How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed Just for You



a complete guide to finding the perfect

dog just for you

dogs are the funniest cutest and

friendliest ever they're not called

man's best friend for nothing right but

with hundreds of Brees to choose from

which one would perfectly suit your

lifestyle and needs let's find out but

first while you're searching for your

perfect canine companion also keep an

eye out for three bright side light


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counting down from number 12 guard dogs

a lot of people are looking not only for

a friend but also a faithful Guardian in

their dog if you're one of those people

and you want your pooch to look after

your home you should probably consider a

Rottweiler Doberman Pinscher or German

Shepherd these breeds are natural guard

dogs since they don't trust strangers

that easily and they'll do a good job at

protecting your house now that doesn't

mean they won't be funny or cute don't

worry they can easily do both you

probably won't find a good fit and

retrievers though these dogs are usually

way too friendly so burglars would be

welcome with a wagging tail and slobbery

kisses number 11

family friendly dogs if you have a big

family full of kids or just welcome to

new born into this world it can seem

challenging to pick the perfect dog

breed of course pretty much every dog

loves children

but this would be a territory where a

Labrador or golden retriever would be

completely unbeatable they just adore

children and are always ready to play

nothing makes them happier than fetching

a ball if their size intimidates you

consider getting a beagle a Pekinese may

not be a good choice though they usually

prefer to be the only child in the


number ten athletic dogs if you lead an

active lifestyle and love going for a

daily jog you probably wouldn't mind

having a training buddy around would you

consider getting a pointer or a setter

since they're pretty much built for

running if you want something a bit

smaller a Jack Russell Terrier can be a

good choice as well it's not a good idea

to get an English Bulldog or a pug

they'll most probably struggle from

over-exercising steer clear of any large

stocky breeds to they may be too heavy

and the frequent running can damage

their joints number nine lap dogs what

can be better than chilling out on the

couch and watching some TV after a hard

day's work if you're looking for a furry

cuddle buddy who will always be happy to

laze around on the sofa with you a

French Bulldog or a Maltese is your

perfect fit they'll always be by your

side up or in your lap whenever you're

reading a nice book or watching your

favorite TV show any working breeds are

usually completely different they

require lots of exercise and activity

hence the name number eight dogs for

busy singles a lot of people stop

themselves from getting a dog because

they're constantly out of the house of


generally speaking dogs are social

animals but still some breeds deal with

being home alone better than others if

this describes your lifestyle think

about getting a shar-pei

or a basset hound retrievers and

colleagues on the other hand aren't a

good fit for you because they like and

require constant socializing and don't

forget that any dog needs love and

attention you shouldn't get one if you

won't be able to spend at least some

time with your buddy hmm maybe you

should get a cat most of the cats I know

could care less if you're around or not

but that's just me you haven't forgotten

about the lightbulbs have you keep


number seven dogs for seniors freshmen

and sophomores get their own breeds if

you're retired and have decided to

welcome a dog into your home a good

option for you would be a Boston Terrier

a pug or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

boy that's a name they're affectionate

and playful without requiring lots of

exercise large dogs however can be a

little tricky sometimes they're mostly

active and need a lot of attention and a

sufficient amount of exercise number six

dogs for an apartment now if you're

living in an apartment there are certain

dog breeds that will suit you a bit more

than others surprisingly the size

doesn't always matter here it's about

the dog's temperament if the dog is

small it doesn't necessarily mean it'll

be happy living in a smaller space

consider getting a Yorkshire Terrier or

a bulldog if you're interested in


you might want to think twice here these

dogs are tiny but very active number

five dogs for multi pet households if

you already have pets at home getting

another one is pretty challenging and

potentially dangerous you have to choose

the breed carefully since you surely

want all your pets to get along

retrievers collies and spaniels are

always happy to have company to play

with so they'll likely make a great

match with your other pets terriers or

breeds typically used in dogfighting can

sometimes be a bit complicated without a

doubt they have beautiful personalities

but unfortunately fighter dogs were bred

to be aggressive and competitive

it's simply in their nature number four

dogs that do well in hot climates most

of us love summer but not all dogs will

agree if you live in a place where it's

hot most of the year you should think

carefully about which dog to get

surprisingly many Shorthair breeds would

seriously struggle in a tropical climate

since tolerance to hot weather depends

not only on the coat but on the dog's

facial structure and size as well most

Terriers can take the heat and they come

in lots of sizes at the same time st.


Sam Lloyd's and boxers won't feel good

in hot weather

number three dogs that do well in cold

climates if where you live is the

complete opposite of the type of climate

we just talked about then your options

obviously will be different breeds that

prefer a colder climate normally have a

thick double coat and more body fat so

as you can probably guess a good choice

is a st. Bernard Malamute husky or

Samoyed they feel right at home in cold

temperatures Dobermans on the other hand

hate the cold number two hypoallergenic

dogs now if you're allergic to dog hair

you've probably sworn off the idea of

ever owning a cane aye but hold on there

for a sec dander which is attached to

pet hair is the most common cause of pet

allergies schnauzers can be a good

choice since they're known for producing

less dander than other breeds another

good option is a poodle and any of its

designer cross breeds like labradoodles

spoodle x' and the list of GMO doggies

goes on just know that your allergies

may still act up from time to time but

overall it won't be as bad as with the

other breeds

German Shepherds aren't a good breed for

you due to their dry skin which results

in a lot of dander buildup the same goes

for a long-haired breeze as well or you

can always get the dog you want and then

just double down on the allergy medicine

like I did number one

dogs for a newbie getting a dog for the

first time ever is both exciting and

nerve-racking there are so many breeds

to choose from and they're all so cute

and adorable if you're new to the dog

owning world then a Labrador border

collie or poodle will be perfect for you

these breeds are very intelligent

relatively easy to train and they're not

stubborn schnauzers and Terriers require

a bit more patience though but they're

still great choices the best thing to do

is find a good shelter in your area make

sure to mention you're a newbie so that

they can find you the best fit and next

thing you know you'll be coming home

with a lucky dog

I'll surely become your most loyal

friend hey here's my dog meet Riley and

here's Riley and his best friend olive

the cat they even sleep together

this of course breaks all kinds of rules

in most of the world regarding pet

fraternization but hey we just can't

keep them apart

so do you already have a dog or are you

considering getting one tell us in the

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