Homemade Dog Food for Large Dogs Recipe (New)

if you're tuning in to find the pull me

down food recipe for larger breeds I've

got a great one for you this one's

simple very easy to prepare and you're

gone shor to enjoy it if you're

concerned about this being a balanced a

diet for your dog if you want to switch

it to for him to eat daily for a long

period of time you need to be sure that

you're providing a balanced nutrition

and the only way to do that is to

consult your veterinarian or a canine

nutritionist they'll look at the recipe

with you they will take into

consideration your dog's age weight

activity level his overall health and

well-being any health conditions that

may be there and he'll recommend

supplements that you can add maybe a

multivitamin or maybe he's gonna tell

you that this is a balanced meal as is

for your dog's needs so be sure to touch

base with canine nutritionists or a

veterinarian before you switch your dog

to this diet full time if you are

looking for something to entice your dog

to eat if he has no appetite or just

something to have as a food topper to

your already balanced commercial kibble

this is a great option before you get

started if putting this recipe together

you are going to need to pre-heat your

oven to 300 and 400 going to need to

cook some vegetables I have half a cup

of peas and have a cup of green beans

here I cooked them together so they're

in the same dish and I also have half a

cup of carrots feel free to use any dog

friendly vegetables if for some reason

your dog's allergic or just doesn't like

one of these vegetables you can

certainly substitute another and you're

gonna mash these because you cooked them

either boiled them or steamed them

they're nice and soft and you're gonna

mash them until they're pretty smooth

now I'm going to add an egg a whole egg

with the shell and I'm just gonna mash

that as well and then you can just stir


to get the egg all mixed through the

vegetables and kind of crush the shell

up a little bit more eggshells are a

great natural source of calcium for dogs

so when you can add them to recipes it's

very beneficial to do so now to this

mixture I'm going to add this was 1 cup

brown rice dry and then I cooked it so

it's probably about a cup and a half or

so now so 1 cup of dry rice and you're

gonna cook that in according to the

instructions on the package and then you

once it's cooked you can add it to this

mixture and again just make sure

everything's thoroughly mixed from here

and out I'll refer to this as the veggie

mix and now in a separate Bowl I have 2

pounds of chicken that I have cut into

chunks and I also have a peeled and

cored Apple that I have cut into chunks

as well and I'm going to mix these

together I have my chicken mixture and I

have my veggie mixture and the final

step is to see a well greased cookie not

cookie sheet sorry a well greased

casserole dish and I actually have some

I set my spatula in there so I have some

peaches in there and what you're going

to want to do now this is well greased

again you preheated your oven to 300 4 T

degrees so you're gonna take half of

your chicken and apple mixture and

you're just gonna layer that on the

bottom kind of spread it out as best you

can and then you want to take 2/3 of the

veggie mixture you have to these don't

have to be exact but a little bit more

than half of your veggie mixture and

you're gonna spread that out again

then you want the other half of your

chicken and apples and as you can

probably guess we're gonna top this off

with the rest of the veggie mixture and

then we're going to bake this in your

340 degree oven for 35 minutes that will

give plenty of time for the chicken to

cook thoroughly and I will show you what

it looks like when it's finished this is

our large breed dog Sadie she's a

chocolate lab you can tell that she

loves this food the serving size for

this is about half a cup for every 25

pounds of body weight so Sadie's about

70 75 pounds so I give her a cup and a

half in the morning and a cup and a half

in the evening you can break it up into

three small meals if that's how you feed

your dog as well if you guys have any

questions about this recipe you can

email me my address is Samantha act top

dog I hope your dog enjoys this

food as much as Sadie and I look forward

to hearing from you