,

not every doorway everywhere is.

Plus, narrow sidewalks and store aisles,

or even crowded areas can be tricky to navigate

with a side-by-side.

If you need a stroller that will work with a car seat,

this one doesn't.

Unfortunately, after a recall,

Britax discontinued it's car seat adapter,

so you'll have to transfer your baby out of the car seat

before you can go for a walk.

The Britax seats do recline lower

than anything else we've seen, though,

so this stroller is still great for newborns.

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Our versatile value pick happens to be a tandem stroller,

the Joovy Caboose Too Ultra Light.

Coming in at around $200, this stroller changes

between five different seat options

to accommodate growing kids and your budget.

Tight turns are tricky

due to the narrow wheel base and long design,

but the Joovy is easy to fold, store, put in the trunk,

and fit through doorways.

While this stroller will take a car seat,

its strap-down system is a little tricky to get set up,

but it won't come loose once you get it set.

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What double stroller lineup would be complete

without the best pick for twins?

Enter the Contours Options Elite.

Flexible seating arrangements are great

when you have two kids of the same size.

Each seat reclines, and has lots of headroom,

so everyone can ride comfortably,

and growing kids can be accommodated.

Universal car seat cradles,

and even click-in adapters for most car seats

are available with the Contours,

so you aren't stuck buying one brand of seat

to match the stroller.

When it comes to getting it in the car,

or around a tight doorway, though,

this stroller has its drawbacks.

Wide wheels and all that adjustment range for the seats

are great features when getting around town,

but they make this double stroller tricky to fold,

and it's also tight getting it into the trunk.

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This was a tough review.

There are so many double strollers.

Overall, the Britax took our top spot,

but the Joovy and Contours have great features

that may make one of them your favorite.

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