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would you be surprised to learn that

your dog skin is a lot thinner and more

sensitive than yours yes it's true skin

is the largest organ on your dog's body

that is responsible for protecting him

against injury disease and damage dog

owners are beginning to understand the

importance of feeding a natural Whole

Foods based diet the dangers of vaccines

worms as well as flea tick treatments

but grooming products are equally


choosing a safe and non-toxic product is

vital unfortunately manufacturers are

making it hard to choose so the easiest

approach to buy shampoo is check if it's

certified organic look for the USDA

organic label just like you look at for

the AAF CEO certified label on dog food

so today we are going to review the

world's top for dog shampoo brands wall

earth bath pet head and Burt's Bees will

have to qualify the label test and pH

test to become the best of all our sole

motive is to help you understand the

label and identify what danger is lying

in your dog shampoo also tell us which

shampoo do you use for your dog in the

comment section below

let's get started so there are three

dangerous ingredient groups you must

look out for while choosing a shampoo

for your furry friend

number one is preservatives have you

seen an ingredient label that simply

said preservatives if so don't put it in

your shopping cart chances are they

aren't disclosing it because it is one

of the formaldehyde or parabens

releasing preservatives that may cause

serious health concerns like skin

reaction burning itching rashes hormone

disruption reproductive issues or cancer

number two is sulfate family brands tell

us that sulfates act like a detergent

and makes the shampoo suds ear the hair

gets sleek and shiny and washes out the

dirt and oil trapped in the hair but

actually they are also stripping the

natural oils and

hitting the skin the two most commonly

used sulfates are sodium lauryl sulfate

and sodium laureth sulfate which causes

redness dryness and itching and the last

number three is ethanolamines why they

are the main concern because

ethanolamines break down into nitrogen

and form nitrosamines which can be

carcinogenic have reproductive

developmental and organ system toxicity

so you should better check the label and

then there are sodium benzoate it is not

harmful at all it is mixed with citric

acid or absorbing acid to form benzene

which itself is a cancer-causing

chemical associated with leukemia and

other blood disorders what else you

should look out for on the label are

these which are also potential causes

for cancer skin allergies and

reproductive and development toxicity as

you now know what to look out let's

start with the first test the label test

in this test

whichever brands label will have the

harmful ingredients will get negative

marks and the highest negative score

will get eliminated okay to start this

off let's look at the wall label panel

here it has sodium laureth sulfate right

at the beginning let me tell you the

products showing coconut based cleansers

are not that clean and natural at all

then there is cocoa bud propyl betaine a

potential carcinogenic and in the last

fragrance and artificial colors so the

wall scored negative four points okay

now check it out

earth bath is showing here coconut based

cleansers the carriers of sls and

preservative which possibly may have

formaldehyde releasers in its

composition so earth baths scored

negative two points here the pet head

label has fragrance polysorbate 60 which

messes with the ph of skin hair and fur

and down here is the methyl IOC's alone

which is a highly corrosive chemical

that is linked to lung toxicity allergic

reactions and possible neurotoxicity so

pet heads go negative three in this

round whereas the Burt's Bees has the

only one ingredient so

benzo which has nothing to cause any

serious health concerns until it is

mixed with citric acid or absorbing acid

and none of them is used in the making

process here so sodium benzoate is

completely safe

which is why Bert's be still stands on

zero with the lead now that wall and pet

head have scored the highest negative

points they won't be competing in the

next round which is the pH vs test the

dog skin is more sensitive than the

babies because their skin pH is more

alkaline while human skin pH is more


that's why canine shampoo has to be

specifically formulated with a balanced

pH to prevent itching and drying of

their skin so in this test

whichever shampoo will be more alkaline

in nature we'll get one mark let's get



the earth bath strip is showing an

orangish color that falls in the acidic

range whereas the strip of Burt's Bees

is showing yellow color that comes in

the neutral to alkaline range let's

check out the pH level of both strips on

the pH meter here the color of the Earth

bath strip is ranging in between five to

three whereas the byrds be strip is

ranging in between 6 to 7 on the pH

scale which makes Burt's Bees winner of

this round let's go to the scoreboard

after tallying the score we got our

winner Burt's Bees has proved to be a

safe and natural dog shampoo for all

dogs our main motive is only to educate

pet owners about product ingredients and

help them choose the best options for

their dogs as pet owners are getting

concerned about food safety similarly

they should learn how to look beyond the

marketing claims and become label smart

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